Tunnel B

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Tunnel Route B.png
Tunnel Route B - Below.png

Connections[edit | edit source]

A. Timber Town[edit | edit source]

B. Route 6[edit | edit source]

C. Underground Entrance 1[edit | edit source]

D. Underground Entrance 2[edit | edit source]

E. Underground Entrance 3[edit | edit source]

Side Route E[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

a. Rhincus Fossil

b. Shammer Fossil

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Trainers[edit | edit source]

A. Scientist Beryll

  • I love collecting rocks and stones.
  • Rockat level 20, Ignibus level 20, Grintot level 20
  • Ah, I spilled my stone collection!

B. Scientist Lute

  • Bats make the best pets!
  • Noctula level 16, Noctalo level 18, Pipis level 16, Strella level 20
  • ... but not necessarily the best fighters.

C. Scientist Meitner

  • Masknake is great fun. Just give it a poke and its tail puts on a light show!
  • Masknake level 22
  • I think you poked it too hard.

D. Florist Iris

  • Oi! You interrupted our dance!
  • Tourbidi level 18, Tourbidi level 18, Tourbidi level 18
  • Be gone. Tourbidi, places please!

E. Picnicker Greta

  • When an Agnidon cornered my precious Foofle, all these friends turned up!
  • Foofle level 16, Foofle level 16, Foofle level 16, Foofle level 16, Foofle level 16, Foofle level 16
  • Oh no, I need more!

F. Yellow Belt Tommy

  • Have you seen my sandwich?
  • Zunna level 22
  • My hunger put me off of my game!