Wayfarer Inn

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Wayfarer Inn, Level 1.png
Wayfarer Inn, Level 2.png

Events[edit | edit source]

Spyder Bite[edit | edit source]

The tuxemon of everyone in this building - except the Enforcers - are infected with Spyder Bite. That means that the Protagonist's tuxemon are at risk too.

Connections[edit | edit source]

A. Route 3 (front)[edit | edit source]

B. Route 3 (back)[edit | edit source]

C. Up/Down a Floor[edit | edit source]

D. Up/Down a Floor[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

A. Shopkeeper

  • Sorry mate, no rooms available. The Enforcers say a rare disease has broken out among some guests' tuxemon, so we're under quarantine. I can heal your tuxemon for you, though.

G. Nurse

  • There are sick tuxemon in this building. Best to leave it to the Enforcers to sort everything out. If you keep going, I can't make any promises about how they'll respond.

J. Hotel Guest

  • I can't explain it ... one moment my Cairfrey was healthy, the next it was sick! At least the Enforcers arrived so soon.

K. Hotel Guest

  • My tuxemon aren't sick! This is just an excuse to sell us medicine we don't need. When I was your age, we didn't have medicine. We swam in mountain streams and if you got a sniffle, well, tough! And anyway, I saw the Enforcers coming down Route 4 before anyone so much as sniffled, so how could ... ah ah achoo! ... That doesn't mean anything. I have an itchy nose.

Trainers[edit | edit source]

B. Beachcomber Morton

  • I'm stuck in this room until my tuxemon got better, so there's nothing to do but battle!
  • MRmOswitch level 14
  • Now there's nothing to do!

C. Nurse Jessie

  • The Enforcers were so prompt and helpful! I guess Scientist James alerted them as soon as possible.
  • Lapinou level 12, Cairfrey level 12
  • You're not as helpful as an Enforcer. Or as handsome.

D. Nurse Nightshade

  • It's embarrassing. All the Nurses' tuxemon got sick, but the Enforcers' tuxemon are fighting fit!
  • Elofly level 12, Lapinou level 12
  • I guess we have a lot to learn about tuxemon care.

E. Enforcer Victor

  • Hey, you're not leaving with potentially infected tuxemon!
  • Squabbit level 14
  • Stop right there! Or, um ...

F. Nurse Morningstar

  • I'm not surprised to see you here.
  • Cairfrey level 12, Cairfrey level 12
  • Come back and see me later - next patient please!

H. Enforcer Bravo

  • This enforcement action is sponsored by Omnichannel: The Only News You Need.
  • Elofly level 12, Flacono level 12
  • Please do not let my battling performance affect your opinion of Omnichannel: The Only News You Need.

I. Scientist James

  • I wonder how the Enforcers got here so quickly! Nurse Jessie must have called them.
  • Botbot level 12, PiCC level 12, B.ver-1 level 12
  • I'm glad Jessie didn't see my lose like that!

L. Scientist Bismuth

  • I hope this isn't related to those sick tuxemon at Scoop Farms!
  • Hydrone level 14
  • Bummer!

M. Nurse Ratcher

  • You should let the patients rest!
  • Lapinou level 14
  • Now I need a rest!

Spare[edit | edit source]


  • Hey, buddy, do you want my Botbot? I dunno how long I'm going to be stuck here, so it might as well get to explore with you.