Enforcer Agent

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Alternative Names
Genre Sci-Fi
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Overland File:Soldier taller.gif
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Enforcer Lance

  • If there's two things I hate, it's people who don't mind their own business, and people wanting a free lunch!
  • Now there's three things I hate.

Enforcer Stryker

  • You look like someone who lets their tuxemon train each other. My tuxemon all received the finest professional training from a licensed Cathedral instructor.
  • Why did I bother paying for all that training?!


Leo, Superpowers Asset Packs, Sanglorian

Design and front sprite by Leo. Overland sprite by Superpowers Asset Packs, tweaked by Sanglorian. Face sprites from Superpowers Asset Pack.

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Other Art

Enforcer female.pngFile:Enforcer female.png

Other Sprites

Enforcer face.pngFile:Enforcer face.png