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Spyder Bite

The tuxemon of everyone in this building - except the Enforcers - are infected with Spyder Bite. That means that the Protagonist's tuxemon are at risk too.


A. Route 3 (front)

B. Route 3 (back)

C. Up/Down a Floor

D. Up/Down a Floor


A. Shopkeeper

  • Sorry mate, no rooms available. The Enforcers say a rare disease has broken out among some guests' tuxemon, so we're under quarantine. I can heal your tuxemon for you, though.

G. Nurse

  • There are sick tuxemon in this building. Best to leave it to the Enforcers to sort everything out. If you keep going, I can't make any promises about how they'll respond.

J. Hotel Guest

  • I can't explain it ... one moment my Cairfrey was healthy, the next it was sick! At least the Enforcers arrived so soon.

K. Hotel Guest

  • My tuxemon aren't sick! This is just an excuse to sell us medicine we don't need. When I was your age, we didn't have medicine. We swam in mountain streams and if you got a sniffle, well, tough! And anyway, I saw the Enforcers coming down Route 4 before anyone so much as sniffled, so how could ... ah ah achoo! ... That doesn't mean anything. I have an itchy nose.


B. Beachcomber Morton

  • I'm stuck in this room until my tuxemon got better, so there's nothing to do but battle!
  • Monkeybot level 14
  • Now there's nothing to do!

C. Nurse Jessie

  • The Enforcers were so prompt and helpful! I guess Scientist James alerted them as soon as possible.
  • Lapinou level 12, Cairfrey level 12
  • You're not as helpful as an Enforcer. Or as handsome.

D. Nurse Nightshade

  • It's embarrassing. All the Nurses' tuxemon got sick, but the Enforcers' tuxemon are fighting fit!
  • Elofly level 12, Lapinou level 12
  • I guess we have a lot to learn about tuxemon care.

E. Enforcer Victor

  • Hey, you're not leaving with potentially infected tuxemon!
  • Falcono level 14
  • Stop right there! Or, um ...

F. Nurse Morningstar

  • I'm not surprised to see you here.
  • Cairfrey level 12, Cairfrey level 12
  • Come back and see me later - next patient please!

H. Enforcer Bravo

  • This enforcement action is sponsored by Omnichannel: The Only News You Need.
  • Elofly level 12, Falcono level 12
  • Please do not let my battling performance affect your opinion of Omnichannel: The Only News You Need.

I. Scientist James

  • I wonder how the Enforcers got here so quickly! Nurse Jessie must have called them.
  • Botbot level 12, Fishbot level 12, Beaverbot level 12
  • I'm glad Jessie didn't see my lose like that!

L. Scientist Bismuth

  • I hope this isn't related to those sick tuxemon at Scoop Farms!
  • Hydrone level 14
  • Bummer!

M. Nurse Ratcher

  • You should let the patients rest!
  • Lapinou level 14
  • Now I need a rest!


Enforcer Lance

  • If there's two things I hate, it's people who don't mind their own business, and people wanting a free lunch!
  • Now there's three things I hate.

Enforcer Stryker

  • You look like someone who lets their tuxemon train each other. My tuxemon all received the finest professional training from a licensed Cathedral instructor.
  • Why did I bother paying for all that training?!

Hotel Guest

  • Hey, buddy, do you want my Botbot? I dunno how long I'm going to be stuck here, so it might as well get to explore with you.


In the draft plot, this was an abandoned laboratory, and had wild tuxemon encounters.

Three floor dungeon.

When you talk to the Nurses and Scientists on the second floor, they reveal that they had to quickly abandon the lab for unspecified reasons, but they have snuck in to find some of their stuff. They despair at how wild tuxemon have wandered in, and "been infected by ... well, I shouldn't say".

When you talk to the ENFORCERS on the third floor, they also hint that something's happened, and they talk about "quarantine" and "centralised checking of DNA" and "the virus".