Tennis Player

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Default64px [[Default64px::Tennis-player-front.png|64px]]
Alternative Names
Genre Modern
Combat Type 1 vs 1
48px [[FrontSprite48px::Tennis Player 48px.png|48px]] [[|48px]]
56px [[FrontSprite56px::Tennis Player 56px.png|56px]] [[|56px]]
64px [[Tennis-player-front.png|64px]] [[|64px]]
Overland [[OverlandSprite::Tennis player.gif]]
80px [[|80px]] [[|80px]]
Face Sprite [[Face Sprite::Face 2.png]]


  • Djoki
  • Andre
  • Murray
  • William
  • Ash

Quotes (Start of Battle)

  • "You'll never beat me!"
  • "There's no love lost here!"
  • "This is my Grand Slam!"
  • "Hey, what's all this racket?"
  • "I'm going for the triple crown!"

Quotes (End of Battle)

  • "Advantage you."
  • "You smashed me!"
  • "Gotta bounce!"

Contributors[edit source]

Sanglorian, Pboop, Superpowers Asset Packs

Overland sprites by Pboop. Front sprite by Sanglorian. Face sprite by Superpowers Asset Packs.

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