Rival Billie

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Trainer Class Fashionista

Your rival (and eventual ally) in The Spyder in the Cathedral.

Encountered in Paper Town, Cotton Town (Art Shop), Route 2, Route 4, Side Route A, Dojo of the Five Elements, Route 6, Hospital and Omnichannel HQ.

Their team in its final form consists of

Grandchild of Granny Piper.

Resume Battles

STARTER level 5

STARTER level 6, Eyenemy level 6, Cardiling level 3

STARTER level 18, Cardiwing level 16, Eyesore level 16, Viviphyta level 16

STARTER level 20, Cardiwing level 17, Eyesore level 17, Viviphyta level 17

STARTER (evolved) level 35, Eyesore level 35, Cardiwing level 35, Viviphyta level 35

STARTER (evolved) level 34, Cardiwing level 30, Eyesore level 30, Viviphyta level 30

STARTER (evolved) level 40, Cardinale level 40, Eyesore level 40, Viviphyta level 40

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