The Spyder in the Cathedral

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Current bugs[edit | edit source]

  • In some parts you can walk on water since surfing hasn't been implemented yet.
  • There's a different exit to the right of Drokoro since removing collisions hasn't been implemented yet.
  • Although I have a workaround for picking up items in the overworld, I might wait till the main solution is implemented.
  • There's a couple of scenes where the text box cuts off the key speakers. Eventually I think being able to move the viewport is planned, which would address this. Otherwise perhaps a smaller text box?
  • The campaign talks about a "Spyder Bite" infection that's been spread, but there's no mechanics for it at this point.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Spyder in the Cathedral plot takes place in the Fondent region, which is dominated by five nominally separate corporations, called Pillars. Not content with profitability, the Pillars want to take full control of the region and they hatch a plan to do so:

Scoop, the fast food and retail empire, will transmit a disease, the Spyder virus, that weakens tuxemon that don't have the vaccine, putting any opposition on the back foot. Meanwhile, mining company Shaft will extract and revive fossils of powerful extinct dragons. Agro-business and genetic engineering corporation Greenwash will use its fusion technology to combine these dragons with arms manufacturer Nimrod's killer robots, allowing them to steamroll any opposition already weakened by Scoop's virus. Behind the scenes, news media monopoly Omnichannel puts out propaganda and coordinates the scheme through its Spyder agents.

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • The game begins with a recording of the Omnichannel CEO.
  • The action begins in Paper Town, where you line up to get a Starting Tuxemon at the STORE but don't have the Gold Pass required - your Rival does though! They choose the tuxemon that you wanted.
  • After resting at your HOME (introducing your Mom), you can head back to the STORE
  • After a hint left by Dante, the Shop Assistant, you do fish a thrown-away, unofficial tuxemon out of the rubbish - but your RIVAL catches you and is scornful, and battles you.
  • If you wander around town, you might meet the RIVAL'S Granny, who runs the Daycare Centre, or see the Riverboat Station.
  • In Route 1, you encounter wild tuxemon for the first time.
  • You also see the Omnichannel HQ, and may be rebuffed by the Enforcers when you try to enter.
  • You enter a Cafe, meet Team Bazaar and get the Tuxepedia app.
  • In Leather Town, you face your first Pillar - Shaft - and get the chance to buy your first for-sale tuxemon and TMs.
  • In Route 3, you run into your MOM, who gives you a Hoverboard, and a Fisher, who gives you a Fishing Rod.
  • In the Abandoned Lab, you find Booster Tech, encounter the VIRUS for the first time, and fight ENFORCERS.
  • In Flower City, you face your second Pillar - Nimrod
  • You have to go out of town to find TEAM BAZAAR (forcing you to go to STORES for paid healing until you get there), and are intercepted by your Rival who mock your weak tuxemon and talk about the great stuff you can buy from the PILLARS
  • When you get to the Mansion that TEAM BAZAAR hang out in, you get a Dojo Pass.
  • Also in Flower City is a broken-into house with someone who was working on a cure for Spyder Bite, and when you go through you find the person who broke in - a Spyder Rookie.
  • In Timber Town, the Riverboat Stations reopen, and so has the Daycare Centre you saw in Paper Town all that time ago. You should go back and drop a tuxemon off.
  • Also in Timber Town, you face your third Pillar - Scoop HQ
  • Also in Timber Town, the Dojo of the Five Elements introduces many people to fight and teaches you about the mechanics of battle. And who should be in the final room of the DOJO to challenge you for a final test of your skill but your RIVAL? They mention that they've gotten the TUXEPEDIA APP themselves, and they admire your edits - and have done some of their own!
  • There's a mass of people on Route 6, formed by employees of the fourth Pillar - Greenwash! This route heads to Candy Town, but there's ENFORCERS blocking the way.
  • Dialogue with the protesters indicates that there's a new technology called Fusion developed at GREENWASH, and they reckon that's why the ENFORCERS are interested! But the Greenwash Boss tricked everyone into leaving the building, and has locked themselves in while they wait for the ENFORCERS to get through.
  • When you arrive in Candy Town, your tuxemon are confiscated by ENFORCERS because they allegedly have SPYDER BITE - and are taken to the Hospital for quarantine! You'll have to battle with your B team for a while.
  • You might try to enter the HOSPITAL, but the scanner rejects any known tuxemon DNA. If only there were a way to scramble tuxemon DNA so it couldn't detect it ...
  • You can break into Greenwash HQ by going through the greenhouses - which are full of experimental tuxemon! Creepy, but make sure you catch them all!
  • When you beat the Greenwash Boss, you get the Fusion Report and can upload it to TUXEPEDIA! Now anyone can fuse any unlocked tuxemon! And now Greenwash HQ is safe, since there's nothing for the ENFORCERS in there
  • FUSION lets you get past the DNA detector at the Hospital, and fight your way through the Spyder Rookies - who reveal their plan was to use the quarantine as an excuse to confiscate all other tuxemon. SPYDER is a conspiracy within the Pillars, and it goes right to the top of Omnichannel!
  • You grab the Spyder Keycard off the Spyder Boss in the HOSPITAL, and retrieve your confiscated tuxemon, and free the SCIENTISTS who can heal all unlocked tuxemon by looking at their DNA
  • Before you can return to Cotton Town, your RIVAL intercepts you! They are tired of your meddling, just let the CATHEDRAL find a cure! After you beat them, they notice that your tuxemon are cured. You mean it was that simple? Just unlocking them and checking their DNA? Then why did the ENFORCERS take our tuxemon? The seed of doubt has been planted in your RIVAL'S minds ...
  • At Cotton Town, you fight your way through the Spyder Rookies at Omnichannel HQ ... but then two of the PILLAR BOSSES challenge you at once! You'd be in trouble, but who should arrive but your RIVAL?! The whole VIRUS debacle convinced them that freedom and openness are the way to go, and so they join you for a two-on-two battle with the BOSSES.
  • You triumph, and bring down SPYDER! All tuxemon are unlocked, and there's only a few more tuxemon you need to add to TUXEPEDIA!

Some thoughts on the concept of the game[edit | edit source]

The concept is that how tuxemon are restricted in the game world is analogous to how creative works are restricted in the real world ("creature" and "creative" both come from "create"; a creature was originally a created thing).

But we can use the creatures/creative works that we have to challenge the wicked corporations that would restrict them. As our creatures/creative works grow stronger and more numerous, the wicked corporations are defeated and fewer creatures/creative works are restricted until the protagonist's victory where no creatures/creative works are restricted.

I think that's a clever and subtle conceit for an open source game to have. It gives the player a goal, and a reason for battling. The use of battling creatures makes sense, because they're a metaphor for the battle of ideas. "As it is above, so it is below" - both Tuxemon: The Game and a tuxemon in the game world are creations that help win the battle of ideas for freedom and open source.

The Game[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Opens on CEO sprite

Hello, I am the CEO of Omnichannel. We run the newspapers, TV channels and radio stations for this region. It is my duty to inform you.

Tumbleworm appears

Tuxemon are the animals that inhabit this world. They love to be captured so their masters can battle them for fun and profit. The strongest win, just like in the world of business.

Most monsters are found in the wild. They morph into more advanced forms when they gain experience.

But the five Pillars that make up the Cathedral, that is, the five allied companies that operate in this region, have improved on nature. This season, we offer five deluxe tuxemon!

Dollfin, Ignibus, Memnomnom, Budaye and Grintot appear in turn, with name labels beneath.

These tuxemon morph immediately when exposed to a Badge - instant gratification!

What's more, they let you choose which form they morph into.

(Each is shown in turn with the black silhouette of the two forms it morphs into)

Tokens are available for a modest fee from all stores and Pillars!

Ahem, what was I talking about? Oh yes, each Pillar offers one of these exclusive tuxemon.

(Introductory video ends, and cuts to Shopkeeper addressing a number of people in [Paper_Town#C._Scoop_Store his store]. All potential protagonist types are present)

What a great presentation from our CEO! All Gold members are being offered a free tuxemon. Just fill in this form.

1. What is your name?

Name selection screen.

2. Please attach a photo.

(Here players can choose from a number of options for the protagonist's appearance).

3. Which tuxemon would you like? (Dollfin/Ignibus/Memnomnom/Budaye/Grintot)

(Shopkeeper goes to each person, collecting the forms. When he reaches the protagonist)

I'm sorry, you are not a Gold member. This offer is for Gold members only. I'll have my Shop Assistant escort you home.

(Protagonist follows Shop Assistant Dante to your Home in Paper Town). Then the game begins. You begin with $250.)

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