The Spyder in the Cathedral

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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Spyder in the Cathedral plot takes place in the Fondent region, which is dominated by five nominally separate corporations, called Pillars. Not content with profitability, the Pillars want to take full control of the region and they hatch a plan to do so:

Scoop, the fast food and retail empire, will transmit a disease, the Spyder virus, that weakens tuxemon that don't have the vaccine, putting any opposition on the back foot. Meanwhile, mining company Shaft will extract and revive fossils of powerful extinct dragons. Agro-business and genetic engineering corporation Greenwash will use its fusion technology to combine these dragons with arms manufacturer Nimrod's killer robots, allowing them to steamroll any opposition already weakened by Scoop's virus. Behind the scenes, news media monopoly Omnichannel puts out propaganda and coordinates the scheme through its Spyder agents.

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • The game begins with a recording of the Omnichannel CEO.
  • The action begins in Paper Town, where you line up to get a Starting Tuxemon at the STORE but don't have the Gold Pass required - your Rival does though! They choose the tuxemon that you wanted.
  • After resting at your HOME (introducing your Mom), you can head back to the STORE
  • After a hint left by Dante, the Shop Assistant, you do fish a thrown-away, unofficial tuxemon out of the rubbish - but your RIVAL catches you and is scornful, and battles you.
  • If you wander around town, you might meet the RIVAL'S Granny, who runs the Daycare Centre, or see the Riverboat Station.
  • In Route 1, you encounter wild tuxemon for the first time.
  • You also see the Omnichannel HQ, and may be rebuffed by the Enforcers when you try to enter.
  • You enter a Cafe, meet Team Bazaar and get the Tuxepedia app.
  • In Leather Town, you face your first Pillar - Shaft - and get the chance to buy your first for-sale tuxemon and TMs.
  • In Route 3, you run into your MOM, who gives you a Hoverboard, and a Fisher, who gives you a Fishing Rod.
  • In the Abandoned Lab, you find Booster Tech, encounter the VIRUS for the first time, and fight ENFORCERS.
  • In Flower City, you face your second Pillar - Nimrod
  • You have to go out of town to find TEAM BAZAAR (forcing you to go to STORES for paid healing until you get there), and are intercepted by your Rival who mock your weak tuxemon and talk about the great stuff you can buy from the PILLARS
  • When you get to the Mansion that TEAM BAZAAR hang out in, you get a Dojo Pass.
  • Also in Flower City is a broken-into house with someone who was working on a cure for Spyder Bite, and when you go through you find the person who broke in - a Spyder Rookie.
  • In Timber Town, the Riverboat Stations reopen, and so has the Daycare Centre you saw in Paper Town all that time ago. You should go back and drop a tuxemon off.
  • Also in Timber Town, you face your third Pillar - Scoop HQ
  • Also in Timber Town, the Dojo of the Five Elements introduces many people to fight and teaches you about the mechanics of battle. And who should be in the final room of the DOJO to challenge you for a final test of your skill but your RIVAL? They mention that they've gotten the TUXEPEDIA APP themselves, and they admire your edits - and have done some of their own!
  • There's a mass of people on Route 6, formed by employees of the fourth Pillar - Greenwash! This route heads to Candy Town, but there's ENFORCERS blocking the way.
  • Dialogue with the protesters indicates that there's a new technology called Fusion developed at GREENWASH, and they reckon that's why the ENFORCERS are interested! But the Greenwash Boss tricked everyone into leaving the building, and has locked themselves in while they wait for the ENFORCERS to get through.
  • When you arrive in Candy Town, your tuxemon are confiscated by ENFORCERS because they allegedly have SPYDER BITE - and are taken to the Hospital for quarantine! You'll have to battle with your B team for a while.
  • You might try to enter the HOSPITAL, but the scanner rejects any known tuxemon DNA. If only there were a way to scramble tuxemon DNA so it couldn't detect it ...
  • You can break into Greenwash HQ by going through the greenhouses - which are full of experimental tuxemon! Creepy, but make sure you catch them all!
  • When you beat the Greenwash Boss, you get the Fusion Report and can upload it to TUXEPEDIA! Now anyone can fuse any unlocked tuxemon! And now Greenwash HQ is safe, since there's nothing for the ENFORCERS in there
  • FUSION lets you get past the DNA detector at the Hospital, and fight your way through the Spyder Rookies - who reveal their plan was to use the quarantine as an excuse to confiscate all other tuxemon. SPYDER is a conspiracy within the Pillars, and it goes right to the top of Omnichannel!
  • You grab the Spyder Keycard off the Spyder Boss in the HOSPITAL, and retrieve your confiscated tuxemon, and free the SCIENTISTS who can heal all unlocked tuxemon by looking at their DNA
  • Before you can return to Cotton Town, your RIVAL intercepts you! They are tired of your meddling, just let the CATHEDRAL find a cure! After you beat them, they notice that your tuxemon are cured. You mean it was that simple? Just unlocking them and checking their DNA? Then why did the ENFORCERS take our tuxemon? The seed of doubt has been planted in your RIVAL'S minds ...
  • At Cotton Town, you fight your way through the Spyder Rookies at Omnichannel HQ ... but then two of the PILLAR BOSSES challenge you at once! You'd be in trouble, but who should arrive but your RIVAL?! The whole VIRUS debacle convinced them that freedom and openness are the way to go, and so they join you for a two-on-two battle with the BOSSES.
  • You triumph, and bring down SPYDER! All tuxemon are unlocked, and there's only a few more tuxemon you need to add to TUXEPEDIA!

Some thoughts on the concept of the game[edit | edit source]

The concept is that how tuxemon are restricted in the game world is analogous to how creative works are restricted in the real world ("creature" and "creative" both come from "create"; a creature was originally a created thing).

But we can use the creatures/creative works that we have to challenge the wicked corporations that would restrict them. As our creatures/creative works grow stronger and more numerous, the wicked corporations are defeated and fewer creatures/creative works are restricted until the protagonist's victory where no creatures/creative works are restricted.

I think that's a clever and subtle conceit for an open source game to have. It gives the player a goal, and a reason for battling. The use of battling creatures makes sense, because they're a metaphor for the battle of ideas. "As it is above, so it is below" - both Tuxemon: The Game and a tuxemon in the game world are creations that help win the battle of ideas for freedom and open source.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

 TXMN IDMainImageSpyderCampaignTXMN StageTXMN Blurb
Regalance0Stage1It can summon a halberd whenever it needs.
Rockitten1Starting tuxemon for players. Used by a trainer in Route 3.BasicIt uses its tiny rock ears for snuggling.
Rockat2Evolution of a starting monster. Found in the wild in Tunnel B. Used by trainers in Dojo, Omnichannel HQ, Route 3 and Tunnel B.Stage1Despite its considerable weight, its footfalls are silent.
Jemuar3Evolution of a starting monster. Used by a trainer in Omnichannel HQ.Stage2The gems on its back are the type found when it was born. There are extensive ROCKITTEN breeding facilities over diamond veins.
Nut4MissingStarting tuxemon for players. Found in the wild in Greenwash HQ.BasicIn the great ships that cross the oceans, thousands of NUT and BOLT provide power and hold the steel plating together.
Bolt5MissingEvolution of a starting monster. Used by trainers in Route 7.Stage1The presence of a BOLT makes a NUT clamp down harder and spark more energy.
Arthrobolt6Evolution of a starting monster. Used by a trainer in Dragon's Cave.Stage2It feels uncomfortable commanding its fellow NUT and BOLT, and usually runs away. But then the NUT and BOLT have no one to instruct them.
Tweesher7Starting tuxemon for players. Found in the wild in Sea Route C. Traded in Flower City.BasicThe colder the weather, the harder its beak. At below 0 degrees, it is harder than diamond.
Heronquak8Evolution of a starting monster. Used by trainers in Route 7.Stage1The crystal on its chest is mistaken for a diamond by poachers. It melts when it is removed from HERONQUAK's body.
Eaglace9Evolution of a starting monster. Used by trainers in Dojo and Dragon's Cave.Stage2When it takes flight, clouds form. When it claps its wings, hail falls.
Lambert10Starting tuxemon for players. Found in the wild in Dryad's Grove.BasicIt is placed in its nut by its parent, who then sends it into the world.
Legko11Evolution of a starting monster.Stage1Long thought to be legless, its leaves are actually vestigial limbs.
Moloch12Evolution of a starting monster.Stage2It can stiffen or soften its skin to respond to friends and foes.
Agnite13Starting tuxemon for players. Found in the wild in Dragon's Cave. Used by a trainer in Greenwash HQ.BasicIt is playful, but must be taught early on to keep its fire in check.
Agnidon14Evolution of a starting monster. Found in the wild in Dragon's Cave.Stage1It prefers four legs, but can stand on two to open doors, push over trees or hold things.
Agnigon15Evolution of a starting monster. Used by a trainer in Sea Route C.Stage2It is called a "false dragon", because it appears to be a dragon, but actually evolved from a different line of ancient reptiles.
Grintot16MissingStarting tuxemon for the Rival. Used by a trainer in Tunnel B. Traded in Flower City.BasicIt is a GRINTROCK or GRINFLARE that has experienced erosion.
Grinflare17MissingEvolution of a starting monster. Used by trainers in Omnichannel HQ, Route 3 and Route 6.Stage1It is said that each is the walking heart of a volcano.
Grintrock18MissingEvolution of a starting monster. Used by trainers in Dojo, Omnichannel HQ and Route 6.Stage1It feeds by sitting out in thunderstorms, waiting to be struck by lightning.
Memnomnom19Starting tuxemon for the Rival. Used by a trainer in Route 5.BasicIt is said that each one's mask is the face of a different dead king.
Miaownolith20Evolution of a starting monster. Used by trainers in Dojo and Route 5.Stage1It can speak the human tongue, but only to say cryptic riddles.
Pyraminx21Evolution of a starting monster.Stage1It has a tomb hidden somewhere in the land. If it finds it, it can sleep.
Pantherafira22Found in the wild on Route 7. Used by trainers in Side Route B.BasicEach member of the pride lights their mane from a shared bonfire. As long as that fire burns, their strength is shared.
Criniotherme23MissingUsed by trainers in Route 5, Greenwash HQ, Dryad's Grove and Side Route B.Stage1Its mane shines during the day, grows big and red at sunset, and blows away as ash at night.
Dollfin24Starting tuxemon for the Rival.Each one follows a ship from place to place, exploring the world.
Bigfin25Evolution of a starting monster. Used by trainers in Dojo, Dragon's Cave, Side Route A and Sea Route C. Fished with the Poseidon.Stage1A whole ecosystem exists on its back, so it tries not to go underwater.
Sharpfin26Evolution of a starting monster. Used by trainers in Nimrod HQ, Omnichannel HQ, Side Route A and Sea Route C. Fished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1It is invisible in the water, being visible only when it leaps out of the water to drag animals on the shore back into the deep.
Budaye27Starting tuxemon for the Rival. Used by trainers in Dojo, Mansion, Omnichannel HQ and Side Route A. Traded in Flower City.BasicIt can convince any group to cooperate for the common good with some encouraging mewls and waves.
Bamboon28MissingEvolution of a starting monster.Stage1It fights with its bamboo staff, which it also uses for balance.
Frondly29Evolution of a starting monster. Used by a trainer in Omnichannel HQ.Stage2It can do anything with its prehensile tail, even shake hands and pick fruit.
Ignibus30Starting tuxemon for the Rival. Used by trainers in Route 3, Route 6 and Tunnel B. Traded in Flower City. Fished with the Fishing Rod or Neptune.BasicWhen threatened it retreats into its shell and cools down dramatically by venting steam. It could be mistaken for a rock.
Embazook31Evolution of a starting monster. Used by trainers in Dojo, Dragon's Cave, Nimrod HQ and Scoop HQ. Fished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1It is trained for use in war and it knows no other life.
Eruptibus32Evolution of a starting monster. Used by a trainer in Route 3.Stage1Smiths work with it, heating up metals in its caldera.
Cataspike33MissingCan be caught in Route 1, Route 2 and City Park. There is currently one Cataspike trainer: Connor in Route 3 whose Weavifly has just given birth and therefore he has has five Cataspike.BasicIt learns to fight from observation. Left to its own devices, it uses its spike to pick up rubbish.
Puparmor34MissingFound in the wild in City Park. Used by trainers in Route 4 and Side Route B.Stage1Its cocoon is so hard, people are knocked out if a PUPARMOR is dropped on them. They were once loaded into cannons and catapults.
Weavifly35MissingFound in the wild in Route 7. One trainer on Route 3 has a Weavifly.Stage2When it is heavy with egg, it becomes unable to fly.
Vamporm36MissingFound in the wild on Route 5 and Side Route A. One trainer on Side Route A has a Vamporm.BasicIt thirsts for blood, but must make do with tree sap.
Dracune37MissingFound in the wild on Route 5. Used by trainers in Side Route B.Stage1It is immobile during the day, but can wriggle and bite at night.
Fluttaflap38Evolves from Dracune. Used by trainers in Route 7 and Side Route B.Stage2It feeds on impurities, so it returns purified blood to those it sucks on.
Elofly39MissingFound in the wild in Route 3 and Route 4. Elofly are used by trainers in Route 3, Wayfarer Inn, Mansion, Scoop HQ and Omnichannel HQ,BasicAn ELOFLY on its own is patient and wise, but when it flocks in great numbers it becomes violent and impulsive.
Elowind40MissingUsed by trainers in Route 5 Scoop HQ and Omnichannel HQ.Stage1The lieutenants of the ELOFLY family, ELOWIND shepherd the flock and keep it focused.
Elostorm41MissingUsed by a trainer in Omnichannel HQ, who teaches a course "Lead like Elostorm!"Stage2Kings and queens, the ELOSTORM rule their people and have great ambition.
Aardorn42Found in the wild in Route 1, Route 2 and Route 4. Trainers use Aardorn in Route 2, Route 3, City Park, Dojo of the Five Elements. Greenwash HQ has created an Aardorn/ant fusion called an Aardant.BasicWhen born it is placed in an anthill and left to eat its way out.
Aardart43MissingFound in the wild on Route 7. Used by trainers in Route 5 and Route 7.Stage1It keeps count of every ant it has eaten, and celebrates significant numbers.
Squabbit44MissingFound in the wild in City Park and Route 3. Trainers use Squabbit in Scoop HQ, Mansion, City Park, Wayfarer Inn, Nimrod HQ, Route 3, Side Route B and Omnichannel HQ. They seem to be particularly popular among Enforcers.BasicTo prove themselves, they will fight tooth and nail over even the smallest thing.
Rabbitosaur45MissingUsed by trainers on Route 4 and in Omnichannel HQ.Stage1Its tunnels are extensive and wide, the site of tremendous wars between burrows.
Eyenemy46MissingFound in the wild in City Park. Your Rival uses an Eyenemy, as does a trainer in Greenwash HQ.BasicIt feeds on beautiful views and other spectacular sights.
Eyesore47MissingYour rival uses an Eyesore, as does a trainer in Greenwash HQ.Stage1It remembers everything it has ever seen, but not the order that it has seen it in.
Pipis48MissingFound in the wild in Tunnel B. Used by a trainer in Hospital.BasicIts cries are considered a bad omen, but it is a gentle creature.
Strella49MissingFound in the wild in Tunnel B. Used by trainers in Tunnel B, the Hospital and Omnichannel HQ.Stage1Its tails are lures to convince bugs to bite them and be trapped.
Noctula50MissingFound in the wild in Tunnel B. Used by trainers in Tunnel B and Route 6.BasicIt eats bugs and PIPIS eat fruit, so despite living in close proximity they do not compete.
Noctalo51MissingFound in the wild in Tunnel B. Used by trainers in Tunnel B and Dryad's Grove.Stage1It inhabits only places abandoned by humans - castles, graveyards and sewers.
Nudiflot ♂52Found in the wild in Sea Route C. Used by a trainer in Route 3, it gives the player a Fishing Rod. If the player ever runs out of tuxemon (because they are confiscated in Candy Town), they are given a male Nudiflot. Fished with the Fishing Rod or Neptune.BasicIts feathery antennas snap off if it is attacked, confusing the predator.
Nudikill53Found in the wild in Sea Route C. Used by a trainer in Sea Route C. Fished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1They are called Dark Bishops because their heads are reminiscent of a bishop's hat.
Nudiflot ♀54Found in the wild in Sea Route C. Used by trainers in Route 3 and Sea Route C. Fished with the Fishing Rod or Neptune.BasicIt eats and stores the poison of the sea creatures that it feeds upon.
Nudimind55Found in the wild in Sea Route C. Used by trainers in Sea Route C and Dryad's Grove. Fished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1It dreams of oceans under other skies.
Katapill56Found in the wild in Route 4 and Side Route A. Used by trainers in Route 4 and Side Route A.BasicIt is born fighting. It has to punch out of its eggshell or be trapped.
Katacoon57Evolves from Katapill.Stage1It stays in a meditative pose for its chrysalis, moving only to jab enemies.
Bugnin58Evolves from Katacoon.Stage2Its sword is actually an antenna grown and snapped off for that purpose.
Sumchon59Used by a trainer in Dryad's Grove and Side Route B.Stage2It uses its weight to trip much larger enemies. It is as dense as a star.
Chenipode60MissingUsed by trainers in Route 7.BasicIt bites onto shoelaces and trouser legs when it wants to travel.
Exapode61MissingUsed by trainers in Route 7 and Dryad's Grove.Stage1It waves its legs to attract attention, but mostly people just run away.
Cardiling62Found in the wild in Citypark, Route 2 and Route 3. Used by trainers in Dojo, Route 2, Route 3 and Scoop HQ.BasicOne wouldn't expect it to breathe fire, until it does.
Cardiwing63MissingUsed by trainers in Dojo, Mansion, Omnichannel HQ, Route 4, Route 6, Side Route A and Scoop HQ.Stage1Its song is remarkable, but few dare keep an explosive songbird.
Cardinale64MissingUsed by a trainer in Hospital.Stage2It hates all predators with a passion, and makes war with them and their young when it can.
Anoleaf65MissingFound in the wild in Route 5 and Side Route A. Used by trainers in Route 7.BasicIt considers the plants growing near it to be its brothers and sisters.
Gectile66MissingFound in the wild in Route 5. Used by trainers in Mansion and Route 7.Stage1It is so quick and light that it can walk on leaves.
Velocitile67MissingEvolves from Gectile. Used by trainers in Route 7.Stage2It can outrun a bullet, but only when it has warmed up.
Fluoresfin68MissingFished with the Fishing Rod.BasicWhen threatened, it huddles together with other Fluoresfin to create a large blinding light to disorientate predators.
Incandesfin69MissingUsed by trainers in Sea Route C. Fished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1Its entire body has massively grown in size. However, its light is still the exact same.
Lightmare70MissingUsed by a trainer in Dojo. Fished with the Poseidon.Stage2It lurks in the depths of the ocean, luring any unsuspecting prey using its light right into its large, gaping mouth.
Cairfrey71Found in the wild in Tunnel B and Mansion. Used by trainers in Scoop HQ and Wayfarer Inn.BasicA jolly piece of furniture who awoke one morning and decided to explore.
Possessun72Found in the wild on Tunnel B. Used by trainers in Scoop HQ.Stage1It is a ghost that inhabits a dead CAIRFREY.
Dandicub73Found in the wild on Route 6. Used by trainers in Route 7.BasicAfter a litter is born, they float all over the world and never see their family again.
Dandylion74Found in the wild on Route 6. Used by trainers in Dojo and Dryad's Grove.Stage1It gives birth to one litter in its life. Then it wanders the world trying to find them.
Embra75MissingFound in the wild in Dragon's Cave. Used by a trainer in Dojo.BasicIt eats everything it can to grow big enough to become a RUPTION.
Ruption76MissingFound in the wild in Dragon's Cave. Used by trainers in Side Route B.Stage1Once Embra's flame becomes hot enough, it engulfs its entire body, essentially replacing it in the process.
Shybulb77MissingFound in the wild in Dryad's Grove, Route 3 and Side Route A. Used by trainers in Citypark, Greenwash HQ, Mansion, Route 4, Route 6 and Side Route A.BasicWhen a garden is neglected, a SHYBULB moves in and quietly tends the droopy plants.
Narcileaf78MissingFound in the wild in Dryad's Grove. Used by trainers in Dryad's Grove, Greenwash HQ, Route 6 and Side Route A.Stage1When a SHYBULB has restored a garden to glory, it morphs and proudly takes credit for its work.
Tikoal79MissingTraded in Timber Town.BasicThe guardian of a forest-dwelling people, it keeps guard and resolves disputes.
Tikorch80MissingUsed by trainers in Greenwash HQ.Stage1It is the intermediary between forest and volcano, between sun and earth.
Hatchling81MissingUsed by trainers in Scoop HQ.BasicWhen an egg does not want to hatch and begin its next life stage, it becomes a HATCHLING.
Birdling82MissingUsed by trainers in Route 6 and Scoop HQ.Stage1The ignorant believe that it carries its own egg upon its back. It is the guard for a far more important egg than that.
Bursa83MissingFound in the wild in Greenwash HQ. Used by trainers in Route 7.BasicIt rejects fire as "basic", and produces only the fire of the mind.
Flambear84MissingUsed by a trainers in Dojo.Stage1It can be tracked from the trail of boiled berry bushes and roasted trout it leaves in its wake.
Trapsnap85MissingUsed by trainers in Dojo and Side Route A.BasicIts head is the only part of its body that doesn't grow as it ages.
Sapsnap86MissingFound in the wild in Dryad's Grove and Route 4. Used by trainers in Dojo and Side Route A.Stage1Its terrific anger is off putting, but it passes quickly.
Forturtle87MissingUsed by trainers in Dojo and Route 3.BasicIt heats its shell to read the future from the cracks that emerge.
Prophetoise88MissingUsed by a trainer in Dojo.Stage1Its heavenly fire is something foes rarely see coming.
Pythwire89MissingFound in the wild in Datacenter. Used by a trainer in Route 3.BasicObservations of wild PYTHWIRE inspired the inventor of the first electrical outlet.
Ouroboutlet90MissingFound in the wild in Datacenter. Used by trainers in Datacenter.Stage1The circuit focuses energy, creating a new type of electricity called griefed-lightning.
Sockeserp91MissingFound in the wild in Datacenter. Used by trainers in Datacenter.Stage1An otherwise formiddable enemy, SOCKESERP is easily dispatched if it gets tangled up.
Komodraw92Used by trainers in Nimrod HQ.BasicIt uses its claws to carve its firearm out of wood, and uses it for powerful ranged attacks.
Grimachin93Used by trainers in Dojo and Nimrod HQ.BasicIt was made by a toy company to be a pet, but was too dangerous.
Tigrock94Used by a trainer in Nimrod HQ.Stage1It is said that it had to invent itself because an evolution was not designed.
Tumbleworm95MissingUsed by trainers in Mansion, Route 4 and Side Route B.BasicWhen they have outgrown their honeycomb eggs, they drop to the ground face first.
Tumblebee96MissingUsed by trainers in Side Route B and Side Route E.Stage1It builds hives that are perfect spheres, with the TUMBLEBEE inside just rolling about and buzzing with laughter.
Sampsack97MissingUsed by a trainer in Dojo. The player can choose between receiving Sampsack and receiving Sampsage.StandaloneA scientist wanted to separate his personalities, but he split his body.
Sampsage98MissingUsed by a trainer in Dojo. The player can choose between receiving Sampsack and receiving Sampsage.StandaloneA scientist took a drug that made him clever by day and violent by night.
Abesnaki99MissingUsed by trainers in Dojo and Scoop HQ.StandaloneEach face is a different pattern, and some say the symbols spell out words in a dead language.
Araignee100MissingUsed by a trainer in Dryad's Grove.StandalonePedants who say all spiders have eight legs are strangely quiet on the case of ARAIGNEE.
Axylightl101Found in the wild on Citypark and Route 2. Used by a trainer in Sea Route C.BasicIt lights the deep waters with its tail, marking a safe shelter for fish.
Capiti102MissingFound in the wild in Route 6. Used by trainers in Dojo, Mansion and Route 5.BasicIt looks like a baby, but some specimens have been found that are hundreds of years old.
Cateye103MissingFound in the wild on Greenwash HQ. Used by trainers in Greenwash HQ. Traded in Candy Town.StandaloneThey say it blinks once a year, in honour of summer's end.
Cochini104MissingFound in the wild on Greenwash HQ and Scoop HQ. Used by trainers in Greenwash HQ, Omnichannel HQ and Scoop HQ.StandaloneIt is as intelligent and aware as a three-year old child. It tastes delicious.
Coleorus105MissingFound in the wild on Dryad's Grove. Used by trainers in Dragon's Cave and Greenwash HQ.StandaloneIt has existed, unchanged, for millions of years.
Conifrost106MissingUsed by trainers in Side Route B.StandaloneIf it sneezes, an avalanche occurs. It has a permanent sniffle.
Cowpignon107MissingUsed by a trainer in Route 4.StandaloneSome people dry it out and eat it as a medicinal enhancement.
Djinnbo108Found in the wild in the Mansion. Used by trainers in Dojo, Dragon's Cave, Side Route B and Mansion.StandaloneIt is mistakenly believed that it is a human who died in a fire. Actually, its relatives did.
Dune Pincher109MissingUsed by trainers in Side Route E.StandaloneThese hermits will wrap themselves in whatever is closest. In the desert, that is the burial shrouds of long-dead pharaohs.
Foofle110Found in the wild in Route 5. Used by trainers in Greenwash HQ, Mansion, Route 3, Route 4, Route 6 and Tunnel.StandaloneWhen one is in danger, all FOOFLE hear its cries, wherever they are.
Ghosteeth111MissingUsed by trainers in Dragon's Cave, Mansion and Nimrod HQ.StandaloneIt smiles because it knows how everyone it meets is going to die.
Hydrone112MissingUsed by trainers in Dojo, Dragon's Cave, Route 6 and Wayfarer Inn.StandaloneIt utilises an experimental technology that creates power from water.
Lapinou113MissingFound in the wild on Scoop HQ. Used by trainers in Mansion and Scoop HQ.StandaloneWhen SQUABBITS were taken as fashionable pets, they adapted to domestic life and lost their violent natures.
Manosting114MissingFound in the wild on Sea Route C. Used by a trainer in Sea Route C. Fished with the Poseidon.StandaloneIt floats across the tops of cities, contemplating sharks.
Masknake115MissingUsed by trainers in Dojo, Dryad's Grove, Greenwash HQ and Tunnel B.StandaloneWhen frightened or aggressive, it flashes a beautiful pattern with its tail.
Pigabyte116MissingFound in the wild in the Mansion. Used by trainers in Greenwash HQ, Route 6 and Scoop HQStandaloneScientists found that the best computers have organic implants.
Polyrock117MissingFound in the wild in the Mansion. Used by a trainer in Mansion.StandaloneIt disguises itself as a human child to sneak into dojos and learn from martial arts masters.
Propellercat118MissingUsed by trainers in Greenwash HQ, Route 3, Route 6 and Scoop HQ. Traded in Candy Town.StandaloneIs it a new species, or just the pet of an inventor?
Sclairus119MissingFound in the wild on Greenwash HQ. Used by trainers in Greenwash HQ.StandaloneWhen a crop is left unharvested - be it from laziness or disaster - its scarecrow becomes a dark and living creature.
Sludgehog120MissingFound in the wild in Scoop HQ. Used by trainers in Dojo and Omnichannel HQ.StandaloneIt lives in rubbish, and eats it too. Its spikes seem sharp, but it can soften them at will.
Spighter121MissingUsed by trainers in Route 2, Route 4, Route 5, Route 6 and Scoop HQ.StandaloneIt's not fair that something so good at sneaking up on people, can't be snuck up on itself.
Toufigel122MissingFound in the wild in Tunnel B.StandaloneIt appears to be a fluffy insect, but it is actually a reptile coated in soft snow.
Tourbidi123MissingFound in the wild on Citypark and Dryad's Grove. Used by trainers in Dojo and Tunnel.StandaloneIf you find a circle of mushrooms or clover, it is a place where TOURBIDI dance.
Volcoli124Found in the wild on Dryad's Grove. Used by a trainer in Dojo.StandaloneIt is the spirit of a forest. Its hair changes with the seasons.
Botbot125Used by a trainer in Wayfarer Inn. Offered in Wayfarer Inn.BasicIt is a universal robot that can be adapted for any purpose.
AV8R126Used by trainers in Greenwash HQ, Mansion and Nimrod HQ.Stage1If the sun is out, it can fly as far or as high as it likes.
PiCC127Used by trainers in Sea Route C, Scoop HQ and Wayfarer Inn. Fished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1It accompanies divers, providing much needed oxygen.
MRmOswitch128Used by trainers in Mansion, Scoop HQ and Wayfarer Inn.Stage1These cheeky robots are used for their fine motor skills, but they love pranks.
K9129Used by trainers in Mansion and Route 4.Stage1It is a helpful companion that can pull a tonne of weight.
B-ver.1130Used by a trainer in Wayfarer Inn.Stage1It is designed for all those times you need something to be bitten by a robot.
Zunna131MissingUsed by trainers in Route 6, Scoop HQ and Tunnel. Traded in Candy Town.StandaloneCheerful ZUNNA sucks up all the food it can find into its stomach.
Vivipere132MissingAvailable from the Pet Shop in Flower City. Used by trainers in Dojo.BasicIt hatches in great numbers in the summer, but the rest of its lifespan is a mystery.
Vivicinder133MissingUsed by a trainer in Dryad's Grove.Stage1It makes its nest in long-burning fires, either of its own creation or in memorials, smithies and glassworks.
Viviphyta134MissingUsed by trainers in Hospital, Dojo, Dryad's Grove, Route 4, Route 6 and Side Route A.Stage1It is the king of snakes - or at least believes itself to be such.
Viviteel135MissingUsed by trainers in Dryad's Grove, Mansion, Nimrod HQ and Route 6.Stage1It takes the armour of a fallen warrior and repurposes it for a shell.
Vivitrans136MissingUsed by a trainer in Dryad's Grove.Stage1The cold focuses VIVITRANS' mind to a keen edge.
Vivitron137MissingUsed by a trainer in Dryad's Grove.Stage1Early philosophers used VIVITRON as evidence that natural forces can be tamed and controlled.
Vividactil138MissingEvolves from Vivipere. Used by trainers in Route 7.Stage1In ancient times, the Year of the VIVIDACTIL marked a time of renewal and the restoration of authority.
Vivisource139MissingEvolves from Vivipere. Used by trainers in Route 7.Stage1The spring it chooses for its home always has a peculiar oniony taste.
Chloragon140MissingN/ABasicIt hatches when an ancient egg is planted in fertile soil. When the eggs run out, there will be no more CHLORAGON.
Sapragon141MissingUsed by a trainer in Dragon's Cave.Stage1In olden times, each element had a mighty dragon - but those creatures have diminished and are rare in these days.
Dragarbor142MissingUsed by trainers in Dragon's Cave.Stage2When it feels it is coming to the end of its life, it travels to a graveyard where it plants itself. Its tail flower grows forever.
Rhincus143MissingUsed by a trainer in Side Route A. Traded in Candy Town.StandaloneIt has some properties of a reptile and some of a bird.
Shammer144MissingUsed by a trainer in Side Route A. Traded in Candy Town.StandaloneIn ancient times it hunted RHINCUS beneath ashen skies.
Drokoro145Found in the wild on Dragon's Cave.StandaloneOnce it had a family, but it ate its parents, and it ate its children, and it ate its mate, and it ate all of its kind.
Yiinaang146MissingN/AStandaloneIt was born the first time a star fell into a black hole.
Snarlon147N/AStandaloneIt does not fly, but its feet never touch the ground. The king of paradox.
Conileaf148MissingTraded in Flower City.StandaloneFoods placed in its pitcher are blended and pickled. They are used to store food without it going off.
Foxfire149Traded in Flower City.BasicFOXFIRE cubs are found in fires that burned out overnight. No one knows where they come from.
Hampotamos150MissingUsed by a trainer in Dojo. Traded in Flower City.StandaloneIt nibbles on RINOCEREED, clearing away dead skin, moss and weeds.
Pharfan151MissingUsed by a trainer in Greenwash HQ. Traded in Flower City.StandaloneAt the watering hole it keeps its friends RINOCEREED and HAMPOTAMOS well watered.
Nostray152MissingFound in the wild in Sea Route C. Used by a trainer in Sea Route C. Fished with the Fishing Rod.BasicIt can smell anything in the ocean, no matter how far away.
Shnark153Used by a trainer in Dojo. Fished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1SHNARK wears its last meal's flesh as a disguise so it can get close to its trusting prey.
Chillimp154MissingFound in the wild on Lion Mountain. Used by trainers in Route 7. Traded in Timber Town.BasicIt is rumoured to live atop snowy mountains, but no clear photo of it has ever been taken.
Snowrilla155MissingFound in the wild on Lion Mountain. Used by trainers in Route 7.Stage1It delights in playing tag with skiers on desolate slopes.
Flacono156MissingFound in the wild on Route 7. Used by trainers in Hospital, Scoop HQ and Wayfarer Inn.BasicIt is totally unafraid of adversaries, and will attack an enemy of any size without hesitation.
Corvix157MissingN/AStage1It arms its wings with bone shards from its victims.
Gryfix158N/AStage2Bone armor protects GRYFIX from all but the most powerful of attacks.
Wrougon159MissingN/ABasicEach Wrougon is born with a patch of rust larger than the patch of its parents.
Allagon160MissingUsed by trainers in Dragon's Cave and Dryad's Grove.Stage1Allagon are drawn to relics made from the metals left behind by their ancestors, and will be violent to retrieve them.
Ferricran161MissingN/AStage2Once, the Ferricran were covered all over with adamantine scales, and had wings of mithril.
Seirein162MissingN/ABasicIt grows lonely in the swamps, so it burns brightly to draw travellers near - but it is painfully shy and flits away when they approach.
Loliferno163MissingUsed by a trainer in Dojo.Stage1It is said that the LOLIFERNO's fire could not be extinguished. Yet, despite its power, LOLIFERNO has a playful side, and is known to dance among the flames it creates.
Poinchin164N/APOINCHIN make nests in the coral and can be tempted out by bread and milk.
Saurchin165N/ABy night, SAURCHIN emerge from the coral reefs to hunt bigger prey on land.
Dinoflop166MissingFound in the wild on Cotton Tunnel. Used by trainers in Side Route E.StandaloneDINOFLOP delights in quickly turning away from its attackers so their blows land on its shielded and spiny back.
Enduros167MissingUsed by a trainer in Route 6.StandaloneENDUROS is an aggressive brawler that does not pull its blows. Out of the ring, it is quite sociable.
Galnec168MissingUsed by trainers in Hospital.StandaloneGALNEC buries itself deep in the hot sands of the desert, only its stony tail above ground. In packs, they look like gardens of stone.
Fruitera169N/AStandaloneFRUITERA is greedy for fruit, and carries as much as it can. When startled, it drops all its fruit, gathers it all up again, and only then runs away.
Teddisun170MissingN/AStandaloneTeddisun worships the sun - they're always seen carrying their sun toy.
Anu171Used by trainers in Hospital.StandaloneIt is said that it enters others' dreams to search for its lost love.
Pilthropus172MissingN/AStandaloneFound alongside Tuxemon such as Rhincus, Pilthropus is the oldest humanoid Tuxemon to date. They can create and wield crude stone tools.
Coproblight173MissingN/AStandaloneCoproblight were attracted to piles of dung, especially those created by large prehistoric Tuxemon. They would dig in these piles to acquire more dung to build up their bodies and find useful defensive parts, like bone shards.
Chromeye174MissingUsed by trainers in Datacenter.BasicCHROMEYE was created to observe and learn how humans think and feel.
Angrito175MissingUsed by trainers in Datacenter.Stage1It cannot understand why humans feel rage and hatred, but ANGRITO feels these urges too.
Happito176MissingUsed by trainers in Datacenter.Stage1Why can't people always be happy? HAPPITO will give them exactly what they want, even if it is not what they need.
Neutrito177MissingUsed by trainers in Datacenter.Stage1NEUTRITO feels nothing. The perfect machine?
Sadito178MissingUsed by trainers in Datacenter.Stage1When a person is feeling too sad, SADITO will carry that burden for them.
Fancair179Used by trainers in Hospital, Datacenter and Sea Route C.BasicIf someone leaves their fan running when they do not need it, it comes alive and flies out the window to find someone who actually needs to be cooled.
Windeye180Used by trainers in Side Route E and Datacenter.Stage1Like a mighty tree, WINDEYE plants itself on the top of hills to soak in the sun and wind. Recharged, it then leaves to find another place under the sky.
Pairagrin181Found in the wild on Route 1.BasicThe young form of Pairagrim, it is a generally happy creature. It struggles to fly until the two heads learn to work together.
Pairagrim182Found in the wild on Route 7. Used by trainers in Route 7.Stage1One of Pairagrim's heads is always searching for prey, while the other focuses on flying at great speed.
Skwib183Used by trainers in Dojo. Fished with the Fishing Rod and Neptune.BasicThe SKWIB contentedly floats through the ocean, examining potential shell-homes. It has to fear for its life before it will finally make a choice.
Octabode184Fished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1OCTABODE make ancient vessels and artifacts their homes, dreaming of the lives of those who used the relics before them.
Drashimi185Used by a trainer in Dojo. Fished with the Fishing Rod or Neptune.BasicIt lies on the ground, smelling delicious and tempting monsters to take a bite - but when they approach, it bites them first.
Tsushimi186N/AStage1While sometimes referred to as its armor, the fleshy plates on TSUSHIMI are softer than its skin. Their purpose remains unknown.
Tobishimi187N/AStage2TOBISHIMI spawn eggs in vast numbers, and carry them about under their chins for safekeeping until the next full moon - when they hatch.
Selket188MissingUsed by trainers in Hospital.BasicLying in wait beneath the sand, they can feel their prey through the vibrations of their footsteps.
Selmatek189MissingN/AStage1Kept by the ancient kings of the deserts, SELMATEK served as watchdogs, hunting companions and - now - defenders against grave robbers.
Furnursus190MissingFound in the wild in Cotton Tunnel.BasicFURNURSUS are friendly, and often forget that their bodies are too hot for others to touch.
Statursus191MissingEvolves from Furnursus. Used by trainers in Route 7.Stage1STATURSUS has learned to channel its emotions into a single pure flame. The mere sight of it sends others into a trance.
Baoby192N/ABasicThey travel from river to river in search of water to drink and store. The leafy ossicones on its head conceal movable points that act similar to a dowsing rod. Many creatures follow Baoby in droughts.
Baobaraffe193Used by a trainer in Dojo.Stage1It stores mass amounts of water in its huge body so that it can travel long distances across hot, dry deserts. It will also share water with thirsty creatures. When it has no water stored it is skinny.
Boltnu194Found in the wild in Cotton Tunnel. Used by trainers in Hospital and Dojo.BasicIt spends most of its time digging burrows into the grounnd, it remains dizzy from the constant vibrations and movement caused by them digging into the soil.
Exclawvate195Used by trainers in Hospital.Stage1Often seen on construction sites, they can use their huge hands and tail to scoop up dirt and rubble. Underneath the tuxemon are caterpillar tyres, giving them a beter balance and grip while climbing heaps of rubble.
Tetrchimp196N/ABasicThey absorb any information they come across. Their constant chatter communicates everything they have learned in order.
Apeoro197N/AStage1The kings of old used psychic powers to transfer their souls into these golden computing machines. Now they live on, unable to communicate but still dreaming of empires.
Turnipper198N/ABasicWhen a field is abandoned to the crows, locusts and mice, a TURNIPPER will sometimes dig itself out of the ground to defend the crops.
Beenstalker199N/AStage1What BEENSTALKER lacks in sense and grace, it makes up for in sheer enthusiasm and goodwill. It delights in scaring off vermin, but never harming them.
Banling200N/ABasicEach BANLING is waiting for a homeless spirit to nestle in its branches.
Altie201MissingN/AStandaloneALTIE floated down to earth in a bubble. Now its bubble has popped, it cannot float more than a few metres in the air.
Metesaur202Found in the wild in Cotton Tunnel. Used by trainers in Route 7.BasicThis tuxemon would enjoy diving into the ground and leaving marks. Sometimes, the tuxemon would misjudge the hit and land in trees, starting huge and dangerous forest fires
Qetzlrokilus203Evolves from Metesaur. Used by trainers in Route 7.Stage1This tuxemon would dive into groups of other dinosaur tuxemon and burn them. They also enjoy setting forests alight and dropping their ashes into water to spoil its purity.
Rosarin204MissingUsed by a trainer in the Mansion.BasicRosarin's love is incredible, he's only asking some affection.
Graffiki205MissingUsed by trainers in Dojo.StandaloneGRAFFIKI are as at home in cities as they are in the jungle, tagging their territory with elaborate paintings.
Grumpi206MissingN/AStandaloneOnce grabbed by a GRUMPI, its sticky tacky body is impossible to escape from.
Jelillow207N/ABasicWhen a person rests their head on Jelillow, its jelly-like skin causes them to fall into a deep sleep. If someone is having sleeping problems, then this monster will be used to help them.
Medushock208Used by a trainer in Sea Route C. Fished with the Poseidon.StandaloneTend to stay away from shore and known to be aggressive to people. Stingers are used to stun its prey. Swim safely.
Merlicun209N/ABasicMerlicun is a hardy insect that has evolved to be efficient at both attack and defense. They gather in the tree canopies of ancient forests to feed on fruits and leaves.
Bumbulus210MissingN/ABasicBumbulus is a flying being that produces a cloud of smoke to disguise itself as a cloud. No one has ever seen its true body.
Fordin211N/ABasicWhen threatened, it curls into a ball and bounces away.
Chibiro212MissingN/AStandaloneIt is found in forests and fields, where it is often mistaken for a turnip.
Boxali213MissingN/AStandaloneWith its long blue cape, BOXALI can glide above the ground - allowing it to perform stunts and aerial attacks.
Spoilurm214MissingN/AStandaloneSPOILURM disguise themselves as apples, and wait in trees to eat the unexpecting.
Brewdin215Used by a trainer in Sea Route C.StandaloneBorn in neglected, once prized, pottery and similar treasures. Rumored to grants wishes to those who can make it smile.
Urcine216MissingUsed by a trainer in Dojo.StandaloneWhen a FURNURSUS is born without the fire inside, it is abandoned in the forests as an URCINE.
Tarpeur217MissingUsed by a trainer in Side Route A.BasicThey rest and grow. They also grow and rest. Rarely, they rest without growing or grow without resting.
Vigueur218MissingN/AStage1VIGUEUR compete to see who can lift the heaviest rocks. When they lift one that is too heavy, it squashes them and scatters TARPEUR seeds.
Taupypus219MissingUsed by trainers in Hospital.StandaloneUpon their birth, a TAUPYPUS' eyes are burst by its mother. That way, their eyes will never sting when they dive into the water.
Tumblequill220N/ABasicTumblequill rolls along the highways, gathering up useful items for its nests from the rubbish left by the side of the road.
Shelagu221Used by trainers in Route 7. Fished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1It wards off attackers by poisoning its spiky shell with goo spat from its mouth.
Spycozeus222MissingN/AStandaloneThe whispered communications of the forest are given physical form in SPYCOZEUS, which thinks like the trees.
Mystikapi223Used by a trainer in Dojo.StandaloneThe MYSTIKAPI's saliva augments psychic powers. It licks its eyes and ears to heighten its senses.
Nuenflu224N/AStandaloneIt snuggles in homes in the winter months, spreading diseases.
Snock225N/ABasicThe snake-like creature hides under the safety of its sock cover. If startled, it will flail and lie very still on the ground to avoid attention.
Pythock226N/AStage1Using its shadow puppets, it can use them to fight its opponent with great accuracy and speed. They are much more confident, and will sometimes even use their shadow puppets to entertain small children at puppet shows.
Snaki227MissingUsed by a trainer in Hospital.BasicSNAKI is a snake that has learned to grow legs by examining the motion of lizards and crocodiles.
Snokari228N/AStage1The two heads of SNOKARI each hold great wisdom, but they never agree.
Lunight229N/AStandaloneLUNIGHT is the guardian of the night, and can control the moon and its phases.
Solight230N/AStandaloneA villainous team is plotting to use SOLIGHT to create a miniature sun in order to create a new planet.
Tumbledillo231MissingN/AStage1Tumbledillo have a mystical connection to a particular road, and they guard it from people who would interfere with it - even pothole repair crews!
Mauai232MissingN/AStage1MAUAI gives itself over to the spirits of lost warriors trapped inside its weapon.
Nimbulex233MissingN/AStage1NIMBULEX dresses itself in sparks and storm clouds to protect its delicate inner core.
Capinyah234N/AStage1Only after intense training in the jungles, lifting logs and river boulders, can CAPITI graduate to become CAPINYAH.
Howl235MissingN/AStandaloneHOWL's foolish exterior hides deep wisdom - if only it could communicate it, but its words come out as hoots and howls.
Fuzzlet236MissingFound in Flower City (Petshop). Used by trainers in Route 7.BasicWhen a child is no longer around to play with their toys, they sometimes come to life.
Fuzzina237MissingEvolves from Fuzzlet.Stage1When the child that abandoned a FUZZLET needs it again, it becomes a FUZZINA, a brave protector and nurturer of the small and the weak.
Flisces238MissingN/AStandaloneIt skims the surface of the water, evading detection until a powerful leap brings its sharp fins into play.
Mingdyn239MissingN/AStandaloneEvery 12 years, a single MINGDYN egg is laid. Its discovery marks a time of renewal and upheaval across the land.
Uneye240MissingN/ABasicUneye lurks in the shadows, and on the edge of vision.
Lendos241MissingN/AStage1When two UNEYE become tangled, they form a single unified LENDOS.
Ziggurat242MissingFound in Flower City (Petshop). Used by trainers in Route 7.StandaloneNo labyrinth that can contain ZIGGURAT. It decorates its nests with carvings of all the mazes it has traversed over the years.
Urcheedle243MissingN/AStandaloneIt can't move or attack, so it sits still and prays that the opponent damages itself on its many needles.
Joulraton244MissingN/AStandaloneIts static coat of bristly fur attracts seeds, flowers and feathers, which it uses for food or nesting materials.
Firomenis245N/AStage1These tuxemon are large and tough from the many years spent as a MERLICUN. Their jaws can crush through trees and bones, and their flight is strong enough to carry people.
Uglip246MissingFished with the Poseidon.StandaloneWhen it is pulled up too quick from its home in the deep waters, UGLIP becomes puffy and pained.
Dankush247MissingN/AStandaloneA DANKUSH can stop itself from burning by holding its breath, causing plumes of smoke to billow forth from each leaf.
Cherubat248MissingN/AStandaloneThese inquisitive bats are drawn by the heady emotions of people in love, and carry back unsupervised bouquets and chocolate boxes to build their nests.
Ambuwl249MissingN/AStandaloneThe egg in its pouch does not hatch. Instead, it secretes a delicious drink with restorative powers.
Woodoor250MissingFound in Flower City (Petshop). Used by trainers in Route 7.BasicWhen a haunted house burns to the ground, sometimes all that is left is the front door. It hops away to find its next home.
Blasdoor251MissingEvolves from Woodoor.Stage1BLASDOOR shield those they care about behind their impenetrable bulk, but macerate unwanted intruders and scrap machines between their steel teeth.
Rhinocarpe252MissingUsed by trainers in Route 7. Fished with the Poseidon.StandaloneRHINOCARPE are territorial, charging headfirst at any who swim too near to their coral fortresses.
Kernel253MissingN/AStandaloneKERNEL is a core component of the monster system (kennel) and item system (locker), and serves as the main interface between the computer’s physical hardware and the processes running on it. Known as JAS-KERI-BIT from its creators.
Tux254Found in the wild in Lion Mountain. Used by trainers in Route 7.StandaloneMost comfortable in arctic climes, TUX hunt weaker prey by leaping upon it, and crack open the shells or armor of stronger prey by sliding it along the ice into hard rocks.
Hotline255MissingWon't be included (mature themes).StandaloneThese curious creatures can leap great distances, letting out a strange, tinny cry that cannot be escaped however far their prey runs.
Rinocereed256MissingN/AStandaloneIt is voraciously hungry because it grows so quickly - and it does not limit itself to plants.
Potturmeist257Found in Flower City (Petshop). Used by trainers in Route 7.BasicPotturmeist are spirits of the dead that take refuge in empty vessels. In ancient temples, acolytes must distract the monsters lest they interrupt important ceremonies.
Potturney258N/AStage1By the time a Potturmeist has reached its maturity, its protective urn has so changed shape that it resembles no pottery made by human hands. Some insist that the designs on a Potturmeist's urn are writings from the far future.
Imbrickcile259MissingN/ABasicImbrickcile shelter inside a single brick, emerging only to lift it to build their strength.
Bricgard260MissingN/AStage1When the winter comes, Imbrickcile builds a defensive cocoon of bricks to protect it from predators.
Brickhemoth261MissingN/AStage2Be wary when kicking a Bricgard's nest, because percussive force is the trigger the tuxemon needs to burst forth once it has formed into a Brickhemoth.
Waysprite262MissingN/ABasicWAYSPRITE are said to form when a person faces a difficult decision.
Angesnow263N/AStage1Those who survive getting lost in hostile, icy conditions often mention a mysterious presence guiding them even when the snow is too heavy to see through.
Demosnow264MissingN/AStage1DEMOSNOW delight in luring travelers deeper into the wilderness than is strictly safe, promising them glory and adventure.
Lucifice265MissingN/AStage2Is it the wind howling through the trees, or LUCIFICE calling the dark spirits of the night to join its hunt?
Seraphice266MissingN/AStage2SERAPHICE can freeze in ice moments of great courage and joy, stored away in deep vaults beneath the mountains for the days when humanity will need them most.
UF0267N/AStandaloneThis strange creature seems to be drawn by sounds that are too high for human ears to hear.
Tadcool268MissingFound in the wild in Lion Mountain. Fished with the Fishing Rod and Neptune.BasicIt croaks to warn people when they are walking near thin ice.
Fribbit269MissingUsed by trainers in Route 7. Fished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1It is said that it was once a boy who licked a freezing lamp post.
Squink270MissingFound in Flower City (Petshop). Used by trainers in Route 7. Fished with the Fishing Rod and Neptune.BasicIt is named for the noise it makes when it is all out of ink.
Hectapod271MissingFished with the Neptune or Poseidon.Stage1When it inflates its dome, it floats to the top of oceans, or even through mist and clouds.
Slichen272MissingFound in the wild on Route 7.BasicIt is a gel that sparked to life and begins making a body for itself of stone and rock.
Glombroc273MissingN/AStage1It stores its memories in its rocky shell. If some fall off, it is forgetful.
Conglolem274MissingN/AStage2The gel has long ago dried out, but CONGLOLEM continues.

The Game[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Opens on CEO sprite

Hello, I am the CEO of Omnichannel. We run the newspapers, TV channels and radio stations for this region. It is my duty to inform you.

Tumbleworm appears

Tuxemon are the animals that inhabit this world. They love to be captured so their masters can battle them for fun and profit. The strongest win, just like in the world of business.

Most monsters are found in the wild. They morph into more advanced forms when they gain experience.

But the five Pillars that make up the Cathedral, that is, the five allied companies that operate in this region, have improved on nature. This season, we offer five deluxe tuxemon!

Dollfin, Ignibus, Memnomnom, Budaye and Grintot appear in turn, with name labels beneath.

These tuxemon morph immediately when exposed to the right item - instant gratification!

What's more, they let you choose which form they morph into.

(Each is shown in turn with the black silhouette of the two forms it morphs into)

Tokens are available for a modest fee from all stores and Pillars!

Ahem, what was I talking about? Oh yes, each Pillar offers one of these exclusive tuxemon.

(Introductory video ends, and cuts to Shopkeeper addressing a number of people in [Paper_Town#C._Scoop_Store his store]. All potential protagonist types are present)

What a great presentation from our CEO! All Gold members are being offered a free tuxemon. Just fill in this form.

1. What is your name?

Name selection screen.

2. Please attach a photo.

(Here players can choose from a number of options for the protagonist's appearance).

3. Which tuxemon would you like? (Dollfin/Ignibus/Memnomnom/Budaye/Grintot)

(Shopkeeper goes to each person, collecting the forms. When he reaches the protagonist)

I'm sorry, you are not a Gold member. This offer is for Gold members only. I'll have my Shop Assistant escort you home.

(Protagonist follows Shop Assistant Dante to your Home in Paper Town). Then the game begins. You begin with $250.)

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