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Alternative Names
Genre Fantasy Historical
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Overland File:Dragonrider overland.gif
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Face Sprite

Names: Benden, Telgar, Fort, Ista.

The Spyder in the Cathedral

Found in Dragon's Cave, guarding Drokoro. They mostly have dragons among their tuxemon.


Catch Challenger, Sanglorian

Front sprite by Catch Challenger, tweaked by Sanglorian. Overland sprite by Catch Challenger.

Characters of this class


Other Art

Other Sprites

Battle pair.gifFile:Battle pair.gif
Dragonrider - from Prehistoric.pngFile:Dragonrider - from Prehistoric.png
Dragonrider ii trainer.gifFile:Dragonrider ii trainer.gif
Dragonrider iii trainer.gifFile:Dragonrider iii trainer.gif
Type Enthusiasts.pngFile:Type Enthusiasts.png