Timber Town

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Timber Town.png

Connections[edit | edit source]

Route 5[edit | edit source]

Tunnel B[edit | edit source]

Walled Garden[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

When you arrive,

Riverboat Captain:

  • Ahoy! The Riverboat is re-opening. Free travel for all children. We can take you anywhere between here and Paper Town. Other stations further downriver will be opening over the current days. ... What's that, you're from Paper Town? Maybe you should visit your family! I hear a new Daycare Centre has started up there.

(As you visit each additional town, its RIVERBOAT STATION opens). He also tells you that the DAYCARE CENTRE in PAPER TOWN has reopened. As the game expands, this can also be used to access to other maps unrelated to the main plot.)

After you defeat Scoop HQ,

Mum appears:

  • Hey bojo, your BOARD doesn't work on water. Unless you've got power.
  • What I mean to say is, here's a Surfboard! Ride it onto the river and see what happens!

Locations[edit | edit source]

Cafe[edit | edit source]


  • Hey, that's a nice phone you've got there ... Your mum made it for you? Heaps cool! Then you've gotta install my newest social media app. It's called Contacts App. It keeps track of all the people you meet and tells you what they're up to.

House[edit | edit source]


  • Hey, do you treat your tuxemon with proper respect?!
  • Sorry, I can be very blunt. But you wouldn't believe the damage that tuxemon can do if they aren't taken proper care of.
  • Last week a Tikoal almost burnt down its owner's house!
  • Hey, do you want a Tikoal? I could really do with a Chillimp, if you've got one.

(trade Chillimp for Tikoal)

Scoop HQ[edit | edit source]

Outside, an event just before the Protagonist can enter.

Dante walks up.

  • Hey, NAME. Are you planning to break into these HQ?
  • Make sure you're well prepared before you do, because it's difficult to get out once you're inside!
  • You'll need to call your mom to let her know you're safe. Use this app!

Scoop Store[edit | edit source]


Walled Garden[edit | edit source]

Outside, if the player has not yet defeated Midas in the Walled Garden:


  • Welcome to the Walled Garden. Gold Pass, please.
  • Oh, I see. This is an exclusive venue for elite battlers. No amateurs.

If the player has a Gold Pass:

  • Please, come in. Let me take your coat.

Outside, if the player has defeated Midas:

Picnicker Midas:

  • Welcome one and all to the Public Garden. Lovers of tuxemon and the sport of tuxemon battling are our honored guests.


  • Yeah, yeah, let a thousand cheap flowers bloom. In you go.