Spyder Bite

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[[MainImage::Spyder bite.png|thumb]]

Positive or Negative N/A
Replacement Conditions Is separate to other conditions - not replaced or replaced by them.
Response to Positive Condition
Response to Negative Condition
Response to Technique Use
Response to Item Use
Response to End of Round
Text When Gained NAME begins to sniffle.
End of Round Text
Speed Multiplier
Melee Multiplier
Ranged Multiplier
Armour Multiplier
Dodge Multiplier
Details Affected tuxemon cannot be traded or swapped off your team once infected. 1/8th of the time, on turn, just sneezes (infecting target with Spyder Bite) instead of taking turn.

Alternative spritesSpyder bite.png

In other languages[edit source]

Language Name Text When Gained End of Round Text

This is the tuxemon disease in the draft plot of The Spyder in the Cathedral.

Prevalence[edit | edit source]

  • The tuxemon of Enforcers and Bosses are immune to Spyder Bite (this is not announced by the game, but it just does not infect them). This is because Spyder Bite is an invention of Scoop, and as part of their plan they immunised whoever is in on it.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Ah ... Ah ... Ah. NAME held in a sneeze. (Turn then continues without the tuxemon losing their action)
  • Ah ... Ah ... Ahchoo! NAME1 sneezed on NAME2. (If NAME2 is already infected:) NAME2 wiped it off. (If NAME2 was not already infected:) NAME2 begins to sniffle.

PC (if you try to box an infected tuxemon):

  • Virus detected. For the safety of all tuxemon in our system, you cannot store an infected tuxemon.