Enforcer Agent

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[[MainImage::Enforcer female.png|thumb]]

Default64px [[Default64px::Enforcer-female.png|64px]]
Alternative Names
Genre Sci-Fi
Combat Type 1 vs 1
48px [[|48px]]
56px [[|56px]]
64px [[Enforcer-female.png|64px]] [[|64px]]
Overland [[OverlandSprite::Knight green.gif, Knight red.gif, Knight yellow.gif, Knight.gif]]
80px [[|80px]] [[|80px]]
Face Sprite [[Face Sprite::Face 15.png]]


Enforcer Lance

  • If there's two things I hate, it's people who don't mind their own business, and people wanting a free lunch!
  • Now there's three things I hate.

Enforcer Stryker

  • You look like someone who lets their tuxemon train each other. My tuxemon all received the finest professional training from a licensed Cathedral instructor.
  • Why did I bother paying for all that training?!

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Leo, Superpowers Asset Packs, Sanglorian

Design and front sprite by Leo. Overland sprite by Superpowers Asset Packs, tweaked by Sanglorian. Face sprites from Superpowers Asset Pack.

Characters of this class[edit | edit source]


Other Art[edit | edit source]

Enforcer female.png

Other Sprites[edit | edit source]

Enforcer face.png, Enforcer.gif, Knight green.gif, Knight red.gif, Knight yellow.gif,,