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TXMN Stats
Type(s) Water
Element(s) Frost, Cosmic
Completed Complete
Body Shape Humanoid
ID 263
Blurb Those who survive getting lost in hostile, icy conditions often mention a mysterious presence guiding them even when the snow is too heavy to see through.
Height/Length (centimetres) 120
Weight (kilograms) 30
Catch Rate 70
Terrain(s) Extraplanar
Sex(es) Neuter
Evolution Stage Stage1
Fusion Name First Part Ang
Fusion Name Second Part -esnow

Set 1Set 2Creature Progress Tracker

262 ←

263 [[FaceSprite1::Angesnow-menu01.png|24px|link=|class=bottom]][[FaceSprite2::Angesnow-menu02.png|24px|link=|class=top]] Angesnow

→ 264

Angesnow, the Driven Snow tuxemon, is a Water-type monster.

Trivia[edit source]

Name Origin: Presumably, angel + snow.

The species name, Driven Snow, is based on the saying "Pure as the driven snow."

Design Origin[edit source]

Perhaps "snow angels" (impressions created by people lying back in the snow and waving their arms).

In The Spyder in the Cathedral Campaign[edit source]

Used by a trainer in Walled Garden.

Evolution[edit source]

Waysprite Angesnow [[EvolvesInto::Seraphice]]

Sprites[edit source]

Tuxemon Standard[edit source]

64px [[FrontSprite::Angesnow.png|64px]] [[BackSprite::Angesnow-back.png|64px]]
Face Sprites [[FaceSprite1::Angesnow-menu01.png|24px]] [[FaceSprite2::Angesnow-menu02.png|24px]]
Overland Sprites Missing Missing

Other Standards[edit source]

48px Missing Missing
56px Missing Missing
80px Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (32px) Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (24px) Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (16px) Missing Missing


Contributors[edit source]

First Appeared: [1]

Giovani rubio, Jaskrendix, Serpexnessie

Design and front sprite by Serpexnessie. Back and face sprites by Jaskrendix, based on the front sprite. Art by giovani_rubio.

Variations[edit source]

Evolutions[edit source]

At the moment, this is a double-up, but that will be fixed.


Techniques[edit source]

In other languages[edit source]

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