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Vivipere will morph into Vividactil when a fossil is used on it.

Yabba is a fossil dodo. Carcharock is in the Fossil category. Coproblight is created from the Petrified Dung fossil.

Theory[edit | edit source]

All fossil tuxemon are Earth type. There are a number of possible explanations as to why:

  • In prehistoric times, all or most tuxemon were Earth type. Other types evolved over time.
  • While tuxemon of all types lived in prehistoric times, only Earth types were hard enough for their remains to be fossilised; the others decayed too quickly
  • The process to bring back fossils does not replace the fossil, but includes it in the revived tuxemon. Since the tuxemon has rock parts, it has the Earth type.
  • Being revived from fossils gives fossil tuxemon a spiritual connection to Earth.

The Spyder in the Cathedral[edit | edit source]

In this plot, fossils found in Tunnel B can be turned into tuxemon in Greenwash HQ.

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