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The Hospital in Candy Town is blocked off by a scanner attuned to human DNA and "all known tuxemon DNA". When the Protagonist has an Aardant from Greenwash HQ, they can use it to cause the scanner to malfunction, and then enter.

Hospital Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

Spyder candy center.png

Characters[edit | edit source]


Hospital 1st Floor[edit | edit source]

Spyder candy hospital1.png

Characters[edit | edit source]

Spyder Rookie Felu:

  • You look like you could use a challenge.
  • Anu level 30, Galnec level 30
  • Well, I didn't say it would be me.

Spyder Boss Aurora:

  • You will quickly learn that you have chosen for your sparring partner the most skilled trainer in the building.
  • Exclawvate level 40
  • Not too shabby. I don't suppose I could recruit you for Spyder?

Spyder Boss Eleni:

  • Salutations. Test your puissance against my menagerie.
  • Boltnu level 30, Taupypus level 30, Snaki level 30, Galnec level 30
  • Bollocks.

Spyder Rookie Fring:

  • Boss says we can't help ourselves to the stashed tuxemon ... yet.
  • Anu level 30, Selket level 30
  • This would have been a lot easier with a Moloch or two!

Spyder Boss Liane:

  • You wouldn't believe the powerful mons these suckers have handed over.
  • Boltnu level 36, Snaki level 36
  • You may have beaten me, but you'll never stop Spyder.

Spyder Rookie Pem (no battle): I don't recognize you from the induction.

Spyder Rookie Walt:

  • What happened to your uniform? Wait, imposter! Stop right there!
  • Anu level 34, Taupypus level 27
  • I'm going to have to report this to head office. Thanks for nothing.

Scientist Garvan:

  • We didn't want these tuxemon to be seized, but while they're here we're going to look after them.
  • This might help. (One of the player's quarantined monsters is returned to them)

Nurse: You have to stop them! These villains have taken over the hospital, and they're stopping us from releasing the cure.

Hospital 2nd Floor[edit | edit source]

Spyder candy hospital2.png

Characters[edit | edit source]


  • Psst! Look familiar? (One of the player's quarantined monsters is returned to them)

Spyder Boss Luzia (looking over a box full of tuxeballs or cage of tuxemon):

  • Like taking candy from a baby.
  • Galnec level 36, Exclawvate level 36
  • Waa! What's the point of having so many of us stationed here. No one will get through the DNA blocker.

Spyder Rookie Zekar:

  • Oi! Stop right there!
  • Selket level 32, Taupypus level 32
  • You may have beaten me, but there's no way you'll beat what they have cooking at HQ.

Spyder Boss Rea (no battle): Confiscating all the tuxemon was a waste of time. No trainer can stop the super-monsters that Spyder is breeding.

Nurse Thalos:

  • Quarantines have their use, especially for people who don't have tuxemon to heal them, but Spyder have used this one very cynically.

Scientist (no battle): We have a cure, but we keep running into the Cathedral's DRM system.

Spyder Rookie Rakez:

  • I just got involved for the paycheck. Is that so wrong?
  • Pipis level 30, Strella level 30
  • Alright, alright, you've made your point.

Professor Rhizome (right before the Cure)

  • Stop right there! What you are looking at is the intellectual property of Omnichannel!
  • Flacono level 33, Fancair level 33
  • You might be able to defeat me, but you'll never beat the patent lawyers.

Hospital 3rd Floor[edit | edit source]

Spyder candy hospital3.png

Characters[edit | edit source]


  • The screen is set up to detect and reject humans and tuxemon.
  • It has been encoded with the DNA of all known tuxemon!

Rival Billie (after the Cure is discovered)

  • NAME, your meddling has become too much! Just let the authorities do their jobs!
  • STARTER level 40, Cardinale level 40, Eyesore level 40, Viviphyta level 40
  • Wait ... your tuxemon aren't sick! ... It was that simple? Then why did the Enforcers take our tuxemon instead of just curing them? ...