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TXMN Stats
Type(s) Water
Element(s) Normal, Sky
Call [[MainCall::Woosh-2.wav]]
Completed Complete
Body Shape Flier
ID 40
Blurb The lieutenants of the ELOFLY family, ELOWIND shepherd the flock and keep it focused.
Height/Length (centimetres) 115
Weight (kilograms) 15
Catch Rate 70
Terrain(s) Grassland, Jungle, Woodland
Sex(es) Male, Female
Evolution Stage Stage1
Fusion Name First Part Elo
Fusion Name Second Part -wind

Set 1Set 2Creature Progress Tracker

39 ←

40 [[FaceSprite1::Elowind face 1.png|24px|link=|class=bottom]][[FaceSprite2::Elowind face 2.png|24px|link=|class=top]] Elowind

→ 41

Elowind, the Cloudburst tuxemon, is a Water-type monster.

Trivia[edit source]

Name Origin:

Design Origin[edit source]

In The Spyder in the Cathedral Campaign[edit source]

Used by trainers in Route 5 Scoop HQ and Omnichannel HQ.

Evolution[edit source]

[[Default64px::ElowindFront 64px.png|64px]]
Elofly Elowind [[EvolvesInto::Elostorm]]

Sprites[edit source]

Tuxemon Standard[edit source]

64px [[FrontSprite::ElowindFront 64px.png|64px]] [[BackSprite::Elowind Back 64px.png|64px]]
Face Sprites [[FaceSprite1::Elowind face 1.png|24px]] [[FaceSprite2::Elowind face 2.png|24px]]
Overland Sprites [[OverlandSprite::Elofly.gif]] Missing

Other Standards[edit source]

48px Missing Missing
56px Missing Missing
80px [[FrontSprite80px::ElowindFront.png|80px]] [[BackSprite80px::Elowind Back.png|80px]]
Menu Sprites (32px) [[MenuSprite1-32px::Small.png|32px]] Missing
Menu Sprites (24px) Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (16px) Missing Missing


Contributors[edit source]

Catch Challenger, HippasusTwo, Sanglorian

Catch Challenger is an open source project, with assets under Creative Commons Attribution. Original design and sprites by Catch Challenger. Face sprites tweaked by Sanglorian. Alternative sprites adapted by HippasusTwo.

Variations[edit source]

Alternative spritesElowind-back-Hipp.png, Elowind-front-Hipp.png

Evolutions[edit source]

At the moment, this is a double-up, but that will be fixed.

[[Default64px::ElowindFront 64px.png|64px]]

Techniques[edit source]

In other languages[edit source]

Language Name Category Blurb


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