Route 4

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Route 4.png


A. Route 3

B. Flower City


a. Super Potion

b. Boost Ranged



A. Soldier Marshall

  • I'm working on a gigantic cannon!
  • Puparmor level 16, Puparmor level 16
  • It might need some work.

B. Soldier Roger

  • We can learn a lot about strategy from tuxemon.
  • Rabbitosaur level 16
  • I could learn a lot about strategy from you!

C. Maniac Wulf

D. Beachcomber Rincewind

  • Finally, a use for Beaverbot!
  • B-ver.1 level 16, K9 level 16
  • It wasn't that useful.

E. Picnicker Rosamund

  • Try to fight me and you'll get your just desserts!
  • Foofle level 18
  • Revenge is best served cold.

F. Tennis Player Beck

Before leaving:

Rival Billie

  • "I've got all the latest gear and the best tuxemon. What have you got?"
  • STARTER level 18, Cardiwing level 16, Eyesore level 16, Viviphyta level 16
  • "I guess money can't buy everything, after all."