Route 3

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Route 3.png

Slogan: Enjoy the scenic beauty of this "artificial canyon".

Connections[edit | edit source]

A. Leather Town[edit | edit source]

B. Wayfarer Inn[edit | edit source]

C. Route 4[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Event 1[edit | edit source]

When you first arrive in Route 3, your Mom approaches:

  • Hey little boy, do you need to borrow this ... Hoverboard?
  • You gain the Hoverboard.
  • Have fun, son! Hey, that rhymes. I wonder if someone could make a rhyme machine ...

Event 2[edit | edit source]

When you pass by on the cliffs overhead, the scene plays out below:

Spyder Agent appears from one direction, Shaft Boss from the other.

Spyder Agent

  • What happened to the excavation?

Shaft Boss

  • We got ... interrupted. By ... a kid.

Spyder Agent

  • A kid?!

Shaft Boss

  • But we did manage to recover one ...

Spyder Agent

  • Hush! You know that's top secret. Alright, hand it over and scram!

Shaft Boss

  • Okay, here ... uh!

An egg appears between them. It shakes, cracks, and then a dark flying thing escapes and flies north.

Spyder Agent

  • What the?! Come with me, you can explain this to HQ!

Spyder Agent and Shaft Boss leave.

Event 3[edit | edit source]

Warmachine yellow demilitarised.png

When you defeat the Shaft Boss, she drops the Earthmover Key. You can then activate the Earthmover. An animation plays of you driving the earthmover to the boulder, and shifting it away.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Trainers[edit | edit source]

A. Miner Roxby

  • Bring that pile driver over here and be quick! Hey ... you don't look like a miner.
  • Rockitten level 13, Ignibus level 13
  • Scram!
  • I hope Boss is not mad - she gets angry so fast... But she is a nice person and has a heart like a diamond.

B. Miner Surat

  • They call it the "dark artery" - the fossilised blood and bone of ancient tuxemon beneath the soil. And we get to dig it up!
  • Selket level 12, Foofle level 12
  • I knew you wouldn't understand.

C. Miner Twig

  • Some of the stuff we're digging up belongs in a museum! Wait, you don't work here.
  • Aardorn level 11, Foofle level 11
  • Don't mention that museum stuff to the boss, okay?
  • I will train more and become as strong as our Boss. She worked so hard to become the leader, I wanna be like her someday.

D. Shaft Boss Zoolander

  • A boulder is causing problems for travellers? It's "our fault"? Who cares? We've got urgent work to do!
  • Eruptibus (level 14), Selket (level 14), Grinflare level 16, B-ver.1 level 16
  • Ah, I dropped the keys to my earth-mover!

E. Fisher Wanda

F. Tennis Player Connor

G. Scientist Curie

  • Look at my magnificent invention!
  • Propellercat level 13
  • Why did you do that?

H. Tennis Player Novak

  • My Elofly is a genius! I'm going to collect as many as I can.
  • Elofly level 13
  • Hmm, not smart enough ...

I. Enforcer Weaver

  • Hey, butt out of it! This mine site belongs to Shaft!
  • Pythwire level 12, Squabbit level 12
  • Go on, get out!

J. Spyder Agent ??? (only appears on your first time exiting the Wayfarer Inn)

  • Ah, the Enforcers weren't meant to let anyone out!
  • Cardiwing level 16
  • I'll reveal nothing about our plot! In fact, forget I said anything about a plot!