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You reach the final pillar, Omnichannel HQ, to uncover the conspiracy once and for all. The HQ is suspiciously empty, but you do learn that SPYDER is run by the Pillar bosses with Omnichannel CEO Beaverbrook at their heart. The boss has retreated to the newly-constructed Radio Tower next door to announce martial law.

Once you defeat the CEO himself, you can use the radio station to reveal the conspiracy to the entire region.

Trainers[edit | edit source]

Yellow Belt William

Cool Dude Carnegie

  • I run three-week online self-improvement course: Lead Like Elostorm!
  • Elofly level 38, Elostorm level 38
  • Hey, you should take my course!

Professor Byrne

  • My Jemuar comes from a town where there is nothing but quartz.
  • Rockat level 36, Jemuar level 40
  • What a disappointment.

Warrior Strauss

  • I have to shake a lot of hands in my line of work.
  • Budaye level 36, Frondly level 40
  • Down low. Too slow!

Random encounters are Dark Robo and Xeon-2, which are not catchable. "Not a tuxemon!" flashes up as the error.

A note on the CEO's desk, in his empty office:

  • Haha, suckers

Radio Tower[edit | edit source]

Trainers[edit | edit source]


  • Not so fast, NAME! We're not going to let you go in there ... by yourself! We're coming too. When you cured my tuxemon, you made me do some serious thinking. We can't let them get away with stealing our tuxemon!

Omnichannel CEO Beaverbrook

  • Aha, it's too late for you! Just out of the birthing pit ... the perfect monsters! Three extinct dragons dug up by Shaft fused with three killer robos designed by Nimrod. The power of teamwork ... and it's in my hands.
  • Mk01 Alpha level 55, Mk01 Beta level 55
  • No. It's not possible. Two upstarts, one with off-brand tuxemon, defeating my perfect creations. If I can just make it to my live radio interview, I'll command my enforcers to complete the takeover.

Event: Radio Announcement[edit | edit source]

37707 Female Worm and Rogue The Duke of Dead Air

  • This is FUD Radio, DJ Worm here and my co-host, "The Duke of Dead Air", broadcasting live from the brand-spanking-new Omnichannel Radio Tower.
  • We've got a full hour of lolly-pop, soft rock and accessible hip hop for you - but first, an interview with the head of Omnichannel!
  • ...
  • Ah, it looks like Sir Beaverbrook couldn't make it, but in his place has sent a small child. Well, small child, what do you have to say?
  • ...
  • Speak up! You're on live radio!
  • ...
  • Huh, a conspiracy, you say?
  • ...
  • The Pillars were going to use Greenwash fusion technology, Nimrod killer robos and dragons dug up by Shaft to take control of the entire region?
  • ...
  • And they deliberately spread the Virus to everyone's tuxemon using food from Scoop?
  • ...
  • And the Enforcers are in on it?
  • ...
  • And Omnichannel was behind the whole thing, using the media to keep people confused and distracted?
  • ...
  • You know we work for Omnichannel, right? Doc, please tell me you stopped broadcasting. Doc?!
  • ...
  • Ouch! Man I really wish Radio FUD didn't go out live. I don't think people are going to be very happy with us.