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Cotton town.png

Connections[edit | edit source]

Event 1 triggers as soon as you arrive for the first time.

A. Route 1[edit | edit source]

B. Route 2[edit | edit source]

Event 2 triggers if you are not ready to leave.

C. Dryad's Grove[edit | edit source]

After Event 3.

Events[edit | edit source]

Event 1[edit | edit source]

When you first arrive, a Magician approaches.

  • Hey, cool tuxemon! Can I see the receipt? ... Just kidding, I had a feeling you hadn't picked it up using, ah, official channels. For years, the Five Pillars have controlled the strongest tuxemon. Do you think it'd be cool to poke them in the eye? ... Good! I have a project for you. Meet me in the Cafe!

Event 2[edit | edit source]

If you try to leave before entering the Cafe, the Magician intercepts you: "Hey, that's not cool! You have to come to my talk at the cafe before you run off!"

If you try to leave after entering the Cafe but before getting Capture Devices from the Shop, the Shop Keeper intercepts you: "Wait a second! We've got an amazing give away at the Shop! I can't in good conscience let you leave before you pay us a visit"

Event 3: After the Hospital[edit | edit source]

The five statues at the north-east are shifted, removed, damaged or tipped over, as the Omnichannel building is being extended. Construction equipment and scaffolding and so on are present.

The moving of the statues opens up the connection to Dryad's Grove.

You can now go beyond the Omnichannel foyer.

Event 4[edit | edit source]

When you first enter the Scoop Store, Shopkeeper approaches:

  • Welcome customer. Today, we're promoting Capture Devices. Do you know what those are? (Y/N)

(If Y)

  • Okay, well here's five as a free sample. If you have any questions about how Capture Devices work, just ask my assistant!

(If N)

  • Let my assistant introduce you.

(A Shop Assistant approaches)

  • Capture Devices allow you to capture tuxemon and keep them as servants. They're most effective when used on injured and low-level tuxemon. Select them during battle from your Item menu. Thank you for listening. Here's five Capture Devices as a free sample.

(At other times, when you talk to the Shop Assistant):

  • Capture Devices allow you to capture tuxemon and keep them as servants. They're most effective when used on injured and low-level tuxemon. Select them during battle from your Item menu.

Event 5[edit | edit source]

(When you go to enter the Cafe for the first time, your Mom is blocking the entrance.)


  • Well hello stranger! What are you doing going into a Cafe? You know caffeine is bad for you. I'm kidding! You're a grown up of 12 years old, you can do whatever you like! ... No alcohol. ... But you should call home more often. I want someone to tell about my inventions. ... Oh, I forget, you haven't got a phone yet. Here's one I invented. I call it the Nu Phone! You can install all sorts of apps on it. It already has the Map App, so you'll never get lost!

(Mom leaves) and Event 6 triggers.

Event 6[edit | edit source]

There is a gathering at the Cafe.

A Magician:

  • Currently, the only reliable information about tuxemon is from the expensive and incomplete Encyclopaedia Tuxemon! That's not cool; information should be freely available. That's why we're introducing Tuxepedia. It's open source, it's free, it's available for everyone to read, write and edit. How cool is that? In fact, I've installed it as an app on all your phones just now.

(Tuxepedia App installed)

  • All it takes to add information is for you to catch that particular tuxemon. It's so cool.

(One by one, thought bubbles appear over audience members, then cut to Tuxepedia entries for basic tuxemon - any that the protagonist has already encountered, plus the four starter tuxemon he/she could have chosen, but didn't. Then a message appears on the screen:

  • You are so engrossed reading the new entries, that you don't notice people leaving.

(Cut to an almost empty room. A Barmaid is here. A Pirate is here. The Magician walks up.

  • It's so cool that you came. There's still so many tuxemon to be added - over a hundred, I think. You could really get into it, and make a difference to the world.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Outdoors[edit | edit source]

Sign a:

  • Welcome to Cotton Town: A growing force.

Sign d

  • Get the scoop at the Scoop Store!

Sign f

  • Omnichannel HQ: We make headlines.

Sign h

  • Cathedral Centre: We live to serve.

Scoop Store[edit | edit source]

Scoop Store - Cotton Town.png

Event 4 occurs when you first enter this building.

Shop Assistant

  • Tuxeballs allow you to capture tuxemon and keep them as servants. They're most effective when used on injured and low-level tuxemon. Select them during battle from your Item menu.

House 1[edit | edit source]


  • It's the latest reality show: people and their tuxemon complete challenges on a remote island.


  • I feel so safe seeing all the Enforcers around. You can never be too careful. The newspapers are always reporting terrible crimes in this very region!


  • Did you know it's possible for tuxemon to have two elements? Even a technique can belong to two elements at one.

House 2[edit | edit source]


  • Some conditions replace one another. Learning how conditions interact is key to becoming a master of tuxemon fighting.


  • Have you met the old man in City Park? He's obsessed with breaking records!


  • I don't have a problem with people from other regions. Just don't come after my job, alright?

Cafe[edit | edit source]

Cafe - Cotton Town.png

Events 5 and 6 happen here.


  • It's so cool that you're helping with Tuxepedia. ... Is there a prize for adding all the tuxemon? Only the satisfaction of helping the human race, man.


  • Arr, one of the services we offer here is battling. Would you like me to match you with a trainer who lives in the area, or someone over the Internet? (Area/Internet/No thanks) (If you choose "area", you fight a random NPC trainer. If you choose "internet", you fight a human over the Internet)


  • (first time) We call ourselves Team Bazaar. Maybe that's a little pretentious. We're a group of rogues and scoundrels who like to get together to drink coffee, discuss philosophy and defy our corporate overlords! We try to look out for each other. For example, unlike the Cathedral we don't charge for you to heal your tuxemon! Would you like me to heal them now? (Y/N)
  • (afterwards) Welcome back. Shall I chuck your tuxemon in the healing unit?

Omnichannel Building[edit | edit source]

A massive skyscraper. Omnichannel HQ

Foyer[edit | edit source]

When you try to go up the stairs, you are intercepted:


  • Butt out of it, kid, this is private property!
After Event 3[edit | edit source]

You can battle the Enforcer, and travel into Level 1 after defeating him or her.


  • I told you before - scram!
  • Rabbitosaur level 35
  • It is me who must scram!

Statue Pentagon[edit | edit source]


  • I am assigned by the Dojo of the Five Elements to tend the statues here. But Omnichannel is planning to expand its offices into this space. I don't know what will happen to the statues when they do.

After Event 3[edit | edit source]

The statues are scattered, removed or tipped over. The Monk is not present. You can travel to Dryad's Grove.

Cathedral Centre[edit | edit source]

Healing center.png

After Event 3[edit | edit source]

The next time the player visits the Cotton Town Centre, there are a lot of people inside the Centre and the Nurse (close to the PC) is explaining how it's not possible pick / deposit monsters/items because the system is completely down.


  • The computer system is experiencing technical difficulties. Withdrawing and depositing monsters and items is currently unavailable. Thank you for your patience.

Various reactions:

  • This never happened while Omnichannel was in charge.
  • Hey, aren't you the guy who stopped the Spyder plot? Can't you do something?
  • What are we supposed to do?
  • I left my best monster in the storage!

The player is approached by Mom and Magician:


  • Talk about a parting shot! Omnichannel seems to have pulled the plug on the region's computer network. At least, I hope it's nothing more serious than that.


  • Great work on Tuxepedia, my friend. You're our top contributor.


  • !!!


  • Right, right! There's a data center along the river to the north-east of Timber Town. If Omnichannel's done anything to the computer network, they would have done it there.

Art Shop[edit | edit source]



  • Welcome to the Cotton Town Art Gallery. Ah - I mean Art Shop! Ever since they cut our funding, we've had to sell the artworks instead of just displaying them.
  • Entry is $50. It goes towards the company's annual dividend.

Y/N. She moves aside if Y.


  • What do you think of the blue painting of a ship in the harbour? It's in the impressionist style - that means it tries to capture how light looks and behaves. See the small red sun reflected along the waves of the water?


  • I used to enjoy coming here every weekend to look at the paintings. Now all the best ones have been sold and the tickets are too expensive. But my nanna wanted to come, so ...


  • I must be getting nostalgic. I almost said "Back in my day, things were better!"


  • Do you like my set? They capture my early days as a professional tuxemon trainer, before I retired on my winnings. I call them: "Monsters' Eyes Meet", "Starry, Starry, Starry Night" and "Trepidation".
  • They're for sale! Get them while they're hot! Just $1,000 each.

Rival Billie:

  • I see you're trying to broaden your horizons. That's cute. Just try not to touch anything.