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In Flower City

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Chrome Robo

  • Boop beep
  • Level 20
  • Shoop dee doo woop


  • Whoo ... burr ... target acquired
  • Level 20
  • ... Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do ...

Enforcer Thatcher

  • Woo-wee. Look at that. Those protesters won't know what hit them.
  • Squabbit level 20, Viviteel level 25
  • No comment.

Enforcer Dirk

  • Are you here for the investor presentation? Nimrod shares are a great buy - armies always need weapons!

Soldier Honour

  • Don't you dare touch those prototypes!
  • Embazook level 20, Sharpfin level 20
  • Leave those prototypes alone!

Scientist Antimony

  • Oh god, you destroyed the prototypes. We were just about to start mass production.
  • Komodraw level 30
  • Years of work, down the drain in minutes.

Scientist Berke

  • Don't hurt me, I just write the contracts! I haven't done anything wrong! ... I mean, no one has done anything wrong. This is all legal and above board.

Aviator Rebel

  • Did the Cathedral send you for that new shipment of ... No? Oh.
  • Grimachin level 30
  • The shipment I was asking about was full of... um ... teddybears.

Aviator Maverick

  • At night I play guitar by myself.
  • AV8R level 25
  • I wish I knew someone I could play music with.

Soldier Justice

Soldier Mace

  • I want to quit and become a musician.
  • Embazook level 20, AV8R level 20, Komodraw level 25
  • I'll call my band, "Machine Gun Fellows".

Scientist Argon

  • We fight wars with humans and tuxemon. Many dead, many more injured. Using robos instead is the only moral course of action.
  • Chrome Robo level 25
  • I knew I wouldn't be able to convince you.

Scientist Zircon

  • If you truly loved tuxemon, you would support us replacing them in war with robos.
  • Birb Robo level 25
  • I wish I'd replaced my tuxemon with robos.

Soldier Archer

  • How's the fusion technology coming along? We ... Wait, you're not from Greenwash!
  • Sharpfin level 20, AV8R level 20, Grimachin level 20
  • Keep your mouth shut, okay?

Enforcer Boss Bowie and Soldier Garrison 2 vs 2 battle

  • Our law enforcement would be a lot easier with some military hardware, friend. ... Who are you?
  • Tigrock level 35 // Embazook level 35
  • That military hardware question was hypothetical, okay?

Nimrod Boss Tru

  • My weapons have won wars and subdued revolts in every corner of the world, and you think you have a chance against me?
  • Grimachin level 20, Tigrock level 25, Komodraw level 25, Sharpfin level 25, Embazook level 25
  • (turns aside) Archer, retrieve the prototypes in the testing room. At least we can salvage something!
  • (turns back to Protagonist) If those imbeciles in Shaft hadn't lost my dragon, beating you would have been a piece of cake.