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A mansion that Team Bazaar is using (there's no Team Bazaar presence in Flower City, so if the trainers on this route wear you out, you'll have to pay for healing in Flower City from Nimrod).

They also install the Renaming App on your phone.

Can go into the basement for a dungeon, or up the stairs for a trainers-in-rooms-on-different-floors experience.

Basement[edit | edit source]

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Mansion[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Mansion.png

Characters[edit | edit source]

Magician (near the entrance):

  • Welcome to the Bazaar Mansion. Please look past the mildew and creaky staircases; we've only just moved in.

Portrait painting on the wall:

  • The eyes seem to follow you around the room.


  • In Team Bazaar, we love to hang out in out-of-the-way places so Omnichannel can't spy on us.

Magician Gillette:

  • Ah-ha, finally - a worthy adversary.
  • Djinnbo level 22, Ghosteeth level 22
  • I've gotten rusty.

Barmaid Lucy:

  • Have you ever tried drinking Imperial Tea? Well, I did - and I learned so much!
  • Elofly level 15, Budaye level 15
  • Maybe I should have shared the tea with my tuxemon.

If you speak to her again:


  • We're going to claim squatters' rights on this mansion. Just another thirteen and a half years to go!


  • Whoever owns this mansion seems to have forgotten about it. Can you imagine owning so many homes you forget about one?

Pirate Lyle:

  • Arrr, hand over ye money and ye tuxeballs.
  • Foofle level 20, Shybulb level 20
  • Don't be alarmed! I'm not a real pirate, just a fan of piracy.

Warrior (block the corridor to the stairs until the Riverboat Captain is rescued):

  • I wonder where our drinking buddy has gotten to?

Warrior (block the corridor to the stairs until the Riverboat Captain is rescued):

  • We started singing an old sea shanty, and by the time we'd done the Captain was missing!

Mansion: Basement[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Mansion Basement.png

Characters[edit | edit source]


  • Brrr, it's cold down here.

Dancer Coralli:

  • I've always loved the thrill of a tuxemon battle.
  • Tumbleworm level 22, Elofly level 22
  • The comedown from an intense battle is hard.

Postboy Bobby:

  • Do you like tuxemon? I've been obsessed since I was just eight years old.
  • Capiti level 26
  • Yep, I've been obsessed with tuxemon for one year.

Healer Catholi:

  • The scalpel can cut to save a life or to end it.
  • Foofle level 20, Rosarin level 24
  • There you go, no need to be scared.

Healer Josephine (is standing next to Catholi):

  • Never mind my bellicose friend. Do you want me to heal your team? Y/N
  • (If select yes, usable once only, then:
  • I hope the healing helped.

Tennis Player Roger:

  • Hello. I am a human child.
  • Polyrock level 22
  • (Is gone when battle ends. Or, if that's not possible:) Drat, I still have a lot to learn!


  • They really should patch up that hole in the floor.

Riverboat Captain (after the player next leaves the basement, he disappears, and is able to act as the Riverboat Captain taking the player up and down the river):

  • Ahoy there! Thank you for finding me!
  • I wandered off during last night's drinking session and fell down here.
  • Hey, can you find the exit? Just shout out when you do."

Mansion: Top[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Mansion, Top Floor.png

Characters[edit | edit source]


  • My parents think I'm paranoid, but I just don't trust Omnichannel. Or Scoop. Or Shaft. Or Greenwash. Or Nimrod, for that matter.


  • The big corporations sell monsters that can only be morphed using their own proprietary technologies!

Mage Russell:

  • Have you heard of Botbot? It's the most versatile tuxemon.
  • AV8R level 22, mRmOswitch level 22, K9 level 22
  • Just because it is versatile, does not mean it is powerful.

Rogue Jackson:

  • Tuxemon are what you make of them. Weak trainers raise weak tuxemon.
  • Viviteel level 26
  • I got unlucky that time.

Scientist Mickey:

  • Do you ever wonder if life is one big illusion, playing on a screen for someone in another universe?
  • Gectile level 25, Cardiwing level 25
  • Well, I'm going to reload.

Rogue Ricardo:

  • I used to be just like you, full of enthusiasm but light on talent.
  • Lapinou level 22, Squabbit level 22
  • I see myself in you.


  • Have you ever been to the Dojo in Flower City? No? A keen battler like you?
  • Well, this should help.
  • (Gives Dojo Pass)