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Nature of Contribution: Released works under a free and open licence


 Source Explanation
DjinnboOriginal design by Cavalcadeur. Sprites by rsg167. Face sprites tweaked by Sanglorian. Other sprites by Cavalcadeur. Overland sprite from the Superpowers Asset Packs. Main art by slickedbackArtisan.

Sprites1.png, 15.png, 16.png, 18.png, 19.png, 2.png, 20.png, 21.png, 22.png, 24.png, 3.png, 4.png, 47.png, 5.png, 6.png, 7.png, 8.png, Amethyst 64.gif, Axylalien.gif, Bandit.png, Barmaid blonde64.png, Barmaid blue.png, Barmaid brown.png, Barmaid fiery.png, Barmaid green.png, Beach boy - from Prehistoric (half sized).png, Blacksmith - from Prehistoric.png, Bomb bright.gif, Bomb.gif, Bone 2.png, Bone.png, Brute.gif, Burn2.png, Chargedup-small.png, Charging-small.png, Claw blue.gif, Claw yellow 169.gif, Claws twice blue.gif, Claws twice red.gif, Coin .png, Cop.png, Cowboy.png, Crustacean.gif, Crystal.gif, Dark-type.png, Die.png, Disembodied eye.gif, Dragonrider - from Prehistoric.png, Dragontail.png, Eggn .png, Elemental.gif, Emerald 64.gif, Enforcer.gif, Explosion big 126.gif, Explosion ice 112.gif, Explosion small.gif, Feather .png, Fire big 156.gif, Fire big dark 96.gif, Fireball 114.gif, Firetwirl.gif, Fish.gif, Flute .png, Gangster.png, Glowing-large.png, Guardsman.png, Heal burst 120.gif, Heal cross 120.gif, Heal swarm 126.gif, Heal swarm.gif, Horseshoe.png, Ingot.png, Jungle boy - from Prehistoric.png, Knight green.gif, Knight red.gif, Knight yellow.gif, Knight.gif, Lance ice 80.gif, Lance ice.gif, Land bird.gif, Landrace.gif, Lieutenant.png, Lifeleech-small.png, Lightning bolt 138.gif, Lion man - from Prehistoric (needs resizing).png, Lizard.gif, Master 2.gif, Master.gif, Metal.png, Mollusc.gif, Monk - from Prehistoric.png, Ninja blue.gif, Ninja overland.gif, Ninja red.gif, Old man - from Prehistoric (needs resizing).png, Outlaw.png, Pirate girl - from Prehistoric.png, Poison-type.png, Poisoned-small.png, Pound bright.gif, Pound rock.gif, Power arc 154.gif, Pulse 64.gif, Punk - from Prehistoric.png, Rockfall 193.gif, Rockfall 264.gif, Rose.png, Ruby - purple.png, Ruby 64.gif, Ruby.png, Slash 200.gif, Slash double 188.gif, Slash fire.gif, Slime.gif, Slither.gif, Slug.gif, Smokebomb puff 128.gif, Smokebomb.gif, Snow.png, Squamous.gif, Squid.gif, Superintendent.png, Superpowers Tilesheet.png, Tm bm.png, Triforce 163.gif, Varmint.gif, Vermin.gif, Weirdo.gif, Whisp.gif, Worm.gif