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The Hospital in Candy Town is blocked off by a scanner attuned to human DNA and "all known tuxemon DNA". When the Protagonist has an Aardant from Greenwash HQ, they can use it to cause the scanner to malfunction, and then enter.

From The Spyder in the Cathedral synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • FUSION lets you get past the DNA detector at the Hospital, and fight your way through the Spyder Rookies - who reveal their plan was to use the quarantine as an excuse to confiscate all other tuxemon. SPYDER is a conspiracy within the Pillars, and it goes right to the top of Omnichannel!
  • You grab the Spyder Keycard off the Spyder Boss in the HOSPITAL, and retrieve your confiscated tuxemon, and free the SCIENTISTS who can heal all unlocked tuxemon by looking at their DNA
  • Before you can return to Cotton Town, your RIVAL intercepts you! They are tired of your meddling, just let the CATHEDRAL find a cure! After you beat them, they notice that your tuxemon are cured. You mean it was that simple? Just unlocking them and checking their DNA? Then why did the ENFORCERS take our tuxemon? The seed of doubt has been planted in your RIVAL'S minds ...

Characters[edit | edit source]


  • NAME, your meddling has become too much! Just let the authorities do their jobs!
  • STARTER level X, Cardinale level X, Eyesore level X, Viviphyta level X
  • Wait ... your tuxemon aren't sick! ... It was that simple? Then why did the Enforcers take our tuxemon instead of just curing them? ...