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Completed[edit source]

There are 96 completed Basic monsters.

 TXMN StageSpeciesTXMN Blurb
AardornBasicSnoutWhen born it is placed in an anthill and left to eat its way out.
AgniteBasicFalse DragonIt is playful, but must be taught early on to keep its fire in check.
AnoleafBasicSproutIt considers the plants growing near it to be its brothers and sisters.
AxylightlBasicInchoateIt lights the deep waters with its tail, marking a safe shelter for fish.
BanlingBasicSepulchreEach BANLING is waiting for a homeless spirit to nestle in its branches.
BaobyBasicThirsty OkapiThey travel from river to river in search of water to drink and store. The leafy ossicones on its head conceal movable points that act similar to a dowsing rod. Many creatures follow Baoby in droughts.
BoltnuBasicScrewdriverIt spends most of its time digging burrows into the grounnd, it remains dizzy from the constant vibrations and movement caused by them digging into the soil.
BotbotBasicSocketIt is a universal robot that can be adapted for any purpose.
BudayeBasicMutualIt can convince any group to cooperate for the common good with some encouraging mewls and waves.
BumbulusBasicVeiledBumbulus is a flying being that produces a cloud of smoke to disguise itself as a cloud. No one has ever seen its true body.
BursaBasicToo HotIt rejects fire as "basic", and produces only the fire of the mind.
CairfreyBasicHostA jolly piece of furniture who awoke one morning and decided to explore.
CaperBasicKidCAPER play and frolic with each other among the foam of mountain rivers, cold as ice.
CapitiBasicWoodwoseIt looks like a baby, but some specimens have been found that are hundreds of years old.
CardilingBasicFirebirdOne wouldn't expect it to breathe fire, until it does.
CataspikeBasicPointyIt learns to fight from observation. Left to its own devices, it uses its spike to pick up rubbish.
ChenipodeBasicTravel BugIt bites onto shoelaces and trouser legs when it wants to travel.
ChillimpBasicFrost ApeIt is rumoured to live atop snowy mountains, but no clear photo of it has ever been taken.
ChloragonBasicDragonIt hatches when an ancient egg is planted in fertile soil. When the eggs run out, there will be no more CHLORAGON.
ChromeyeBasicMixed EmotionCHROMEYE was created to observe and learn how humans think and feel.
ClaymoriorBasicTerracottaIt is said that only one in a thousand can rule over the CLAYMORIOR as a REGALANCE.
CohldrabiBasicFrozen ProduceIt is born underground in cold, snowy areas, and learns how to fly within a few weeks.
CubfortBasicComfortIts calming presence helps with healing, and those who sleep beside a Cubfort never have a nightmare.
DandicubBasicFloretAfter a litter is born, they float all over the world and never see their family again.
DevidinBasicDog-ToothedA dicynodont that came back to life and decided to become the dinosaur everyone always mistakes it for.
DrashimiBasicDragon RollIt lies on the ground, smelling delicious and tempting monsters to take a bite - but when they approach, it bites them first.
EloflyBasicCloudburstAn ELOFLY on its own is patient and wise, but when it flocks in great numbers it becomes violent and impulsive.
EmbraBasicFlickerIt eats everything it can to grow big enough to become a RUPTION.
EyenemyBasicPupilIt feeds on beautiful views and other spectacular sights.
FancairBasicDeadly FanIf someone leaves their fan running when they do not need it, it comes alive and flies out the window to find someone who actually needs to be cooled.
FlaconoBasicHorned RaptorIt is totally unafraid of adversaries, and will attack an enemy of any size without hesitation.
FlummbyBasicPastryFLUMMBY was invented by a scientist who thought food that wanted to be eaten would be more ethical. It leaps into the mouth of anyone who could eat it.
FluoresfinBasicLight FinWhen threatened, it huddles together with other Fluoresfin to create a large blinding light to disorientate predators.
FordinBasicPetrifiedWhen threatened, it curls into a ball and bounces away.
ForturtleBasicOracle BoneIt heats its shell to read the future from the cracks that emerge.
FoxfireBasicSmokeFOXFIRE cubs are found in fires that burned out overnight. No one knows where they come from.
FurnursusBasicFireplaceFURNURSUS are friendly, and often forget that their bodies are too hot for others to touch.
FuzzletBasicToyWhen a child is no longer around to play with their toys, they sometimes come to life.
GrimachinBasicSpookIt was made by a toy company to be a pet, but was too dangerous.
GrintotBasicPebbleIt is a GRINTROCK or GRINFLARE that has experienced erosion.
HatchlingBasicEggWhen an egg does not want to hatch and begin its next life stage, it becomes a HATCHLING.
HoodollBasicOld ManIt sometimes sticks a pin in itself to curse its foes, but no one can tell the difference after.
IgnibusBasicHot RockWhen threatened it retreats into its shell and cools down dramatically by venting steam. It could be mistaken for a rock.
ImbrickcileBasicBrickImbrickcile shelter inside a single brick, emerging only to lift it to build their strength.
JelillowBasicJelly PillowWhen a person rests their head on Jelillow, its jelly-like skin causes them to fall into a deep sleep. If someone is having sleeping problems, then this monster will be used to help them.
KatapillBasicBeatIt is born fighting. It has to punch out of its eggshell or be trapped.
KomodrawBasicQuickdrawIt uses its claws to carve its firearm out of wood, and uses it for powerful ranged attacks.
LambertBasicGumnutIt is placed in its nut by its parent, who then sends it into the world.
LesmaguBasicVagrantIt oozes along the sea floor, looking for hard nooks and crannies to hide in until it develops its shell.
MedipupBasicErythrocyteWhen MEDIPUP sniff out sickness, they bounce over and nuzzle the affected creature. MEDIPUP's wet noses are effective, but some patients have been crushed under an overly enthusiastic pack.
MemnomnomBasicRelicIt is said that each one's mask is the face of a different dead king.
MerlicunBasicDragon WormMerlicun is a hardy insect that has evolved to be efficient at both attack and defense. They gather in the tree canopies of ancient forests to feed on fruits and leaves.
MetesaurBasicMeteorThis tuxemon would enjoy diving into the ground and leaving marks. Sometimes, the tuxemon would misjudge the hit and land in trees, starting huge and dangerous forest fires
NoctulaBasicNightcrawlerIt eats bugs and PIPIS eat fruit, so despite living in close proximity they do not compete.
NostrayBasicProboscisIt can smell anything in the ocean, no matter how far away.
Nudiflot ♀BasicFloppedIt eats and stores the poison of the sea creatures that it feeds upon.
Nudiflot ♂BasicFlotsamIts feathery antennas snap off if it is attacked, confusing the predator.
NutBasicHardwareIn the great ships that cross the oceans, thousands of NUT and BOLT provide power and hold the steel plating together.
PairagrinBasicTwo-Headed FalconThe young form of Pairagrim, it is a generally happy creature. It struggles to fly until the two heads learn to work together.
PantherafiraBasicMercuryEach member of the pride lights their mane from a shared bonfire. As long as that fire burns, their strength is shared.
PipisBasicEchoIts cries are considered a bad omen, but it is a gentle creature.
PotturmeistBasicPotteryPotturmeist are spirits of the dead that take refuge in empty vessels. In ancient temples, acolytes must distract the monsters lest they interrupt important ceremonies.
PythwireBasicPower SocketObservations of wild PYTHWIRE inspired the inventor of the first electrical outlet.
RockittenBasicCute BoulderIt uses its tiny rock ears for snuggling.
RosarinBasicEvery ThornRosarin's love is incredible, he's only asking some affection.
ScarlantBasicMyrmidonIts worst enemy is MARVILLAR, which pretends to be its kin.
SeireinBasicSpirit FireIt grows lonely in the swamps, so it burns brightly to draw travellers near - but it is painfully shy and flits away when they approach.
SelketBasicSand ScorpionLying in wait beneath the sand, they can feel their prey through the vibrations of their footsteps.
SheyeBasicCrabby MusselSHEYE are weighed down by heavy thoughts. Edgy trainers like them for their sinister appearance and solemn demeanor.
ShybulbBasicGardenerWhen a garden is neglected, a SHYBULB moves in and quietly tends the droopy plants.
SkwibBasicNaiveThe SKWIB contentedly floats through the ocean, examining potential shell-homes. It has to fear for its life before it will finally make a choice.
SlichenBasicGelIt is a gel that sparked to life and begins making a body for itself of stone and rock.
SnakiBasicFalse SerpentSNAKI is a snake that has learned to grow legs by examining the motion of lizards and crocodiles.
SnockBasicSockThe snake-like creature hides under the safety of its sock cover. If startled, it will flail and lie very still on the ground to avoid attention.
SprormBasicGalvanizedSPRORM is fed on by CARDINALE, which can melt it down.
SquabbitBasicRabbitTo prove themselves, they will fight tooth and nail over even the smallest thing.
SquinkBasicSea SprayIt is named for the noise it makes when it is all out of ink.
TadcoolBasicAlarmIt croaks to warn people when they are walking near thin ice.
TarpeurBasicRestfulThey rest and grow. They also grow and rest. Rarely, they rest without growing or grow without resting.
TetrchimpBasicChipThey absorb any information they come across. Their constant chatter communicates everything they have learned in order.
TikoalBasicTabooThe guardian of a forest-dwelling people, it keeps guard and resolves disputes.
TrapsnapBasicBarbIts head is the only part of its body that doesn't grow as it ages.
TumblequillBasicUrchinTumblequill rolls along the highways, gathering up useful items for its nests from the rubbish left by the side of the road.
TumblewormBasicBuzzkillWhen they have outgrown their honeycomb eggs, they drop to the ground face first.
TurnipperBasicScarytaleWhen a field is abandoned to the crows, locusts and mice, a TURNIPPER will sometimes dig itself out of the ground to defend the crops.
TweesherBasicHalcyonThe colder the weather, the harder its beak. At below 0 degrees, it is harder than diamond.
UneyeBasicVisionUneye lurks in the shadows, and on the edge of vision.
VampormBasicClotIt thirsts for blood, but must make do with tree sap.
VirwareBasicVirtualVIRWARE is usually dormant until the victim activates it, either through downloading a corrupt app or clicking an infected link. Once activated, VIRWARE may complete any number of tasks.
VivipereBasicPotentiaIt hatches in great numbers in the summer, but the rest of its lifespan is a mystery.
WayspriteBasicWaveringWAYSPRITE are said to form when a person faces a difficult decision.
WeedseaBasicSeaweedOnce a year, it is pollinated beneath the waves by aquatic tuxemon like Shrab.
WoodoorBasicPortalWhen a haunted house burns to the ground, sometimes all that is left is the front door. It hops away to find its next home.
WrougonBasicDragonEach Wrougon is born with a patch of rust larger than the patch of its parents.

Not completed[edit source]

There are 91 not completed Basic monsters.

 TXMN StageSpeciesTXMN Blurb
AerodinBasicLightweightThis faun emits no smell and is as light as a feather, helping it evade predators when its mother leaves to forage.
BabysnitchBasicFuminousThe fuming BABYSNITCH will throw itself into the attack, usually with little effect. But beware: if you laugh at its efforts, it will hunt you once it grows into a BADDRSCRATCH.
BambulaBasicVampire FawnDespite their cute appearance, they are actually rather dangerous. They crave blood, and need to drink at least one gallon per day in order to keep their rubber collar 'inflated'. There have been many incidents in the past where inexperienced first time trainers have fallen captive to the fangs of this little deer.
BelubyBasicBlack Ice
BubbitoiseBasicLittle SquirtOn warm summer nights, the eggs hatch to reveal the vunerable Bubbitoise hatchlings trying their best to crawl to the water as quickly as possible. Predator tuxemon will often stay put near these shores to nab the hatchlings for a quick snack.
CandeerBasicCandy Raindeer
CaterpillardBasicFat CaterpillarThey eat ten times their weight in vegetation each and every day, they will often start to eat concrete and bricks if they cannot find enough food to feast their appetite.
CheezapBasicCheetahThey are often seen guarding high security areas and training in camps - although they are not quite as disciplined as they should be! They often mess about with other individuals, or nom on the security cameras and break their lenses.
ChickadeeBasicCHICKADEE gives longer repeated cries of 'dees' if the danger it senses seems lesser than another.
CircupopBasicIcecreamThey train hard everyday by building snowmen mixed with ice and rock, before kicking them as hard and as quickly as they can. They also enjoy having snowball fights to help improve their aim.
CrabinBasicFirst MateIn any serious situation, they will simply panic and run about frantically! Their only effective way of avoiding attacks is disguising themselves as dead bones, even then their panicky attitude will blow their cover.
DelichickBasicOddly enough, the location of a Delichick's birth determines its personality. The ones with brown feathers hatched on the eastern side of the region are headstrong and boisterous. The ones with dark blue feathers hatched on the western side of the region are quiet and reserved.
EllnessBasicSkullResiding at the bottom of the sea, this tuxemon inhabits the remains of long lost sailors and pirates lost to the ocean. They swarm bodies floating on the surface, before collecting their flesh-stricken bones to add to their collection.
FlounceBasicFLOUNCE can be stubborn and solitary, flouncing all the rules unless given good motivation.
GemblinBasicGoblinThey often hide themselves in large piles of treasure to lure people to it, before trying to bite off their fingers for a tasy snack! They are blind, and rely on their acute sense of smell to sniff out their food.
GupphishBasicBoiling Goldfish
HelipiBasicIt flies farther with one wing by rotating than with two, but sacrifices the ability to easily aim.
HoarseBasicFieldIt appears to be a farm animal, but it was mistreated by its owner.
KitticaineBasicInjectionThey prowl the empy rooms of Bedlam, running around trying to burn off the energy given by the drugs inside its system. If they fall down and break, other Kitticaines will rush to it to lick up its liquid, hoping to get a boost from its chemical blood.
LimewoofBasicLimestoneTheir constant and persistent excitable energy causes them to run round in circles for most of the day - and after a while cause huge sandstorms! They are quite the playful little pupper, and love to munch on limestone, hence their name.
MarvillarBasicMARVILLAR mimes an ant larvae using scent. It convinces SCARLANT and MYRMISON to feed it, eating skeptics.
MillililBasicBurning VenomIt hatches in vast swarms that cover all the vegetation in a place.
MooushBasicLily PadEven though Mooush is a Wood type, it enjoys splashing about in water, and can often be seen wallowing in swamps. Since they enjoy rolling in mud and playing in dirty swamp water, their long coats will often get caked in mud. Its trainer must care for the coat on a regular basis in order to avoid lice infections.
NebufinBasicSea AngelNEBUFIN's angelic appearance is deceptive, as the monster is predatory.
PanternBasicLanternClusters of Pantern will often be seen with their tails softly glowing at celebrations and parties. When they attack, the flame of their lantern turns a bright blue and becomes much hotter.
PawsandBasicSand PawnPAWSAND inhabits sand castles and sand temples made by Bishosand and Rooksand, some of which are actually Rooksand itself.
PoiseamBasicWater VapourIt is most commonly found in bathrooms, lurking on flat surfaces (especially windows). This is normally after someone has used hot water.
PondiveBasicDiving Beetle
RapfiBasicHummingIt uses its tail as a shield. It likes to pierce hard berries with its beak.
SlentacleBasicBlack-EyedOften seen photobombing normal family photographs, it stares at the camera with its empty black eyes until the camera lens cracks.
SnairalBasicSpiraled TreatThey are very popular amongst bakers and pastry chefs, as it inspires them to bake their treats according to the shape of the tuxemon's shell. Snairal is a very delicate tuxemon, as its shell is easily broken and crumbled.
SnaxBasicThe fluting snake tuxemonEach Snax has different partition drawn on the body. When it grows new notes appears.
SprightlyBasicA timid plant, it pops its head aboveground to drink water and sunshine.
StomicBasicSTOMIC is radioactive, but radiation resistant bacteria like GLOMON still pose a threat to it.
ToucanaryBasicTropicalTOUCANARY only has bright feathers because it grew up surrounded by flowers.
TungrubBasicTungrub have small magnetic ports in their bodies which pull them close to their parent Worbolt to keep them safe.
XylocarpBasicBassEveryone believes it is man-made, but no one admits that they made it.
YabbaBasicChickenIt roamed the lands millions of years ago. It's believed they died out due to their poor diet of pebbles.