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Metal occurs in Tuxemon.

Monsters of This Type[edit source]

Completed[edit source]

There are 90 completed Metal-type monsters.

 MainImageFrontSpriteTXMN TypeSpeciesTXMN Blurb
AV8RMetalHeliotropeIf the sun is out, it can fly as far or as high as it likes.
AllagonMissingMetalDragonAllagon are drawn to relics made from the metals left behind by their ancestors, and will be violent to retrieve them.
AltieMissingMetalAlienALTIE floated down to earth in a bubble. Now its bubble has popped, it cannot float more than a few metres in the air.
Enraged EmotionIt cannot understand why humans feel rage and hatred, but ANGRITO feels these urges too.
AnuMetalDream FoxIt is said that it enters others' dreams to search for its lost love.
ApeoroMetalOld BlockThe kings of old used psychic powers to transfer their souls into these golden computing machines. Now they live on, unable to communicate but still dreaming of empires.
AraigneeMissingMetalWeaverPedants who say all spiders have eight legs are strangely quiet on the case of ARAIGNEE.
ArthroboltMetalForemanIt feels uncomfortable commanding its fellow NUT and BOLT, and usually runs away. But then the NUT and BOLT have no one to instruct them.
B-ver.1MetalGnawerIt is designed for all those times you need something to be bitten by a robot.
BlasdoorMissingMetalTrapdoorBLASDOOR shield those they care about behind their impenetrable bulk, but macerate unwanted intruders and scrap machines between their steel teeth.
BoltMissingMetalHardwareThe presence of a BOLT makes a NUT clamp down harder and spark more energy.
BoltnuMetalScrewdriverIt spends most of its time digging burrows into the grounnd, it remains dizzy from the constant vibrations and movement caused by them digging into the soil.
BotbotMetalSocketIt is a universal robot that can be adapted for any purpose.
BoxaliMissingMetalMacropodWith its long blue cape, BOXALI can glide above the ground - allowing it to perform stunts and aerial attacks.
BrewdinMetalGenieBorn in neglected, once prized, pottery and similar treasures. Rumored to grants wishes to those who can make it smile.
HonourIts sword is actually an antenna grown and snapped off for that purpose.
CataspikeMissingMetalPointyIt learns to fight from observation. Left to its own devices, it uses its spike to pick up rubbish.
CateyeMissingMetalSentinelThey say it blinks once a year, in honour of summer's end.
CherubatMissingMetalPatuThese inquisitive bats are drawn by the heady emotions of people in love, and carry back unsupervised bouquets and chocolate boxes to build their nests.
ChromeyeMissingMetalMixed EmotionCHROMEYE was created to observe and learn how humans think and feel.
CorvixMissingMetalHorned RaptorIt arms its wings with bone shards from its victims.
CubfortMetalComfortIts calming presence helps with healing, and those who sleep beside a Cubfort never have a nightmare.
DoctskyMissingMetalErythrocyteThe little hyena just wants to take care of others, but has a bad reputation after a movie with it as a villain came out.
GunnerIt is trained for use in war and it knows no other life.
ExclawvateMetalDiggerOften seen on construction sites, they can use their huge hands and tail to scoop up dirt and rubble. Underneath the tuxemon are caterpillar tyres, giving them a beter balance and grip while climbing heaps of rubble.
EyenemyMissingMetalPupilIt feeds on beautiful views and other spectacular sights.
EyesoreMissingMetalOverseerIt remembers everything it has ever seen, but not the order that it has seen it in.
FancairMetalDeadly FanIf someone leaves their fan running when they do not need it, it comes alive and flies out the window to find someone who actually needs to be cooled.
FerricranMissingMetalDragonOnce, the Ferricran were covered all over with adamantine scales, and had wings of mithril.
FiromenisFireDragon MothThese tuxemon are large and tough from the many years spent as a MERLICUN. Their jaws can crush through trees and bones, and their flight is strong enough to carry people.
FlaconoMissingMetalHorned RaptorIt is totally unafraid of adversaries, and will attack an enemy of any size without hesitation.
FlummackMetalCannibal CakeFLUMMACK no longer desires to be eaten, but to eat - even other FLUMMBY and FLUMMACK go down a treat.
FlummbyMetalPastryFLUMMBY was invented by a scientist who thought food that wanted to be eaten would be more ethical. It leaps into the mouth of anyone who could eat it.
GhosteethMissingMetalCheshireIt smiles because it knows how everyone it meets is going to die.
GraffikiMissingMetalGamutGRAFFIKI are as at home in cities as they are in the jungle, tagging their territory with elaborate paintings.
GrimachinMetalSpookIt was made by a toy company to be a pet, but was too dangerous.
ThunderstoneIt feeds by sitting out in thunderstorms, waiting to be struck by lightning.
GryfixMetalHorned RaptorBone armor protects GRYFIX from all but the most powerful of attacks.
Ecstatic EmotionWhy can't people always be happy? HAPPITO will give them exactly what they want, even if it is not what they need.
HotlineMissingMetalMa BellThese curious creatures can leap great distances, letting out a strange, tinny cry that cannot be escaped however far their prey runs.
Short CircuitIt utilises an experimental technology that creates power from water.
K9MetalCuteIt is a helpful companion that can pull a tonne of weight.
StanceIt stays in a meditative pose for its chrysalis, moving only to jab enemies.
BeatIt is born fighting. It has to punch out of its eggshell or be trapped.
KernelMissingMetalVirtualKERNEL is a core component of the monster system (kennel) and item system (locker), and serves as the main interface between the computer’s physical hardware and the processes running on it. Known as JAS-KERI-BIT from its creators.
LapinouMissingMetalThlayWhen SQUABBITS were taken as fashionable pets, they adapted to domestic life and lost their violent natures.
LendosMissingMetalVisionWhen two UNEYE become tangled, they form a single unified LENDOS.
QuasarLUNIGHT is the guardian of the night, and can control the moon and its phases.
MRmOswitchMetalGremlinThese cheeky robots are used for their fine motor skills, but they love pranks.
MauaiMissingMetalAnubisMAUAI gives itself over to the spirits of lost warriors trapped inside its weapon.
MedipupMissingMetalErythrocyteWhen MEDIPUP sniff out sickness, they bounce over and nuzzle the affected creature. MEDIPUP's wet noses are effective, but some patients have been crushed under an overly enthusiastic pack.
MemnomnomMetalRelicIt is said that each one's mask is the face of a different dead king.
DesolateIt can speak the human tongue, but only to say cryptic riddles.
MystikapiMetalPrescientThe MYSTIKAPI's saliva augments psychic powers. It licks its eyes and ears to heighten its senses.
Calm EmotionNEUTRITO feels nothing. The perfect machine?
NutMissingMetalHardwareIn the great ships that cross the oceans, thousands of NUT and BOLT provide power and hold the steel plating together.
Infinite EnergyThe circuit focuses energy, creating a new type of electricity called griefed-lightning.
PiCCMetalBladderIt accompanies divers, providing much needed oxygen.
PigabyteMissingMetalElectric PigScientists found that the best computers have organic implants.
PossessunMetalVisitorIt is a ghost that inhabits a dead CAIRFREY.
PotturmeistMetalPotteryPotturmeist are spirits of the dead that take refuge in empty vessels. In ancient temples, acolytes must distract the monsters lest they interrupt important ceremonies.
PotturneyMetalPotteryBy the time a Potturmeist has reached its maturity, its protective urn has so changed shape that it resembles no pottery made by human hands. Some insist that the designs on a Potturmeist's urn are writings from the far future.
PropellercatMissingMetalEurekaIs it a new species, or just the pet of an inventor?
PuparmorMissingMetalFortifiedIts cocoon is so hard, people are knocked out if a PUPARMOR is dropped on them. They were once loaded into cannons and catapults.
PyraminxMetalNobleIt has a tomb hidden somewhere in the land. If it finds it, it can sleep.
PythockMetalPuppet MasterUsing its shadow puppets, it can use them to fight its opponent with great accuracy and speed. They are much more confident, and will sometimes even use their shadow puppets to entertain small children at puppet shows.
PythwireMissingMetalPower SocketObservations of wild PYTHWIRE inspired the inventor of the first electrical outlet.
Lamenting EmotionWhen a person is feeling too sad, SADITO will carry that burden for them.
SampsackMissingMetalBrawnA scientist wanted to separate his personalities, but he split his body.
SampsageMissingMetalBrainsA scientist took a drug that made him clever by day and violent by night.
ScarlantMetalIts worst enemy is MARVILLAR, which pretends to be its kin.
SnockMetalSockThe snake-like creature hides under the safety of its sock cover. If startled, it will flail and lie very still on the ground to avoid attention.
SockeserpMissingMetalPower Socket SnakeAn otherwise formiddable enemy, SOCKESERP is easily dispatched if it gets tangled up.
PulsarA villainous team is plotting to use SOLIGHT to create a miniature sun in order to create a new planet.
WillpowerThe whispered communications of the forest are given physical form in SPYCOZEUS, which thinks like the trees.
WrestlingIt uses its weight to trip much larger enemies. It is as dense as a star.
TetrchimpMetalChipThey absorb any information they come across. Their constant chatter communicates everything they have learned in order.
TigrockMetalEx MachinaIt is said that it had to invent itself because an evolution was not designed.
TumblebeeMissingMetalDroneIt builds hives that are perfect spheres, with the TUMBLEBEE inside just rolling about and buzzing with laughter.
TumblewormMissingMetalBuzzkillWhen they have outgrown their honeycomb eggs, they drop to the ground face first.
UF0MetalSpace CutieThis strange creature seems to be drawn by sounds that are too high for human ears to hear.
UneyeMissingMetalVisionUneye lurks in the shadows, and on the edge of vision.
ViviteelMissingMetalGalvanisedIt takes the armour of a fallen warrior and repurposes it for a shell.
SublimatedThe cold focuses VIVITRANS' mind to a keen edge.
VivitronMissingMetalSparkedEarly philosophers used VIVITRON as evidence that natural forces can be tamed and controlled.
WeaviflyMissingMetalBroodWhen it is heavy with egg, it becomes unable to fly.
WindeyeMetalTowerLike a mighty tree, WINDEYE plants itself on the top of hills to soak in the sun and wind. Recharged, it then leaves to find another place under the sky.
WrougonMissingMetalDragonEach Wrougon is born with a patch of rust larger than the patch of its parents.
ZunnaMissingMetalSlurpyCheerful ZUNNA sucks up all the food it can find into its stomach.

Not completed[edit source]

There are 62 completed Metal-type monsters.

 MainImageFrontSpriteTXMN TypeSpeciesTXMN Blurb
AmbearanceMetalThe cuddly AMBEARANCE love to comfort and nurture sick and injured monsters. But they would never deliberately harm a monster just for the pleasure of nurturing it back to health.
ApparironMissingMetalChained GhostThe horrors and hopes of a prisoner wrongfully on death row can manifest as an APPARIRON, which vainly tries to prove its creator innocent despite being terrifying, without limbs and incapable of speech.
BerrsharkMissingMetalGame SharkBerrshark has the ability to hack into any computer or device, and is supposed to be one of the most intelligant tuxemon ever discovered. Trainers can obtain this tuxemon by hacking into PCs with various cheat codes
BubonusMissingMetalMaskedIt is extremely rare, though certainly not unique. Many fools seek this tuxemon to simply boast about it. If the trainer manages to capture the tuxemon, it will see them as worthy and will let them live. However, if they fail, its mask will open to reveal its true face and thus it will look to steal the soul of the 'unworthy' trainer.
CandeerMissingMetalCandy Raindeer
CaticaneMissingMetalAddictionThey will often attack other Caticane to break their glass bodies and extract the addicting chemicals from them. They are very violent, especially under the influcence of their bodily drugs.
CheezapMissingMetalCheetahThey are often seen guarding high security areas and training in camps - although they are not quite as disciplined as they should be! They often mess about with other individuals, or nom on the security cameras and break their lenses.
The noisy dragon tuxemon
FeliuxdoMissingMetalSuitedThey are quite the quick footed tuxemon, and are very quick to make decisions. Their 'suit' is actually their fur, they are very popular amongst businessmen for their aesthetically pleasing looks.
ForthroboMissingMetalForthrobo aspire to be leaders among their fellow Metal tuxemon, despite the species' small stature.
GemblinMissingMetalGoblinThey often hide themselves in large piles of treasure to lure people to it, before trying to bite off their fingers for a tasy snack! They are blind, and rely on their acute sense of smell to sniff out their food.
HiboulaMissingMetalNight GodAccording to legend, this Mythical tuxemon resides upon the tallest mountain peaks, guarding the planet from falling asteroids and intruders from space. Others say that it flies across the world, creating various natural miracles, including the Aurora of the North.
KitticaineMissingMetalInjectionThey prowl the empy rooms of Bedlam, running around trying to burn off the energy given by the drugs inside its system. If they fall down and break, other Kitticaines will rush to it to lick up its liquid, hoping to get a boost from its chemical blood.
The musical hydra tuxemonIf you cut one head, then two other heads will grow
RapfiMissingMetalHummingIt uses its tail as a shield. It likes to pierce hard berries with its beak.
RapiereMissingMetalFencerIt battles with finesse using its beak as a sword. The two tails allow it to maneuver more quickly, and block incoming attacks.
ReinsweetMetalCandy Reindeer
SecuripawMissingMetalRuthless, merciless and silent, this tuxemon can hunt out intruders with its advanced built-in technology. They will often dig their sharp, saber teeth into their opponents, often hospitalising them.
SlenstalkerMissingMetalAbductingIt hides in the forest, seeking out lost children that chose to play in the forest without their parents' permission. Some say that the tuxemon scares the unforunate children, others say they feast on the children's souls before turning them into haunted trees.
SlentacleMissingMetalBlack-EyedOften seen photobombing normal family photographs, it stares at the camera with its empty black eyes until the camera lens cracks.
The fluting snake tuxemonEach Snax has different partition drawn on the body. When it grows new notes appears.
TreasurblinMissingMetalTreasureThey are very greedy tuxemon, and will often attack those seeking to steal their supply of treasure. Their golden fan is covered in the dust from their gold and shiny treasure.
TrojerrorMissingMetalVirtualTROJERROR is a tuxemon that disguises itself as legitimate code or software. Once inside the network, TROJERRORS are able to carry out any action that a legitimate user could perform (deposit, withdrawn and delete).
TungrubMissingMetalTungrub have small magnetic ports in their bodies which pull them close to their parent Worbolt to keep them safe.
VirwareMissingMetalVirtualVIRWARE is usually dormant until the victim activates it, either through downloading a corrupt app or clicking an infected link. Once activated, VIRWARE may complete any number of tasks.
WorboltMissingMetalIt eats metal fibers to produce its young artificially inside its body. Its bolt-like head can turn a full 360 degrees.