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Trainer Class Adventurer, Heroine

Protagonist in The Spyder in the Cathedral.

Basic info

basic info about the character

  • Name: (chosen by the player)
  • Age: ???
  • Birthday: ??? (day month)
  • Features (scars, etc): -
  • Occupation: student
  • Lives: Paper Town
  • Lives with: Mom
  • Friends: -
  • Enemies: Rival Billie

Family Tree


Mom (alive - homemaker)


defining the character relationships with family, friends, enemies and entities. These can be: Enmity, Rivalry, Competition, Association, Friendship, Fellowship or Devotion (from worst to best)

with family/friends/enemies

with entities

with policing entities


One among: Rockitten - Lambert - Nut - Tweesher - Agnite

Contributors[edit source]

Art[edit source]