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See Conditions for the current system.

Durations[edit | edit source]

Conditions typically have the following durations:

  • Until treated: This can mean using an item, or being healed at a medical centre.
  • Indefinite: There is something that can be done or can happen that will make this condition end.
  • Defeat: When the other tuxemon leaves the battle.
  • Time: 5 rounds unless otherwise specified. The timer is reset every time the tuxemon would get the condition again.
  • Decay: There is a 33% chance that the condition ends each turn (checked at the end of the turn).
  • End of Battle
  • Circumstantial: This means that the condition is caused by a disease or other malady, or the location that the tuxemon is in, or all tuxemon of that variety always have the condition, or for whatever other reason the condition will remain unless the story allows for it.

Proposed Conditions[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Retaliate #: Keep track of all damage you take between entering this state and next doing damage. You do additional damage equal to damage taken, multiplied by whatever number Retaliate this is
  • Earthy, Watery, Metallic, Woody, Fiery: That Type replaces your other type(s)
  • Harpooned: If you swap out, take X damage
  • Spiky: If you swap in, take X damage
  • Lockdown: Cannot use items
  • Spooked:
  • Prickly: Each time you are hit by a Physical move, the attacker takes 1 MAX (your HP)
  • Feedback: Each time you are hit by a Special move, the attacker takes 1 MAX (your HP)
  • Enlarged: Your MAX and CURRENT HP increase by X

Stuck[edit | edit source]


Grabbed[edit | edit source]


Duration: Defeat

Cannot retreat or swap out. Can attack or use item.

Berserk[edit | edit source]


Poisoned[edit | edit source]

Poison-type.png Poisoned 2.png

Duration: Until treated

Take 1/8 of your MAX in damage each turn.

Wasting[edit | edit source]

Duration: Until treated

Take #/16 of your MAX in damage each turn, where # = the number of turns that you have had this condition.

Lifeleech[edit | edit source]


Duration: Defeat

Take 1/16 of your MAX in damage each turn (unmodified). The enemy's creature heals 1/16 of your MAX in damage each turn (unmodified).

Nodding Off[edit | edit source]


Dozing[edit | edit source]


Duration: Decay

Miss next turn.

Charging Up[edit | edit source]


Charged[edit | edit source]


Charmed[edit | edit source]

Duration: Decay

Techniques have a 50% chance of not working if they target the enemy.

Festering[edit | edit source]

Duration: Until treated

Cannot heal.

Staggered[edit | edit source]

Duration: Decay

Speed is set to 0 and cannot be modified.

Forgetful[edit | edit source]

Duration: Decay

Cannot use the same technique two times in a row.

Flinching[edit | edit source]

Duration: Indefinite

50% chance to miss your next turn. If you do miss your next turn, this condition ends.

Confused[edit | edit source]


Duration: Decay

Instead of using the chosen technique, use a random one.

Sniping[edit | edit source]


Recovering[edit | edit source]


Duration: End of Battle

Heal 1/16 MAX each turn.

Blinded[edit | edit source]


Hard Shell[edit | edit source]


Diehard[edit | edit source]

Various15all11.png Diehard 2.png

Duration: End of Battle

Current HP cannot fall below 1, unless it is already at 1.

Wild[edit | edit source]

Duration: Decay

1/4 chance each turn that instead of using the chosen technique, you take 1/8 MAX unmodified damage.

Focused[edit | edit source]


Frightened[edit | edit source]

Duration: Defeat

1/8 chance each turn that you swap out for a randomly chosen alternative tuxemon on your team. If there are no others, you attempt to retreat.

Wan[edit | edit source]

Duration: Time (3 turns)

On turn 1, your moves are at 1/4 Power. On turn two, 1/2 Power. On turn three, 3/4 power.

Softened[edit | edit source]

Duration: Time (3 turns)

On turn 1, you take +75% damage. On turn two, +50% damage. On turn three, +25% damage.

Slow[edit | edit source]

Duration: End of battle

Do nothing on the first turn that you become Slow. On each later round, do the thing that you were commanded to do one round earlier.

Spyder Bite[edit | edit source]

Duration: Circumstantial (until the Spyder Bite cure is revealed)

Spyder bite.png