Route 6

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Route 6.png
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A. Tunnel B

B. Candy Town

Because the Enforcers are blocking the road, the only way to enter is by surfing on the river.


Event 1

When you first enter, your MUM intercepts you and gives you an XP Device.



  • The fire drill will be over soon and all Greenwash employees will be permitted to return. ... How soon? When we say so!


  • Those bastards! Oldest trick in the book. Can't believe I fell for it ... Hmm? ... Oh, the bosses at Greenwash HQ pulled the fire alarm! Then when we all filed out, they locked the doors behind us!


A. Florist Frances (first appears in City Park)

  • My Narcileaf keeps the finest garden in all the land.
  • Narcileaf level 30, Shybulb level 30, Shybulb level 30
  • You must come visit some time.

B. Picnicker Ping

  • Psst, have you heard? The enforcers are confiscating tuxemon from everyone in Candy Town.
  • Foofle level 30, Foofle level 30
  • They won't stop there ... eventually they'll confiscate all tuxemon if they think they can get away with it

C. Magician Richard

  • Man, the one day I leave the computer and go for a walk, this happens!
  • Hydrone level 30, Pigabyte level 30
  • Worst. Day. Ever.

D. Miner Blair

  • Something's fishy.
  • Grintrock level 30, Grinflare level 30
  • I heard they kicked all the researchers out of Greenwash HQ, and now they're confiscating tuxemon and taking them to the Hospital!

E. Professor Maxwell

  • I don't understand! Last month, they were so excited about Fusion technology. And now they say they have to shut it down, destroy it ...
  • Propellercat 30, Birdling 30
  • I just hope they don't decide its safest to put down the tuxemon we fused!

F. Professor Orion

  • I was in the middle of a very important experiment.
  • Spighter level 20, Zunna level 20
  • I hope I get back before my experiment melts down!

G. Scientist Mungo

  • I can't believe they locked us out of Greenwash HQ. I was getting so close to a cure for the virus!
  • Noctula level 20
  • I guess the bosses got spooked by the latest Fusion developments.

H. Scientist Rigel

  • We might as well battle - there's nothing else to do at the moment!
  • Ignibus level 30
  • Now there's nothing to do.

Enforcer Gunner

  • Excuse me, no entrance permitted. All Greenwash employees must stay outside of the city.
  • Enduros level 20, Viviteel level 20
  • You're not a Greenwash employee? I've heard that one before!


s. Fishing/Surfing