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TXMN Stats
Type(s) Earth
Call File:262310 steffcaffrey cat-purr-twit5.wav
Completed Complete
Body Shape Varmint
ID 42
Blurb It keeps count of every ant it has eaten, and celebrates significant numbers.
Height/Length (centimetres) 185
Weight (kilograms) 45
Catch Rate
Fusion Name First Part Aard
Fusion Name Second Part -art

Set 1Set 2Creature Progress Tracker

41 ←

42 Aardart face 1 - josepharaoh99.pngAardart face 2 - josepharaoh99.png Aardart

→ 43

Aardart, the Anteater tuxemon, is a Earth-type monster.


Name Origin:

Design Origin


Aardorn 1.png Aardorn 64px.png
Aardorn Aardart


Tuxemon Standard

64px Aardorn 64px.png Aardorn 64.png
Face Sprites Aardart face 1 - josepharaoh99.png Aardart face 2 - josepharaoh99.png
Overland Sprites Missing Missing

Other Standards

48px Aardart 48px.png Missing
56px Aardart 56px.png Missing
80px Aardorn 6.png Aardorn 8.png
Menu Sprites (32px) Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (24px) Missing Missing
Menu Sprites (16px) Missing Missing



First Appeared: [1]

Magic-Purple-Hermit, Sanglorian, Josepharaoh99

Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 licence in 2010 on DeviantArt. Original design, sprites and name by Magic-Purple-Hermit. Sprites tweaked by Sanglorian. Face sprites by josepharaoh99. Magic-Purple-Hermit would like to be told if the creature is used.


Alternative sprites
Aardart face 1.pngFile:Aardart face 1.png
Aardart face 2.pngFile:Aardart face 2.png
Aardorn 7.pngFile:Aardorn 7.png
Aardorn 9.pngFile:Aardorn 9.png


At the moment, this is a double-up, but that will be fixed.

EvolutionsDefault64pxEvolution Level

Aardorn 64px.png


In other languages

Language Name Category Blurb
Spanish Lleva la cuenta de todas las hormigas que ha comido, y celebra llegar a números elevados.