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Completed[edit source]

There are 105 completed Stage1 monsters.

 TXMN StageSpeciesTXMN Blurb
AV8RStage1HeliotropeIf the sun is out, it can fly as far or as high as it likes.
AardartStage1AnteaterIt keeps count of every ant it has eaten, and celebrates significant numbers.
AgnidonStage1False DragonIt prefers four legs, but can stand on two to open doors, push over trees or hold things.
AllagonStage1DragonAllagon are drawn to relics made from the metals left behind by their ancestors, and will be violent to retrieve them.
AngesnowStage1Driven SnowThose who survive getting lost in hostile, icy conditions often mention a mysterious presence guiding them even when the snow is too heavy to see through.
AngritoStage1Enraged EmotionIt cannot understand why humans feel rage and hatred, but ANGRITO feels these urges too.
ApeoroStage1Old BlockThe kings of old used psychic powers to transfer their souls into these golden computing machines. Now they live on, unable to communicate but still dreaming of empires.
B-ver.1Stage1GnawerIt is designed for all those times you need something to be bitten by a robot.
BamboonStage1PrehensileIt fights with its bamboo staff, which it also uses for balance.
BaobaraffeStage1Tree GiraffeIt stores mass amounts of water in its huge body so that it can travel long distances across hot, dry deserts. It will also share water with thirsty creatures. When it has no water stored it is skinny.
BeenstalkerStage1ScarytaleWhat BEENSTALKER lacks in sense and grace, it makes up for in sheer enthusiasm and goodwill. It delights in scaring off vermin, but never harming them.
BigfinStage1IslandA whole ecosystem exists on its back, so it tries not to go underwater.
BirdlingStage1Bird BrainThe ignorant believe that it carries its own egg upon its back. It is the guard for a far more important egg than that.
BlasdoorStage1TrapdoorBLASDOOR shield those they care about behind their impenetrable bulk, but macerate unwanted intruders and scrap machines between their steel teeth.
BoltStage1HardwareThe presence of a BOLT makes a NUT clamp down harder and spark more energy.
BricgardStage1Brick WallWhen the winter comes, Imbrickcile builds a defensive cocoon of bricks to protect it from predators.
CapinyahStage1WoodwoseOnly after intense training in the jungles, lifting logs and river boulders, can CAPITI graduate to become CAPINYAH.
CardiwingStage1FirebirdIts song is remarkable, but few dare keep an explosive songbird.
CorvixStage1Horned RaptorIt arms its wings with bone shards from its victims.
CrankusStage1CrankyFrom one mountaintop to another, CRANKUS can be heard bleating to one another in running arguments that end only with the spring thaws.
CriniothermeStage1MercuryIts mane shines during the day, grows big and red at sunset, and blows away as ash at night.
DandylionStage1Lion's ToothIt gives birth to one litter in its life. Then it wanders the world trying to find them.
DemosnowStage1TemptedDEMOSNOW delight in luring travelers deeper into the wilderness than is strictly safe, promising them glory and adventure.
DoctskyStage1ErythrocyteThe little hyena just wants to take care of others, but has a bad reputation after a movie with it as a villain came out.
DracuneStage1CloakedIt is immobile during the day, but can wriggle and bite at night.
ElowindStage1CloudburstThe lieutenants of the ELOFLY family, ELOWIND shepherd the flock and keep it focused.
EmbazookStage1GunnerIt is trained for use in war and it knows no other life.
EruptibusStage1Hot RockSmiths work with it, heating up metals in its caldera.
ExapodeStage1Big FrightfearIt waves its legs to attract attention, but mostly people just run away.
ExclawvateStage1DiggerOften seen on construction sites, they can use their huge hands and tail to scoop up dirt and rubble. Underneath the tuxemon are caterpillar tyres, giving them a beter balance and grip while climbing heaps of rubble.
EyesoreStage1OverseerIt remembers everything it has ever seen, but not the order that it has seen it in.
FiromenisStage1Dragon MothThese tuxemon are large and tough from the many years spent as a MERLICUN. Their jaws can crush through trees and bones, and their flight is strong enough to carry people.
FlambearStage1Too HotIt can be tracked from the trail of boiled berry bushes and roasted trout it leaves in its wake.
FlummackStage1FLUMMACK no longer desires to be eaten, but to eat - even other FLUMMBY and FLUMMACK go down a treat.
FribbitStage1RuefulIt is said that it was once a boy who licked a freezing lamp post.
FrondlyStage1Helping HandIt can do anything with its prehensile tail, even shake hands and pick fruit.
FuzzinaStage1ToyWhen the child that abandoned a FUZZLET needs it again, it becomes a FUZZINA, a brave protector and nurturer of the small and the weak.
GectileStage1ClimbingIt is so quick and light that it can walk on leaves.
GlombrocStage1AggregateIt stores its memories in its rocky shell. If some fall off, it is forgetful.
GrinflareStage1IgneousIt is said that each is the walking heart of a volcano.
GrintrockStage1ThunderstoneIt feeds by sitting out in thunderstorms, waiting to be struck by lightning.
HappitoStage1Ecstatic EmotionWhy can't people always be happy? HAPPITO will give them exactly what they want, even if it is not what they need.
HectapodStage1Sea StormWhen it inflates its dome, it floats to the top of oceans, or even through mist and clouds.
HeronquakStage1CrestedThe crystal on its chest is mistaken for a diamond by poachers. It melts when it is removed from HERONQUAK's body.
IncandesfinStage1Light FinIts entire body has massively grown in size. However, its light is still the exact same.
K9Stage1CuteIt is a helpful companion that can pull a tonne of weight.
KatacoonStage1StanceIt stays in a meditative pose for its chrysalis, moving only to jab enemies.
KomoduelStage1GunslingerMany a wrongdoer has fled town after seeing just the silhouette of an approaching KOMODUEL.
LegkoStage1LizardLong thought to be legless, its leaves are actually vestigial limbs.
LendosStage1VisionWhen two UNEYE become tangled, they form a single unified LENDOS.
LolifernoStage1Spirit FireIt is said that the LOLIFERNO's fire could not be extinguished. Yet, despite its power, LOLIFERNO has a playful side, and is known to dance among the flames it creates.
MRmOswitchStage1GremlinThese cheeky robots are used for their fine motor skills, but they love pranks.
MauaiStage1AnubisMAUAI gives itself over to the spirits of lost warriors trapped inside its weapon.
MiaownolithStage1DesolateIt can speak the human tongue, but only to say cryptic riddles.
NarcileafStage1GardenerWhen a SHYBULB has restored a garden to glory, it morphs and proudly takes credit for its work.
NeutritoStage1Calm EmotionNEUTRITO feels nothing. The perfect machine?
NimbulexStage1VeiledNIMBULEX dresses itself in sparks and storm clouds to protect its delicate inner core.
NoctaloStage1NightcrawlerIt inhabits only places abandoned by humans - castles, graveyards and sewers.
NudikillStage1Dark BishopThey are called Dark Bishops because their heads are reminiscent of a bishop's hat.
NudimindStage1ReverieIt dreams of oceans under other skies.
OctabodeStage1HermitOCTABODE make ancient vessels and artifacts their homes, dreaming of the lives of those who used the relics before them.
OuroboutletStage1Infinite EnergyThe circuit focuses energy, creating a new type of electricity called griefed-lightning.
PairagrimStage1Two-Headed FalconOne of Pairagrim's heads is always searching for prey, while the other focuses on flying at great speed.
PiCCStage1BladderIt accompanies divers, providing much needed oxygen.
PossessunStage1VisitorIt is a ghost that inhabits a dead CAIRFREY.
PotturneyStage1PotteryBy the time a Potturmeist has reached its maturity, its protective urn has so changed shape that it resembles no pottery made by human hands. Some insist that the designs on a Potturmeist's urn are writings from the far future.
ProphetoiseStage1Dragon BoneIts heavenly fire is something foes rarely see coming.
PuparmorStage1FortifiedIts cocoon is so hard, people are knocked out if a PUPARMOR is dropped on them. They were once loaded into cannons and catapults.
PyraminxStage1NobleIt has a tomb hidden somewhere in the land. If it finds it, it can sleep.
PythockStage1Puppet MasterUsing its shadow puppets, it can use them to fight its opponent with great accuracy and speed. They are much more confident, and will sometimes even use their shadow puppets to entertain small children at puppet shows.
QetzlrokilusStage1Long WingedThis tuxemon would dive into groups of other dinosaur tuxemon and burn them. They also enjoy setting forests alight and dropping their ashes into water to spoil its purity.
RabbitosaurStage1RabbitIts tunnels are extensive and wide, the site of tremendous wars between burrows.
RegalanceStage1TerracottaIt can summon a halberd whenever it needs.
RockatStage1Sleek BoulderDespite its considerable weight, its footfalls are silent.
RuptionStage1BonfireOnce Embra's flame becomes hot enough, it engulfs its entire body, essentially replacing it in the process.
SaditoStage1Lamenting EmotionWhen a person is feeling too sad, SADITO will carry that burden for them.
SapragonStage1DragonIn olden times, each element had a mighty dragon - but those creatures have diminished and are rare in these days.
SapsnapStage1BarbedIts terrific anger is off putting, but it passes quickly.
SelmatekStage1Sand SteedKept by the ancient kings of the deserts, SELMATEK served as watchdogs, hunting companions and - now - defenders against grave robbers.
SharpfinStage1RipIt is invisible in the water, being visible only when it leaps out of the water to drag animals on the shore back into the deep.
ShelaguStage1ShelteringIt wards off attackers by poisoning its spiky shell with goo spat from its mouth.
ShnarkStage1DisguisedSHNARK wears its last meal's flesh as a disguise so it can get close to its trusting prey.
ShrabStage1When a SHEYE frees its mind from always contemplating serious thoughts, it becomes a SHRAB, free in body to wander the world.
SnokariStage1HydraThe two heads of SNOKARI each hold great wisdom, but they never agree.
SnowrillaStage1YetiIt delights in playing tag with skiers on desolate slopes.
SockeserpStage1Power Socket SnakeAn otherwise formiddable enemy, SOCKESERP is easily dispatched if it gets tangled up.
StatursusStage1Inner FireSTATURSUS has learned to channel its emotions into a single pure flame. The mere sight of it sends others into a trance.
StrellaStage1TrailingIts tails are lures to convince bugs to bite them and be trapped.
TigrockStage1Ex MachinaIt is said that it had to invent itself because an evolution was not designed.
TikorchStage1TabooIt is the intermediary between forest and volcano, between sun and earth.
TsushimiStage1Dragon RollWhile sometimes referred to as its armor, the fleshy plates on TSUSHIMI are softer than its skin. Their purpose remains unknown.
TumblebeeStage1DroneIt builds hives that are perfect spheres, with the TUMBLEBEE inside just rolling about and buzzing with laughter.
TumbledilloStage1ErmineTumbledillo have a mystical connection to a particular road, and they guard it from people who would interfere with it - even pothole repair crews!
VigueurStage1EnergisedVIGUEUR compete to see who can lift the heaviest rocks. When they lift one that is too heavy, it squashes them and scatters TARPEUR seeds.
VivicinderStage1LitIt makes its nest in long-burning fires, either of its own creation or in memorials, smithies and glassworks.
VividactilStage1ExhumedIn ancient times, the Year of the VIVIDACTIL marked a time of renewal and the restoration of authority.
ViviphytaStage1GerminatedIt is the king of snakes - or at least believes itself to be such.
VivisourceStage1PurifiedThe spring it chooses for its home always has a peculiar oniony taste.
ViviteelStage1GalvanisedIt takes the armour of a fallen warrior and repurposes it for a shell.
VivitransStage1SublimatedThe cold focuses VIVITRANS' mind to a keen edge.
VivitronStage1SparkedEarly philosophers used VIVITRON as evidence that natural forces can be tamed and controlled.
VolconeyStage1RoamingWhen VOLCONEY thump the earth with their gigantic feet, they call more and more THUMPURN and VOLCONEY to the warren. But when enough strike the earth at once, it is said to cause volcanic eruptions.
WindeyeStage1TowerLike a mighty tree, WINDEYE plants itself on the top of hills to soak in the sun and wind. Recharged, it then leaves to find another place under the sky.

Not completed[edit source]

There are 110 not completed Stage1 monsters.

 TXMN StageSpeciesTXMN Blurb
AmbearanceStage1The cuddly AMBEARANCE love to comfort and nurture sick and injured monsters. But they would never deliberately harm a monster just for the pleasure of nurturing it back to health.
BaddrscratchStage1FuminousThe furious BADDRSCRATCH is a fearsome hunter, and it will not stop in its pursuit of its prey - even in the face of certain death.
BatuskinStage1Naked Dragon
BedooStage1Bed TrapIt swallows its victims whole, forcing them into a deep sleep for a few hours whilst it feasts on their dreams. Often, it will accidentally put their victims into a permanent sleep
BishosandStage1Sand Bishop
CaticaneStage1AddictionThey will often attack other Caticane to break their glass bodies and extract the addicting chemicals from them. They are very violent, especially under the influcence of their bodily drugs.
CowoolStage1Silk CocoonCowool are popular first time tuxemon amongst young and inexperienced young trainers. They are relaxed and enjoy resting from hanging branches, absorbing light energy to ready themselves for evolution.
DabbadooStage1Fossil Dodo
DevidraStage1Dog-ToothedLook closely, for ultra fine fur gives away it is devilishly pretending to be a dinosaur.
DivurfStage1Diving Beetle
DragpipeStage1The noisy dragon tuxemon
EmperulaStage1Gowned DeerThey will often find abandoned churches and monuments, and will hang upside down from the wooden beams. They are worshipped by the local people. Due to their serene grace and royal appearance, many will often go to their territory to bring them gifts of food and comfort. It is illegal to kill this tuxemon due to its religious symbolism.
EquillStage1CaveIts bitterness causes it to transform. It hides its ugliness in the dark.
FolsteinStage1Tree SmasherThrough evolution, the tuxemon becomes much more aggressive and suddenly feels the need to smash down trees. They contribute significantly to the ecosystem of the region, as they can knock down dead trees and free up space for new plants to bloom
GupphireStage1Boiling Goldfish
HerotintStage1Eastern-originating Herotint have developed a strong set of aggressive tactics for mauling their prey. Their confrontational nature is in contrast to their delicate bodies. Western-originating Herotint have developed their evasion in order to trick predators as well as prey, taking advantage of their lithe frames.
IgnebarkStage1QuartzMany desert emergency teams use this tuxemon to track lost souls in the vast desert of the region - as they have both a keen sense of smell and great stamina. They can use their huge, padded paws to dig their way under the mountains of sand to find the missing.
KnightsandStage1Sand Knight
KrabtainStage1PirateThrough evolution, their panicky disposition simply disappears as they become strong and brave new leaders. They learn to discipline their cabin crew by hitting at them with its huge and powerful claws.
LolihopperStage1Rockhopper PenguinMany choose to climb the merciless mountains of the region to train and clear their minds. They will often fight under areas where avalanches are most likely to prove their bravery and risk-taking.
LunacalisStage1MooncakeThis tuxemon is very popular around the time of the region's Moon Festival, in which the region celebrates the visit of the moon goddess. They are said to inspire the region's favourite delicacy, the mooncake.
MarvantisStage1When it evolves, the only trace of its original mimickry is its red ornaments.
MillistingStage1Burning VenomOnly the strongest and largest in a swarm is permitted to evolve.
MoranideStage1Sea SnakeStories say that this tuxemon would attack oncoming ships and break them in half with their strong tail. They electrocute their victims, before tearing the flesh off them and colllecting their bones.
PandosiveStage1Fire PandaThrough evolution, the lantern on the tuxemon begins to rip, allowing a more flames to escape through the safety of the paper wrapping. When it is excited, its tail will flash and make a happy crackling sound, almost like a firework.
PisacatoStage1Blue NoteAfter hearing its tone, you can sing perfectly all day.
RapiereStage1FencerIt battles with finesse using its beak as a sword. The two tails allow it to maneuver more quickly, and block incoming attacks.
RaptoucanStage1TropicalIt is formidable and aggressive, but only eats fruit.
ReinsweetStage1Candy Reindeer
RooksandStage1Sand Rook
SecuripawStage1Ruthless, merciless and silent, this tuxemon can hunt out intruders with its advanced built-in technology. They will often dig their sharp, saber teeth into their opponents, often hospitalising them.
SlenstalkerStage1AbductingIt hides in the forest, seeking out lost children that chose to play in the forest without their parents' permission. Some say that the tuxemon scares the unforunate children, others say they feast on the children's souls before turning them into haunted trees.
ToxirisStage1Toxiris is extremely powerful, it violently poisons everything in his way.
TreasurblinStage1TreasureThey are very greedy tuxemon, and will often attack those seeking to steal their supply of treasure. Their golden fan is covered in the dust from their gold and shiny treasure.
TrojerrorStage1VirtualTROJERROR is a tuxemon that disguises itself as legitimate code or software. Once inside the network, TROJERRORS are able to carry out any action that a legitimate user could perform (deposit, withdrawn and delete).
UproutStage1When it has grown, its ears peel away to show wings that it uses to fly into the trees above where it grew.
VadampfStage1Vapour MonsterBefore every session, saunas are to be searched for any Vadampf, this is a legal requirement.
WeedlantisStage1ReefIt is said an ancient civilization once used WEEDLANTIS as advisors, but it has since disappeared beneath the sea.
WisturtleStage1OrbitTheir magic located in their huge shells helps regulate the temperature of the water surronding it. They will often shelter fish tuxemon with their huge fins and underbelly.
WorboltStage1It eats metal fibers to produce its young artificially inside its body. Its bolt-like head can turn a full 360 degrees.