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Paper town.png

Connections[edit | edit source]

A. Riverboat Station[edit | edit source]

Originally blocked by a barrier. If interacted with:

  • The sign reads, 'Under repairs.'

After Event 2[edit | edit source]

The barrier is removed.

The Riverboat Captain stands on the dock:

  • A lot of people who disembark here head north to Cotton Town.

B. Route 1[edit | edit source]

If you try to leave before you have a tuxemon, Event 3 occurs.

C. Sea Route C[edit | edit source]

Must have Hoverboard.

Events[edit | edit source]

The game begins with you in your Bedroom, beside your bed.

1. When you first visit the Bins[edit | edit source]

Dante comes around the corner.

  • Hey, you came! That's great. With the fancy new tuxemon come through from the Cathedral, we just threw all our old ones in the bin! It seems like such a waste, especially when kids like you don't have any! (rummages)
  • Here we go, five tuxemon! Which would you like?

(Five Capture Devices. As you select one, an image comes up, of Tweesher, Lambert, Nut, Agnite and Rockitten - the Starting Tuxemon.) When one is interacted with:

  • It's TUXEMON NAME, the TYPE-type Tuxemon! Will you choose it? (Y/N)

On a Y:

  • Great, TUXEMON NAME will be your loyal friend. Are you going to give TUXEMON NAME a nickname? (Y/N)

Then, Dante:

  • So, TUXEMON NAME? Great choice! I'll give the rest of these to other kids who missed out on their own tuxemon! And I might keep one for myself.

(Your tuxemon is level 5. Then, your Rival Billie appears.)

  • Hey, what are you two doing rummaging in bins? That's gross - and it's against the rules! ... What, they were throwing out perfectly good tuxemon? Well, if they were perfectly good, they wouldn't throw them out, would they? They must be inferior to the new models. Here, I'll show you!

(Battle. Rival Billie has whichever tuxemon you chose in the form in the Introduction)

(On a win:

  • Huh, must be a fluke. There's no way the new model would be worse than the old!
  • I'll heal you up this time, but I'm not a charity. Rest up at home next time your monsters get worn out.

On a loss:

  • As expected! Old models can't compare to new ones!
  • I'll heal you up this time, but I'm not a charity. Rest up at home next time your monsters get worn out.

2. After you reach Timber Town, when you return to Paper Town:[edit | edit source]

The Riverboat Station is now available.

The Riverboat Captain stands at the pier.

The Daycare Centre is now open.

Two tuxemon frolic in the fenced area.

3. You try to enter Route 1 without a tuxemon[edit | edit source]

You are intercepted by the Dante:

  • It's dangerous to leave without a tuxemon to protect you. ... Oh, it's you, the one without the Gold Pass! Um, I probably shouldn't say this, but: eckChay the insBay ehindBay the opShay!

Locations[edit | edit source]

Outdoors[edit | edit source]

Sign a:

  • Home sweet home

Sign b:

  • Daycare Centre coming soon!

Sign d:

  • Sunnyside Manor. If we are not home, leave a message with our housekeeper.


  • How are you, NAME? ... Quiet and solemn as always, I see.

Home[edit | edit source]

Bedroom test.png
Downstairs test.png

Bedroom[edit | edit source]

You can go down the stairs to reach Downstairs.

Your bed is in your Bedroom. Interact with it to heal all tuxemon to full health.

Downstairs[edit | edit source]


  • (First time you speak to her) Good morning sunshine! Rest here any time you like. Why am I saying that? You live here!
  • Hello dear. I should get on with my inventing. Can't you occupy yourself? Back in my day, we could amuse ourselves with anything - a stick, a rock, rubbish we found in bins ...
  • (After you have a tuxemon) Oh, you found yourself a tuxemon. Congratulations! Why don't you head over to the next town and explore?
  • (After you have defeated Shaft) Welcome back! Look at you, growing up so fast.
  • (After you have reached Timber Town) You know, Granny Piper next door has opened up her Daycare Centre. Well, not everyone can be an inventor, I guess.
  • (After you have defeated Omnichannel) Congratulations! You took down the corporations! Of course, now lots of people don't have a job ... but you did the right thing. I think.

Daycare Centre[edit | edit source]

Daycare Centre.png


  • (First conversation) Oh hello NAME, I didn't see you there among all this hustle and debris! I can't wait till the Daycare Centre is installed!
  • (Otherwise) You know, we made our fortune in the daycare business! I've been retired for ten years and I'm getting bored. I want to get back into it!

There are pamphlets on the table:

  • It looks like a business plan.

After Event 2[edit | edit source]

Tuxemon left at the Daycare Centre gain one XP point for every step the protagonist takes. The fee is $1 per step (1 step = 1 XP = $1).

Granny Piper:

  • (First conversation) Good morning! Oh, NAME, it's you! You must have heard that my Daycare Centre is open. Do you want me to tell you how it works? Okay. You give me a tuxemon, and I look after it while you travel. When you return, pay me a small fee and I'll return it to you. ... Huh? What's in it for you? Well, tuxemon under my care grow up, increasing in levels.
  • (Second conversation) Hello NAME. Would you like to put a tuxemon into my Daycare Centre?
  • (If the player has only 1 tuxemon in the party) Dearie, I can't take your only tuxemon! Come back when you have another.
  • (If a tuxemon is already in the Daycare Centre) Hello NAME. Would you like to retrieve your TUXEMON NAME? (Y/N) Okay, TUXEMON NAME rose X levels under our care. That will be AMOUNT. (If not enough money) Oh, it looks like you are out of money! Looks like you need to work harder!

There are pamphlets on the table:

  • Place your tuxemon in the Daycare Centre! Give us a tuxemon, and we will look after it while you travel. When you return, pay a small fee and we'll return it. The longer tuxemon are in our care, the higher in level they will rise!

Scoop Store[edit | edit source]

Scoop Store - Paper Town.png

Dante is behind an aisle:

  • I'm working, boss, I'm working! Oh, it's just you. You know, we throw out so much of our stock. It's such a terrible waste. It all goes into the bins behind the back of the Store.

Bins[edit | edit source]

Approaching the Bins for the first time activates Event 1.

Manor[edit | edit source]

Spyder paper manor.png


  • I have two sons and a niece. The first is a sailor, and last year he went to the Archipelago.
  • The second is a Captain and he transports people. My niece is playing outside.

Rival's Home[edit | edit source]

Bedroom[edit | edit source]

Spyder paper rival bedroom.png

Library / Books:

  • ???


  • Morning: A Pop song is playing. It's called Omni Love: A Journey Through Channels of the Heart
  • Afternoon: A Rock song is playing. It's called Rise to Dominate: The Ultimate Trainer's Anthem
  • Dusk: A Country song is playing. It's called Breaking Chains, Finding Strength: From Fear to Enforcer
  • Dawn: A Metal song is playing. It's called Dragon's Roar: Percussive Fury
  • Night: A Techno song is playing. It's called Bot Revolution: Rise of the Botbots


  • ???


  • ???

Downstairs[edit | edit source]

Spyder paper rival downstairs.png


  • A group of schoolboys stranded on a deserted island, and of their struggles to overcome adversity.

Office[edit | edit source]

Spyder paper rival office.png

Papers 1:

  • It's a haiku: From Rock to Kitten, Evolution's dance unfolds, Transformation blooms.

Papers 2:

  • ???


  • ???

PC portable:

  • ???

Award (wall):

  • ???

Encounters[edit | edit source]

s. Fishing/Surfing[edit | edit source]