Creating Techniques

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Techniques can be created by creating a simple JSON text file in the Technique Table folder under `resources/db/technique`. This folder contains all of the details of each technique available in Tuxemon. Here you can specify the technique's type(s), power, and Technique effects. You can create **brand new** technique effects by adding it as a new method to the class. With each new technique, the following data must be specified:

Name Description
id The id of the individual technique.
name The name of the technique.
effect A comma-separated list of effects that will go off when this move is used. Multiple effects can be bound to a single technique.
type1 The primary type of technique. Used for super-effectiveness, etc.
type2 The secondary type of technique. Used for super-effectiveness, etc.
power Amount of power the technique has. Used in "effect" calculations (such as damage).
category The kind of technique. Can be either "physical" or "special". Coincides with the monster's attack and special attack stats.
animation Name of the animation under `resources/animations/technique` to use when the move is used.
sfx The sound effect under `resources/sounds/technique` to play when using the move.

Here is an example of what a technique file might look like:


   "animation": "spike",
   "sfx": "bite1.ogg",
   "category": "special",
   "effects": [
   "id": 2, 
   "name": "Poison Sting", 
   "power": 40, 
   "types": [