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Abandoned Mansion.png
Abandoned Mansion Basement.png
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A mansion that Team Bazaar is using (there's no Team Bazaar presence in Flower City, so if the trainers on this route wear you out, you'll have to pay for healing in Flower City from Nimrod).

Complete a puzzle to win the trust of one of the trainers here, who gives you a Dojo Pass.

They also install the Renaming App on your phone.

Can go into the basement for a dungeon, or up the stairs for a trainers-in-rooms-on-different-floors experience. 11x2x18

Basement[edit | edit source]

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Trainers[edit | edit source]

Tennis Player

  • Hello. I am a human child.
  • Polyrock level 22
  • (Is gone when battle ends. Or, if that's not possible:) Drat, I still have a lot to learn!