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Events[edit | edit source]

1. Confiscation[edit | edit source]

When you first land after surfing,


  • Stop right there! We are taking all infected tuxemon to the Hospital to be quarantined until Greenwash develops a cure for the virus.
  • (If none are infected) Wow! I guess you get to keep them all ... Uh ... I mean, good job keeping your tuxemon free from disease. You may go. / (If one or more is infected, they are removed from the party) Ha! I mean, oh dear, your tuxemon are infected and must be quarantined. Hand them over now ...
  • Don't you even think of trying to steal your tuxemon back from the Hospital. The scanners are set up to reject all known tuxemon and human DNA!

(If all tuxemon in the party are infected, then teleport Protagonist to Flower City Cafe)


  • Are you okay? I guess all your tuxemon were infected, so the Enforcers took them to the Hospital! You can use the PC to get out some non-infected tuxemon.
  • (If no tuxemon in PC) Oh dear, you're totally out of tuxemon. Well, I have this Nudiflot I don't really want. (Gets level 10 Nudiflot M)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Greenwash HQ[edit | edit source]

Hospital[edit | edit source]

This is where thousands of tuxemon are being kept, in "quarantine". An automatic detector at the door identifies tuxemon and won't let anyone in with them. (So you can't enter at all).

Now you can return to the HOSPITAL. Just fuse one tuxemon that can pass through the detector and switch it off. The machine won't detect it - because it's not any known breed!

This is a multi-level building, with many ENFORCERS and SPYDER AGENTS - the first direct proof of their collaboration, a healing location, scattered items and puzzles.

They drop hints about their true plan: when the VIRUS is cured, they will confiscate any unlocked tuxemon for being "unsafe", and use them to further their plans for world domination!

As you go along, you also recover your confiscated tuxemon. For each one, you can choose to place it in your team or store it. They have the VIRUS though.

You also find a trapped scientist, who says that the VIRUS is cureable - but only with access to the DNA. In other words, only unlocked tuxemon are cureable! He cures all yours.

Cafe[edit | edit source]


Art Critic's House[edit | edit source]


  • Simplistic and clumsy brushstrokes and a pedestrian theme. Bah! Another ruined canvas.


  • He's so hard on himself, never happy with something he's painted. He's so forgetful, too. Perhaps I could buy a painting
  • [If the player bought a painting from the Cotton Town art gallery]: What? You have a painting. Oooh - would you let me buy it? I have $2,000.
  • A newspaper clipping is on the wall. It begins: "The famous art critic has put away his poison pen and picked up the paint brush. After years of tearing down artists, can he do any better himself?"

If you do sell her the painting, the next time you visit:


  • Magnificent! I didn't know I had it in me. I don't know what those artist were complaining about - painting is easy!


  • Thank you, he's much better company now. Although ... he was saying something about taking up digital art!

House[edit | edit source]

Cat Girl

  • You know, I'm just fascinated by fossils. You know - Shammer, Rhincus, that kind of thing. Do you have a fossil tuxemon? Y/N
  • You do? Want to trade it for a Propellercat? Y/N

(If Shammer is traded, fulfils achievement "giving a dog tuxemon to a Cat Girl"

Private Garden[edit | edit source]

This house has a garden out the back.


  • Welcome to my market garden. I grow plants. Would you like me to show you how you can grow plants too? (Insert description)

(While demonstrating digging)

  • Oh, how strange! A Stone Egg. Here, you have it. It may be important.

House[edit | edit source]


  • This darn tuxemon is eating me out of house and home. I wish I could trade it for a nice quite tuxemon, like a Cateye.
  • Trade Cateye for Zunna)

Connections[edit | edit source]

A. Route 6[edit | edit source]

B. Sea Route C[edit | edit source]