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Greenwash HQ is in Candy Town.

When you leave, the blockade of Route 6 ends, because "We've gathered all the remaining lab tuxemon and either released them into the wild or taken them as pets. There's nothing that the ENFORCERS can do!"

Greenhouse[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Scientist Gregor:

  • I spend all day watching my CATEYE - I'm going to catch it blinking!
  • Cateye level 24
  • Ugh, it didn't even blink when it fainted!

Scientist Louis:

  • The rules of this battle are the simple laws of natural selection: only the strong survive!
  • Cateye level 24
  • May I introduce you to the Gaia Hypothesis?

Firefighter Lewis:

  • Hey, this is an active emergency. Get out of here!
  • Pharfan level 24
  • Great, now I've got nothing to fight the fires with.


  • I could battle you, but I prefer to appeal to your reason and common sense. If you don't get out of here, the building might fall on you!

Scientist Hunt:

  • Come work at Greenwash, they said. Perform experiments that blur the line between science and madness, they said. Look where that got me!
  • Cateye level 25, Propellercat level 25
  • There's no future in STEM, kid.

Florist Alex:

  • I order all my flowers from Greenwash. They have varieties that I've never seen before!
  • Shybulb level 25
  • Here's my card in case you ever need a flower arrangement. I do weddings, funerals, birthdays ...

Florist Gluck:

  • Say what you will about genetic engineering, hydroponics and chemical fertilizers, but you can't argue with the results.
  • Narcileaf level 25
  • That settles it, I'm giving Narcileaf another dose of fertilizer when we get home.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

Scientist Chip:

  • I have developed unmatched computing power!
  • Pigabyte level 25, Cochini level 23
  • Needs more power!

Aviator Clarence:

  • My tuxemon are unstoppable in the sunlight!
  • AV8R level 22, Criniotherme level 22, Tikorch level 22
  • ... Almost unstoppable.

Firefighter Lewie:

  • Just some broken glass and escaped monsters. I was hoping for a fire.
  • Agnite level 26
  • I like fire a normal amount.

Scientist Morehouse:

  • They said to get out, but I'm not leaving without my notebook of scientific observations.
  • Eyenemy level 20, Eyesore level 20
  • I'm sure my notebook is around here somewhere.

Nurse Broer:

  • Every day, I sedate all the monsters so they can be observed safely. I forget ONE TIME, and everyone makes a huge fuss.
  • Coleorus level 26
  • Whatever. Here, have a potion. (Player receives a Potion)

Boss' Office[edit | edit source]

(Only accessible by falling from a higher level)

Greenwash Boss Looten

  • Prepare to face the power of my fusion tuxemon!
  • Bearloch level 30, Rocktot level 30, Foxko level 30, Agnsher level 30
  • Well, I guess fusion technology isn't quite there yet. We've been working on it for years!
  • Here's the closest we've come -- it's a cute fusion of an ant and an Aardorn. Not exactly the ultimate killing machine Omnichannel wanted us to create. I mean … uh! You didn't hear that from me.
  • The funny thing is, because of its fusion DNA, it makes DNA screeners behave all funny.
  • (Gives player Aardant)

1st Floor[edit | edit source]

Nurse Aissa:

  • Stay out - Greenwash has this all under control.
  • Cateye level 22
  • We're all going to die!

Scientist Moreau:

  • You shouldn't be here!
  • Sclairus level 26
  • The fusion experiment blew up!

Scientist Dippel:

Rogue Dempsey:

  • This is fine.
  • Masknake level 25
  • This is fine.

Postboy Heidenstam:

  • This has been one heck of a work experience placement.
  • Foofle level 10
  • Gee, thanks a bunch.

The Fossilisator[edit | edit source]

(Standing next to the table that has a strange golden statue on it)


  • (first time) Hello there, I suppose you are here to see my finest invention - the De-Fossilator. ... No? You're here to investigate why the Greenwash staff went on strike and got locked out by the Enforcers?
  • (first time and all times afterwards) While you're here you might as well see the De-Fossilator in action.
  • (If they have a Rhincus Fossil): Ah, I see you have a toothed bird fossil. Shall I de-fossilate it? Y/N
  • If yes: "It worked! The fossil turned into a Rhincus" (player gains a Rhincus)
  • (If they have a Shammer Fossil): Ah, I see you have an ancient dog fossil. Shall I de-fossilate it? Y/N
  • If yes: "It worked! The fossil turned into a Shammer" (player gains a Shammer)
  • (If they have a Rhincus Fossil and a Shammer Fossil): Ah, I see you have two ancient fossils. Shall I de-fossilate both? Y/N
  • If yes: "It worked! The fossils turned into a Shammer and a Rhincus" (player gains a Rhincus and a Shammer)
  • If the player says no to the fossil, or has no fossils: "Maybe another time then."

Items[edit | edit source]

(Could be placed anywhere on the floor)

Expansion[edit | edit source]

If Fusion is implemented, the Fusion Report will be provided instead of Aardant.