Route 6

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Route 6.png

Slogan: A playful meander along the river.

Connections[edit | edit source]

A. Tunnel B[edit | edit source]

B. Candy Town[edit | edit source]

Because the Enforcers are blocking the road, the only way to enter is by surfing on the river.

Events[edit | edit source]

Event 1[edit | edit source]

When you first enter, your MUM intercepts you and gives you an XP Device.

Characters[edit | edit source]


  • The fire drill will be over soon and all Greenwash employees will be permitted to return. ... How soon? When we say so!


  • Those bastards! Oldest trick in the book. Can't believe I fell for it ... Hmm? ... Oh, the bosses at Greenwash HQ pulled the fire alarm! Then when we all filed out, they locked the doors behind us!

Trainers[edit | edit source]

A. Florist Frances (first appears in City Park)

  • My Narcileaf keeps the finest garden in all the land.
  • Narcileaf level 30, Shybulb level 30, Shybulb level 30
  • You must come visit some time.

B. Picnicker Ping

  • Psst, have you heard? The enforcers are confiscating tuxemon from everyone in Candy Town.
  • Foofle level 30, Foofle level 30
  • They won't stop there ... eventually they'll confiscate all tuxemon if they think they can get away with it

C. Magician Richard

  • Man, the one day I leave the computer and go for a walk, this happens!
  • Hydrone level 30, Pigabyte level 30
  • Worst. Day. Ever.

D. Miner Blair

  • Something's fishy.
  • Grintrock level 30, Grinflare level 30
  • I heard they kicked all the researchers out of Greenwash HQ, and now they're confiscating tuxemon and taking them to the Hospital!

E. Professor Maxwell

  • I don't understand! Last month, they were so excited about Fusion technology. And now they say they have to shut it down, destroy it ...
  • Propellercat 30, Birdling 30
  • I just hope they don't decide its safest to put down the tuxemon we fused!

F. Professor Orion

  • I was in the middle of a very important experiment.
  • Spighter level 20, Zunna level 20
  • I hope I get back before my experiment melts down!

G. Scientist Mungo

  • I can't believe they locked us out of Greenwash HQ. I was getting so close to a cure for the virus!
  • Noctula level 20
  • I guess the bosses got spooked by the latest Fusion developments.

H. Scientist Rigel

  • We might as well battle - there's nothing else to do at the moment!
  • Ignibus level 30
  • Now there's nothing to do.

Enforcer Gunner

  • Excuse me, no entrance permitted. All Greenwash employees must stay outside of the city.
  • Enduros level 20, Viviteel level 20
  • You're not a Greenwash employee? I've heard that one before!

Rival Billie

  • "Let's make it quick. I have a spa appointment in an hour."
  • STARTER level 34, Cardiwing level 30, Eyesore level 30, Viviphyta level 30
  • "Huh. You're a better trainer than I thought."

Encounters[edit | edit source]

s. Fishing/Surfing[edit | edit source]