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This category uses the form Condition.

Detailed spec

 MainImageTXMN IDPositive or NegativeResponse to Positive ConditionResponse to Negative ConditionResponse to Technique UseResponse to Item UseResponse to End of RoundReplacement ConditionsText When GainedEnd of Round TextSpeed MultiplierMelee MultiplierRanged MultiplierArmour MultiplierDodge MultiplierDetails
No ConditionMissing0NeitherReplaceReplaceThe absence of a condition.
Hard Shell1PositiveReplaceRemoveNAME is covered in hard shell.1.5
Poisoned2NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME is poisoned.NAME takes damage from the poison.At End of Round, lose 1/8 of Max HP
Lifeleech3NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME's lifeforce is being leeched.NAME is having their lifeforce stolen.At End of Round, lose 1/16 of Max HP. Enemy heals the same amount.
Diehard4PositiveReplaceReplaceAfter used to set HP to 1, removeNAME will keep fighting.When HP would fall below 1, set it to 1, remove this condition and print "X fights through the pain." A monster that is already on exactly 1 HP cannot gain the Diehard condition.
Grabbed5NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME is held tight.Cannot Retreat or Switch. Ranged and Reach techniques have their Power and Potency halved.
Nodding Off6NegativeNAME is nodding off to sleep.NAME is asleep.It can last up to 5 turns. Each turn the monster can wake up if a random value > 0.5. While sleeping technique is not used. When waking up it shows: NAME dozes off! Originally there were 2 separate conditions. Dozing (falling asleep) and nodding off (waking up). Both have been merged.
Charging8PositiveReplaceCharged UpCharged UpNAME is charging power.Only role is to delay Charged Up.
Charged Up9PositiveReplaceExhaustedNAME is fully charged.22222
Tired10NegativeRemoveReplaceRemoveNAME is worn out.NAME shakes off its tiredness.
Exhausted11NegativeReplaceTiredNAME is exhausted.0.50.5
Enraged12PositiveReplaceReplaceRemoveNAME is enraged.20.5Also referred to as "Berserk".
Sniping13PositiveReplaceReplaceRemoveNAME takes aim.0.52
Focused14PositiveReplaceRemoveNAME becomes focused.1.5
Recovering15PositiveReplaceReplaceNAME is regenerating.NAME recovers its lifeforce.At the end of the round, heal 1/16 maximum HP.
Softened16NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME's armour softens.0.50.5
Blinded17NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME is blinded.0.50.5
Stuck18NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME is stuck in place.Cannot Retreat or Switch. Melee and Touch techniques have their Power and Potency halved.
Confused19NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME is confused.Instead of the technique chosen, the Confused monster uses a random technique (from the ones they have available, other than the one chosen) 50% of the time.
Festering20NegativeReplaceNAME's wounds fester.Cannot heal damage.
SlowMissing21NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME has been overfed.0.5
BurnMissing22NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME is burned.NAME takes damage from burns.At End of Round, lose 1/8 of Max HP
LockdownMissing23NegativeReplaceReplaceItems cannot be used on NAME while it is locked down.Items will not affect NAME.Cannot use items.
WastingMissing24NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME is afflicted by a wasting condition.NAME is wasting away.Take #/16 of your maximum HP in damage each turn, where # = the number of turns that you have had this condition.
FlinchingMissing25NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME flinches and may not act.50% chance to miss your next turn. If you do miss your next turn, this condition ends.
WildMissing26NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME has gone wild.NAME is still wild.1/4 chance each turn that instead of using the chosen technique, you take 1/8 your maximum HP in unmodified damage.
HarpoonedMissing27NegativeReplaceReplaceNAME risks injury if it backs away.If you swap out, take damage equal to 1/8th your maximum HP
Elemental ShieldMissing28PositiveReplaceReplaceNAME puts up a flame shield.Each time an opponent hits you with a Special technique, they take 1/16 your maximum hit points in damage.
PricklyMissing29PositiveReplaceReplaceNAME is harmful to make contact with.Each time you are hit by a melee or touch move, the attacker takes 1/8th your maximum HP in damage.
FeedbackMissing30PositiveReplaceReplaceNAME is turning ranged attacks back on the attacker.Each time you are hit by a ranged or reach move, the attacker takes 1/8th your maximum HP in damage.
RetaliateMissing31PositiveReplaceReplaceNAME will retaliate on its next attack.Track damage the user takes since gaining this condition. Their next attack does that much extra damage.
RevengeMissing32PositiveReplaceReplaceWhen attacked, NAME will take revenge.If the monster with this condition is hit with an attack, its attacker takes that much damage and then the monster with this condition heals that much damage.
Eliminated99N/AReplaces every other condition; cannot be replaced by any other conditionContinues after the battle; Eliminated characters cannot be chosen for battle, must be replaced if in battle
Spyder Bite100N/AIs separate to other conditions - not replaced or replaced by them.NAME begins to sniffle.Affected tuxemon cannot be traded or swapped off your team once infected. 1/8th of the time, on turn, just sneezes (infecting target with Spyder Bite) instead of taking turn.

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