Dryad's Grove

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Connections[edit | edit source]

Cotton Town[edit | edit source]

Once the statues are cleared.

Sea Route C[edit | edit source]

Cotton Tunnel[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Volcoli[edit | edit source]

This Volcoli is unique. Once it is defeated once, it disappears.

  • Level 55

RUFF[edit | edit source]


  • Wow, your monsters look really healthy! That's so great. You must be rich to be able to look after them so well. Hey -- if I gave you my buddy RUFF, you'd look after her, right?


if Y

  • *SNIFF* I'm going to miss you, buddy. But it's for the best.

if N

  • Oh. Yeah. Fair enough. It's real expensive, I know.

If the player talks to the boy while the player's monsters aren't all at full health.

  • Hey, your monsters are in rough shape. I understand what you're going through. My Wolffsky got herself hurt, but we can't afford the doctor's fees just now to look after her. It's rough.


  • I feel bad. When we got him that Wolffsky for his birthday, we never realised how much the vet fees would be. We just can't afford them. And then RUFF got in that fight ...

If you come back to the house later:

  • Hey, how's RUFF going? You're taking good care of her, right?

If RUFF is in your party and fully healed, dialogue option:

  • Return RUFF to boy? (Y/N)

if Y:

  • Oh wow! Oh wow! You just made my day. My week! My year! I missed RUFF so much. *SNIFF* You're the best!

if N

  • *SNIFF* I understand. It's easy to get attached, and RUFF looks like he's doing really well. Bye RUFF.

Trainers[edit | edit source]

Water Nymph Aquemini

Fire Nymph Ignatia

Earth Nymph Petra

Metal Nymph Ferris

  • Do you realise you disturb the slumber of centuries?
  • Viviteel level 50, Allagon level 50, Araignee level 50
  • Maybe it is time for us to go into the world.

Wood Nymph Sylvia

Encounters[edit | edit source]