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AV8R +If the sun is out, it can fly as far or as high as it likes.  +
Aardart +It keeps count of every ant it has eaten, and celebrates significant numbers.  +
Aardorn +When born it is placed in an anthill and left to eat its way out.  +
Abesnaki +Each face is a different pattern, and some say the symbols spell out words in a dead language.  +
Agnidon +It prefers four legs, but can stand on two to open doors, push over trees or hold things.  +
Agnigon +It is called a "false dragon", because it appears to be a dragon, but actually evolved from a different line of ancient reptiles.  +
Agnite +It is playful, but must be taught early on to keep its fire in check.  +
Allagon +Allagon are drawn to relics made from the metals left behind by their ancestors, and will be violent to retrieve them.  +
Altie +ALTIE floated down to earth in a bubble. Now its bubble has popped, it cannot float more than a few metres in the air.  +
Ambearance +The cuddly AMBEARANCE love to comfort and nurture sick and injured monsters. But they would never deliberately harm a monster just for the pleasure of nurturing it back to health.  +
Ambuwl +The egg in its pouch does not hatch. Instead, it secretes a delicious drink with restorative powers.  +
Angrito +It cannot understand why humans feel rage and hatred, but ANGRITO feels these urges too.  +
Anoleaf +It considers the plants growing near it to be its brothers and sisters.  +
Anu +It is said that it enters others' dreams to search for its lost love.  +
Apeoro +The kings of old used psychic powers to transfer their souls into these golden computing machines. Now they live on, unable to communicate but still dreaming of empires.  +
Appariron +The horrors and hopes of a prisoner wrongfully on death row can manifest as an APPARIRON, which vainly tries to prove its creator innocent despite being terrifying, without limbs and incapable of speech.  +
Araignee +Pedants who say all spiders have eight legs are strangely quiet on the case of ARAIGNEE.  +
Arthrobolt +It feels uncomfortable commanding its fellow NUT and BOLT, and usually runs away. But then the NUT and BOLT have no one to instruct them.  +
Asudopt +According to legend, ASUDOPT created the world and one day will destroy the world. In the meantime, it sets the world's universal laws.  +
Axylightl +It lights the deep waters with its tail, marking a safe shelter for fish.  +
B-ver.1 +It is designed for all those times you need something to be bitten by a robot.  +
Babysnitch +The fuming BABYSNITCH will throw itself into the attack, usually with little effect. But beware: if you laugh at its efforts, it will hunt you once it grows into a BADDRSCRATCH.  +
Baddrscratch +The furious BADDRSCRATCH is a fearsome hunter, and it will not stop in its pursuit of its prey - even in the face of certain death.  +
Bamboon +It fights with its bamboo staff, which it also uses for balance.  +
Bambula +Despite their cute appearance, they are actually rather dangerous. They crave blood, and need to drink at least one gallon per day in order to keep their rubber collar 'inflated'. There have been many incidents in the past where inexperienced first time trainers have fallen captive to the fangs of this little deer.  +