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The Spyder in the Cathedral[edit | edit source]

New releases[edit | edit source]

In the Introduction, the player character is given a choice between five "new releases".

These all morph through Badges, making them more versatile but also more expensive.

The player character does not have a Gold Pass, so they don't get their choice from the new releases. They can later purchase these tuxemon from the Pillars.

Old releases[edit | edit source]

Instead, the protagonist is later offered one of the five releases from last season, the "old releases", which morph the ordinary way (through leveling up).

Exchange student starting tuxemon[edit | edit source]

These are the starting tuxemon that the exchange students in Flower City offer to trade with the protagonist. They don't morph, suggesting that some unique process is required to unlock their morphs.

All Types are represented except for Metal. The teacher mentions that she's missing a student.

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