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The Fondent region is a small coastal country in the world, dominated by mega-corporations, called Pillars. Of these, the most prominent and powerful is the news and entertainment media monopoly Omnichannel. It is the location of two proposed plots:

Name[edit | edit source]

The region is named after "fondant", the icing on wedding cake, and the "fundament" (the Heavens, referring to the Cathedral). The towns and cities in the region are named after wedding anniversaries.

Other names proposed by Apollonius:

Ancient names of the Nile: Fiaro, Iteru, Neilo, Shihor
Chinese-inspired: Jingdi, Jingsho, Jangjo, Tiensha (I can explain the meanings, if you like)
Anagrams of “libre”: Lerbi, Lirbe, Berli, Birle

Locations[edit | edit source]

Town mottos in brackets.

Original layout[edit | edit source]

World map.png

Compiled map (sized down).png

The original map was spread out.

Town features[edit | edit source]

Scoop Stores[edit | edit source]

These combination fast food and retail stores sell items, and will also heal your tuxemon - for a fee, or if you sit through an ad from one of their sponsors.

They offer other services that are slowly made redundant by Team Bazaar:

  • Banking
  • Renaming
  • Contacts
  • Badges
  • Healing

Team Hideouts[edit | edit source]

In each city, Team Bazaar, the hackers and free spirits, find hideouts where they can avoid the Pillars' scrutiny. They're a place for battle and healing, as well as scoring new open source apps that Team Bazaar programmers have developed.

Examples include:

  • An abandoned Mansion they're squatting in
  • Cafes

Challenge Circles

Before each city or town's hideout will accept you and give you free healing, you have to defeat a bunch of them in battle.


Riverboat Stations[edit | edit source]

Once reopened, they allow you to travel immediately and safely to any city or town that you have already been to.

Pillars at the time of The Spyder in the Cathedral[edit | edit source]

Badges[edit | edit source]

Each Pillar sells items which, when given to a monster, cause them to morph.

Omnichannel[edit | edit source]

Omnichannel badge.png

Motto: We make headlines.

Omnichannel HQ is in Cotton Town.

Omnichannel CEO Beaverbrook

Shaft[edit | edit source]

Shaft with shading.png

Shaft HQ is in Leather Town, but the main action takes place on Route 3 to the north.

Shaft Boss Zoolander commands Miners.

Monsters associated with Shaft include:

  • Selket
  • Katacoon
  • Aardorn
  • Foofle
  • B-ver.1
  • Grinflare
  • Eruptibus

Nimrod Armaments[edit | edit source]

Nimrod badge.png

Nimrod HQ is in Flower City.

Nimrod Boss Tru leads teams of Soldiers, Scientists, Aviators and Enforcers.

Monsters associated with Nimrod include:

Nimrod also introduces the player to robot Threats: opponents you can battle that are not monsters.

Scoop[edit | edit source]


Scoop HQ is in Timber Town.

Scoop Boss

Scoop Stores are found in most towns and cities.

Greenwash[edit | edit source]

Bug gym badge.png

Greenwash HQ is in Candy Town.

Greenwash Boss

In The Spyder in the Cathedral, Greenwash invented the Fusion Report which allows Fusions.

Enforcers[edit | edit source]

The Enforcer Boss commands Enforcer Rookies and Enforcer Agents. They are the privatised police force of the Fondent region. They prefer forceful and intimidating monsters:

Spyder[edit | edit source]

Spyder Boss commands Spyder Rookies.


Organisations at the time of Qiangong2's plot[edit | edit source]

Spyder[edit | edit source]

Spyder creates poisons and inhibiting drugs (officially Medicine). Original purpose was to develop Tuxemon poisons.

Omnichannel[edit | edit source]

Omnichannel is the ruling power in the region. Local Government has some power, but most everything is controlled by Omnichannel. Structure is set up like North Korea a bit. Kane has absolute power, though there are his "advisors", the "board of directors". Enforcers are the Omnichannel's version of Team Xero grunts. Some Tuxemon research is done at Omnichannel, but most is outsourced.

Team Xero/Xero Institute for Tuxemon Research[edit | edit source]

The Xero Institute was created by Martin Xero (a former member of the Omnichannel "board of directors") right before Kane came to power. When consolidating power, Kane left the Xero Institute intact as they helped with researching Tuxemon weaknesses. Due to this, the Xero Institute retained a bit of autonomy from Omnichannel.

Martin Xero was purged when it was found out he was saving Tuxemon instead of helping to kill them off. Misa created Team Xero from some of her friends within the Xero Institute right after her Father was purged by Kane. Slowly it grew until Team Xero encompassed all of the Xero Institute. The Xero Institute is the only branch of Omnichannel allowed to breed new Tuxemon without getting approved by the "board of directors" (which never happens).

Healing[edit | edit source]

Healing in the Fondent region comes at a cost - initially we were thinking the player would have to sit through an in-game advertisement (for Greenwash Graze-X or Miaownolith Milk or something, not a real product). But another option would be to actually charge the player each time.

The fee might be $1 per HP - or double that if there's a "call out fee" - i.e. if the player blacked out.

Players could also buy private health insurance which might save them money - but it would come with a hefty cost both in terms of the fee and the excess. It would also have a long list of terms and conditions which the player could read - but which would take a while, and they'd keep getting prompted to quit reading.

Centre dialogue[edit | edit source]

Would you like to heal your monsters?

All done. That will be $x dollars. [Or: Plus a $x call-out fee since we had to send the ambulance to collect you.]

Oh, you can't afford to pay? No problem. We'll add it to your bill, plus 10% interest. [Interest charged on all money owing not just new debt.]

When you win money, we'll take a share [50%] until you've paid us back. Easy peasy!


After every few lines, the dialogue prompts: "There's X more pages. Keep reading? Y/N"

Private health insurance offering for one (1) person (hereafter, the "licence holder"), applying to up to fifty (50) monsters captured, traded, bought, won or otherwise possessed by the licence holder. This offering is only valid between 1 January and 31 March of this year. Ambearance Cover Ltd can withdraw the offering at any time.

Ambearance Cover is available for all persons between 15 and 65 years of age. It pays medical costs for a licence holder's monsters at all approved hospitals, approved allied health facilities and approved vetinerarians and specialists (whether administered in their office or on-site).

For the avoidance of doubt, Ambearance Cover does not apply to:

  • Treatment of a licence holder's own injuries, sickness, disease, disability, etc. or any other medical or health procedure relating to any human.
  • Any prescription or non-prescription medicines, pharmaceuticals, prosthetics, crutches, wheelchairs, therapeutic devices, or other items, whether deemed necessary or unnecessary for the treatment of a medical condition otherwise eligible under this policy.
  • Cosmetic or other procedures.
  • Providing any items or support for a monster to morph.
  • Renaming, retraining or otherwise modifying a monster in any way.
  • Breeding, fertilisation, "day care", fertility treatment or other reproductive services.
  • Incubation, delivery or other birthing services.

Licence holders may not capture, trade, buy, win or otherwise possess other humans for the purpose of them qualifying as "monsters" Humanoid "monsters" are eligible for healing only at Ambearance Cover's discretion.

Ambearance Cover is a progressive scheme that is charged in proportion to a licence holder's ability to pay. Ambearance Cover Ltd will receive the first 5% of all the licence holder's earnings from any source ("licence fee"). Ambearance Cover Ltd reserves the right to unilaterally modify this rate without notice if its deems that the policy has been "abused".

"Abuse" of the policy includes but is not limited to:

  • Trading or otherwise receiving monsters for the exclusive, part or potential purpose of bringing them under the insurance policy of a licence holder.
  • Waiting until multiple monsters need treatment before seeking healing in order to only pay the excess once.

A licence holder that fails to report, fails to accurately report, fails to pay or otherwise withholds any part of Ambearance Cover's licence fee will be liable for three times the amount withheld, plus 10% per month compounding weekly.

Excess is $100 in all cases. The excess can be modified at any time without consultation or the licence holder being informed ante facto or post facto.

A house somewhere[edit | edit source]


BOY. If the player talks to the boy while the player's monsters are all at full health

Wow, your monsters look really healthy! That's so great. You must be rich to be able to look after them so well. Hey -- if I gave you my buddy RUFF, you'd look after her, right? YES

  • SNIFF* I'm going to miss you, buddy. But it's for the best.

NO Oh. Yeah. Fair enough. It's real expensive, I know.


Hey, your monsters are in rough shape. I understand what you're going through. My WOLFFSKY got herself hurt, but we can't afford the doctor's fees just now to look after her. It's rough.

PARENT. I feel bad. When we got him that WOLFFSKY for his birthday, we never realised how much the vet fees would be. We just can't afford them. And then RUFF got in that fight ...

If you come back to the house later:

Hey, how's RUFF going? You're taking good care of her, right?

If RUFF is in your party and fully healed, dialogue option:

Return RUFF to boy?


Oh wow! Oh wow! You just made my day. My week! My year! I missed RUFF so much. *SNIFF* You're the best!