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Positive or Negative Negative
Replacement Conditions
Response to Positive Condition Replace
Response to Negative Condition Replace
Response to Technique Use
Response to Item Use
Response to End of Round
Text When Gained NAME's lifeforce is being leeched.
End of Round Text NAME is having their lifeforce stolen.
Speed Multiplier
Melee Multiplier
Ranged Multiplier
Armour Multiplier
Dodge Multiplier
Details At End of Round, lose 1/16 of Max HP. Enemy heals the same amount.

Alternative spritesDark-type.png, Lifeleech-small.png

In other languages[edit source]

Language Name Text When Gained End of Round Text
Spanish Chupavidas {user} está absorbiendo la vida de {target}. ¡{user} perdió salud por chupavidas!