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Speed Multiplier 7
HP Multiplier 5
Melee Multiplier 4
Ranged Multiplier 8
Armour Multiplier 4
Dodge Multiplier 8
Tuxemon Axylightl, Bubbitoise, Crustagu, Drashimi, Embazook, Fribbit, Galasces, Hectapod, Ignibus, Lesmagu, Manosting, Medushock, Nebufin, Novaquarius, Nudiflot ♀, Nudiflot ♂, Nudikill, Nudimind, Octabode, Shelagu, Sheye, Shrab, Skwib, Squink, Tadcool
Number of Tuxemon 25

Represents aquatic molluscs (crustaceans, bivalves and cephalopods like squid and octopuses) and amphibians like salamanders and frogs.