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TXMN Stats
Type(s) Earth, Fire
Element(s) Earth, Fire
Completed Complete
Body Shape Flier
ID 202
Blurb This tuxemon would enjoy diving into the ground and leaving marks. Sometimes, the tuxemon would misjudge the hit and land in trees, starting huge and dangerous forest fires
Height/Length (centimetres) 95
Weight (kilograms) 10
Catch Rate 100
Terrain(s) Jungle, Mountains
Sex(es) Male, Female
Evolution Stage Basic
Fusion Name First Part Mete
Fusion Name Second Part -saur

Set 1Set 2Creature Progress Tracker

201 ←

202 [[FaceSprite1::Tuxemon icons 5.png|24px|link=|class=bottom]][[FaceSprite2::Tuxemon icons 6.png|24px|link=|class=top]] Metesaur

→ 203

Metesaur, the Meteor tuxemon, is a Earth-type, Fire-type monster.

They are not the brightest, and will often choke on the oversized rocks they try to shove down their throats

Trivia[edit source]

Name Origin: meteor + dinosaur

Design Origin[edit source]


In The Spyder in the Cathedral Campaign[edit source]

Found in the wild in Cotton Tunnel. Used by trainers in Route 7.

Evolution[edit source]

[[Default64px::1566113762639 metesaur.png|64px]]
Metesaur [[EvolvesInto::Qetzlrokilus]]

Sprites[edit source]

Tuxemon Standard[edit source]

64px [[FrontSprite::1566113762639 metesaur.png|64px]] [[BackSprite::1566113761348 metesaur back.png|64px]]
Face Sprites [[FaceSprite1::Tuxemon icons 5.png|24px]] [[FaceSprite2::Tuxemon icons 6.png|24px]]
Overland Sprites Missing Missing

Other Standards[edit source]

48px Missing Missing
56px Missing Missing
80px Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (32px) Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (24px) Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (16px) Missing Missing


Contributors[edit source]

First Appeared: [1]

Involuntary Twitch, TheBritanniaRegion

Sprites by Involuntary Twitch from art and design by TheBritanniaRegion.

Variations[edit source]

Alternative Names: Meteosaur

Evolutions[edit source]

At the moment, this is a double-up, but that will be fixed.

[[Default64px::1566113762639 metesaur.png|64px]]

Techniques[edit source]

In other languages[edit source]

Language Name Category Blurb
French Ces tuxemon adorent creuser dans le sol en laissant des traces. Il arrive qu'ils calculent mal leur position et causent des feux de forêt en essayent de creuser dans des arbres.


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