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Connections[edit | edit source]

1. Timber Town

2. Room 2

3. Room 1

4. Room 3

5. Room 2

6. Room 4

7. Room 3

8. Timber Town

Events[edit | edit source]

9. Spyder Escapes[edit | edit source]

When P is defeated, N and O escape up the stairs, saying:

  • Haha, now we can make our escape with the Extreme Restraints!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Having learned about - and probably had some of their tuxemon become infected with - the Spyder Bite disease in the Wayfarer Inn, the protagonist follows rumours that the disease was created by Scoop for some unknown purpose. They break into the Scoop HQ building via a side door. Someone tips them off that due to the system of conveyor belts inside, the protagonist won't be able to get back out unless they fight through a fair amount of the building - so to make sure they have the tuxemon and items that they need!

In the first room, the protagonist observes the cramped, dirty conditions that the farm tuxemon are kept in before being harvested, but the Scoop employees are clear that while the disease began here, it wasn't deliberately spread by them. Enforcers came by and bossily interfered with the quarantine, and presumably the disease infected their tuxemon. When they left, they carried the disease with them.

The protagonist can then fight their way to the quarantine room itself, where the original tuxemon to catch the disease were kept. When they get there, however, the protagonist finds that someone stole the tuxemon's restraints, which were a special new invention called the Extreme Restraint. Unrestrained, they broke through the quarantine room into a storeroom beyond.

When the protagonist gets into the storeroom, they will have to fight the escaped tuxemon. This is the only chance to catch some rare tuxemon. Also in the store room are purple-uniformed villains (Spyder Agents and Spyder Bosses) - they stole the restraints, but then got trapped by the escaped tuxemon. They let slip that although Scoop uses the restraints on livestock, they're "strong enough to trap a dragon!" When the protagonist beats the escaped tuxemon, that clears a path for the villains to escape with the restraints.

Characters[edit | edit source]

A. Scientist


B. Professor Lanth

  • Look how happy the tuxemon are, living so close to one another!
  • MRmOswitch level 35, PiCC level 35
  • Typical activist troublemaker.

C. Nurse Paine

  • I feel so terrible that the disease got out.
  • Possessun level 35, Cairfrey level 30
  • If those Enforcers hadn't come in and exposed their pet tuxemon to the disease, it would never have left the facility!

D. Enforcer


E. Scientist Rubid

  • This is actually the most humane way to keep tuxemon.
  • Birdling level 35, Hatchling level 30
  • Studies show that tuxemon find battling more stressful than living in these conditions.

F. Professor Berys

  • You will notice that none of the tuxemon out here are sick - they were all kept in the containment unit.
  • Propellercat level 40, Embazook level 35
  • Scoop did not release the disease! I promise you.

G. Enforcer Turner

  • Some of these people will tell you that Enforcers let the disease get out. Don't believe them!
  • Flacono level 30, Squabbit level 30
  • Remember, we had nothing to do with the disease getting out!

H. Scientist Asta

  • Why yes, I am the inventor of the Extreme Restraints. What are they, I hear you ask? Only a set of manacles so powerful that even a dragon could not escape them. They are being used in the containment unit to make sure none of the infected tuxemon escape.

I. Nurse Alyssa

  • As soon as disease was detected, we moved the infected tuxemon to this containment unit.
  • Possessun level 40
  • I'm telling you, we kept the disease under control!

J. Nurse Taggart

  • Someone stole the Extreme Restraints we invented to keep tuxemon in the containment unit! Was it you?
  • Elofly level 30, Elowind level 35, Lapinou level 30
  • If you didn't steal the Extreme Restraints, who did?

K. Scoop Boss Donald

  • The sick tuxemon we were keeping here in quarantine got out and broke into the storeroom beyond! How will we secure the storeroom?
  • Birdling level 35, Pigabyte level 35, Zunna level 35
  • You might just be strong enough to contain the escaped tuxemon. Please - do it for us.

L. Spyder Agent Orba

  • Yikes! What are you doing here?
  • Abesnaki level 30, Spighter level 30
  • What am I doing here, for that matter?

M. Scientist Haf

  • I chased the people who stole the Restraints into this room. But then the sick tuxemon got in, and now we're all stuck!

N. Spyder Agent Weaver

  • I would never have taken the Restraints off those coughing tuxemon if I knew they'd chase us in here!
  • Cardiling level 30, Spighter level 30
  • Yikes! It turns out crime doesn't pay!

O. Spyder Boss Arachne

  • Oi! Can't you see we're in the middle of a villainous scheme?
  • Cardiwing level 35, Spighter level 35, Abesnaki level 35
  • It's too late! I have the Extreme Restraints and there's nothing you can do about it.

P. Landrace

  • Graar!
  • Ufff.

Escaped Tuxemon[edit | edit source]