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You reach the final pillar, Omnichannel HQ, to uncover the conspiracy once and for all. The HQ is suspiciously empty, but you do learn that SPYDER is run by the Pillar bosses with Omnichannel CEO Beaverbrook at their heart. The boss has retreated to the newly-constructed Radio Tower next door to announce martial law.

Once you defeat the CEO himself, you can use the radio station to reveal the conspiracy to the entire region.

Omnichannel Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

Omnichannel HQ.png

Characters[edit | edit source]


  • Mondays, am I right?

Spyder Rookie:

  • So, how do I apply for the witness protection program? Is there a form or something?

Enforcer Marciano:

  • I told you before - scram!
  • Rabbitosaur level 35
  • It is I who must scram!

Yellow Belt William:

  • Nothing to see here. No sir.
  • Elowind level 36, Cardiwing level 36
  • I gotta scram!

If possible, the room in the bottom-left should be blocked by a screen, like the one in the Hospital (deactivated by a switch on level 4)

Nurse (behind the screen):

  • If that coward Beaverbrook thinks I'm going to risk my skin looking out for him, with mechanical dragons roaming the office, he's got another thing coming.
  • Player receives Spyder Pass

Omnichannel 1st Floor[edit | edit source]

Omnichannel HQ Level 2.png

Characters[edit | edit source]

Enforcer Tohei (standing next to the computer in the bottom-left room, so the player cannot reach it without fighting the Enforcer:

  • This computer controls the emergency screens. You think I'm going to just let you fiddle with it?
  • Sludgehog level 40
  • The password is "password".

Interacting with the computer:

  • You have lowered the protective screens on all floors. (At this point, the screens blocking the Nurse on the ground floor should disappear)

Spyder Agent Crane:

  • Mercy, mercy! I'm just an innocent sound engineer.
  • Cochini level 35, Sharpfin level 35
  • Sucker! I was a Spyder agent all along.

Rogue Bettger

  • This is going to play havoc on Omnichannel's stock price.
  • Grintrock level 35, Rabbitosaur level 35
  • Maybe they'll hire us to consult on the post-apocalypse rebrand.

Rogue Schwartz (standing next to Bettger):

  • This is a little hands-on for me. I was hired to consult on strategy, not tactics!
  • Grinflare level 35, Strella level 35
  • Did you know that some cultures use the same word for "crisis" and "opportunity"?

Spyder Boss Dempsey:

  • It's every man, woman and child for themselves! Especially the children, they'll make a tasty snack for the dragons.
  • Squabbit level 20, Squabbit level 20
  • You've gotta help me get out of here!

Omnichannel 2nd Floor[edit | edit source]

Omnichannel HQ Level 3.png

Characters[edit | edit source]

Cool Dude Carnegie:

  • I run three-week online self-improvement course: Lead Like Elostorm!
  • Elofly level 38, Elostorm level 38
  • Hey, you should take my course!

Professor Byrne:

  • My Jemuar comes from a town where there is nothing but quartz.
  • Rockat level 36, Jemuar level 40
  • What a disappointment.

Warrior Strauss:

  • I have to shake a lot of hands in my line of work.
  • Budaye level 36, Frondly level 40
  • Down low. Too slow!

Spyder Rookie:

  • All my tuxemon passed out fighting the dragons. This is a bad time to forget to pack any potions!

Omnichannel 3rd Floor[edit | edit source]

Omnichannel HQ Level 4.png

The whole floor is eerily empty.

A note on the CEO's desk, in his empty office:

  • Haha, suckers

An elevator in the top-right requires a Spyder Pass to activate. It takes the player to Radio Tower.

Random encounters[edit | edit source]

1st, 2nd and 3rd floors

Random encounters are Dark Robo and Xeon-2, which are not catchable. "Not a tuxemon!" flashes up as the error.