Nodding Off

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Positive or Negative Negative
Replacement Conditions
Response to Positive Condition
Response to Negative Condition
Response to Technique Use
Response to Item Use
Response to End of Round
Text When Gained NAME is nodding off to sleep.
End of Round Text NAME is asleep.
Speed Multiplier
Melee Multiplier
Ranged Multiplier
Armour Multiplier
Dodge Multiplier
Details It can last up to 5 turns. Each turn the monster can wake up if a random value > 0.5. While sleeping technique is not used. When waking up it shows: NAME dozes off! Originally there were 2 separate conditions. Dozing (falling asleep) and nodding off (waking up). Both have been merged.

Alternative spritesDozingoff-small.png, Sleep1.png

In other languages[edit source]

Language Name Text When Gained End of Round Text