Sea Route C

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Sea Route C.png

Slogan: Home is just over the horizon.

Connections[edit | edit source]

Candy Town[edit | edit source]

Dragon's Cave[edit | edit source]

Paper Town[edit | edit source]

Encounters[edit | edit source]

s. Fishing/Surfing[edit | edit source]

Trainers[edit | edit source]

Dragonrider Nigel

  • This is Dragon's Cave! I'm standing outside because ... uh, because I'm guarding it.
  • Agnigon level 36
  • Okay I'm not standing guard! The other dragonriders wouldn't let me join them!

Swimmer River

  • Manosting was wrapped around me ... I couldn't swim ... My last hope ... The Capture Device I stashed in my swimming costume!
  • Manosting level 24
  • Suffice to say, it worked!

Beachgoer Wade

Swimmer Gil

  • If you're stung by a Manosting, Nudiflot can suck the poison out.
  • Nudiflot F level 22, Nudiflot F level 22, Nudimind level 24
  • Of course, sucking out the poison makes Nudiflot poisonous itself!

Beachgoer Leek

  • Let me win - don't be _shellfish_!
  • Nudikill level 27
  • I lost on _porpoise_.

Swimmer Beech

  • Hey, did you do something in the water?
  • Nostray level 26
  • Okay, I believe you.

Scientist Rutherford

  • Water water everywhere, it really makes you think!
  • Incandesfin level 26
  • ... but not a drop to drink.

Beachcomber Carstair

  • I dig this beach!
  • Axylightl level 24
  • I couldn't keep my head above water.

Fisher Sandy

  • Sharpfin are great! But don't give one a bath ...
  • Sharpfin level 22, Sharpfin level 22, Bigfin level 22
  • I took the bait.

Southern part[edit | edit source]

Beachcomber Stafford:

  • It's relaxing sitting on the shore and watching the waves go by.
  • Medushock level 22
  • Nope, not even losing another battle is going to ruin my afternoon.

Fisher Maurice:

  • Just because one is on a remote island doesn't mean one must forgo creature comforts.
  • Brewdin level 22, Fancair level 22
  • Ah, a battle is just the thing to wind up a lazy day off work.

Swimmer (in the water):

  • Keep it up! Not far to Paper Town now.

Swimmer (in the water)

  • I've heard strange cries and seen belching smoke from up ahead. I'm not swimming any further!