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TXMN Stats
Type(s) Earth
Body Shape Grub
Blurb It's always ravenous.

Never let your fingers near its mouth...

Height/Length (centimetres) 60
Weight (kilograms) 5
Catch Rate 1
Fusion Name First Part Egg
Fusion Name Second Part -mile

Set 1Set 2Creature Progress Tracker


Eggmile, the The smiling baby tuxemon tuxemon, is a Earth-type monster.

It's a dark creature with a long neck. The head has only a big happy smile that let the teeth visible. No eyes, noses, etc... There is a fragment of the egg on its head. The other parts of its body are hidden in the egg.

Trivia[edit source]

Name Origin: Egg + Smile

Design Origin[edit source]

A dark strange creature with a big smile poping from an egg

Evolution[edit source]


Sprites[edit source]

Tuxemon Standard[edit source]

64px Missing Missing
Face Sprites Missing Missing
Overland Sprites Missing Missing

Other Standards[edit source]

48px Missing Missing
56px Missing Missing
80px Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (32px) Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (24px) Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (16px) Missing Missing


Contributors[edit source]

First Appeared: [1]


Variations[edit source]

Evolutions[edit source]

At the moment, this is a double-up, but that will be fixed.


Techniques[edit source]

In other languages[edit source]

Language Name Category Blurb
Spanish Felicito
Portuguese Felicito