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Tuxemon within a species may vary based on their genetics or environment. Variants could be purely mechanical, purely cosmetic or mechanical and cosmetic, and either be fixed from a monster's birth, fixed from some point after birth, or able to be changed.

Genetic[edit | edit source]

Local variation[edit | edit source]

For example, a butterfly tuxemon could have different wings based on which route it's captured in.

Eastern Delichick and Herotint are brown in colour and aggressive; western Delichick and Herotint are blue and tricky.

Delichick blue1.png Delichick dun1.png

Delichick blue2.png Delichick dun2.png

Sub-species[edit | edit source]

Ignibus' default form is a fiery turtle, but a sea-dwelling subspecies would have a different Type and techniques.

Magmaturtle-front-alt.png Ignibus-watervariant.gif

Speciation[edit | edit source]

The Furnursus and Bursa families may be closely related: both are fiery bears with a meditative/psychic side.

5-0 64px2.png Bursa.png

Forthrobo and Arthrobolt; and Minynx and Rockitten are other examples.

Sexual dimorphism[edit | edit source]

Differences within a species based on the sex (see Wikipedia).

At its most extreme, this could result in different species - like Nudiflot M and Nudiflot F.

1 by levaine-da6ftsr.png Nudiflot take 2.png

Congential[edit | edit source]

Congenital conditions[edit | edit source]

From birth, but not necessarily inherited - could include different colouration, sizes or features.

Colour variations exist for some tuxemon, like Sapsnap:

Sapsnap.png Sapsnap2.png

Epigenetic changes[edit | edit source]

From birth and inherited, but not resulting from DNA (see Wikipedia)

Atavisms[edit | edit source]


Random variations[edit | edit source]

Emerge at birth but do not reflect genetic variation, like different monsters in a species having different patterns of spots

Environmental[edit | edit source]

Psychological changes[edit | edit source]

Patheak I.png

Patheak takes a new form when its confidence increases.

Permanent changes based on environment[edit | edit source]

Memnomnom's masks take the form of a dead king's face. This could also belong to the tool use category if it turns out that they can change their masks.

Memnomnom-front.png Memnomnom - oni mask.gif

Jemuar have different gems based on the rocks found where they were born.

Jemuar variations.png

Katacoon evolves based on which technique it knows.

Sumococoon.png => Sumobug front.png Samuraibug-front-alt.png

Temporary changes based on environment[edit | edit source]

Like changing colour from eating berries of a particular colour.

Changing based on a cycle[edit | edit source]

Like the four seasons (io9; Wikipedia)

Jeluna changes with the phases of the moon.

Jeluna by piacarrot-dci6vx7.png

Brief, cyclical or voluntary[edit | edit source]

Triggered changes[edit | edit source]

Like a skink losing its tail to distract a predator or a cuttlefish changing pigmentation; a tuxemon could change its colours to match its trainer, and if its trainer changed clothes it would change colouring. A tuxemon could have different abilities based on which status they had when they were caught.

Morphs that involve Booster Tech or Badges - like the Botbot, Grintot and Grubble families - are an example of this, since the transformation can be reversed or a new one selected.

Botbot-front.png => Fishbot-frot.png Birdbot - josepharaoh99.png

Bewhich has a "sealed form":

Quasar 19.png Bewhich sealed form by piacarrot-dci6vmk.png

Tool use[edit | edit source]

Like a hermit crab getting different powers based on what shell they use as their home or a coconut crab getting more defence while it has a coconut shell, or a domesticated monster wearing clothes or getting a haircut (see Wikipedia)

Vyking is normally equipped with weapons and a helmet, but can also be found without them.

Vyking naked.png Vyking front.png

Stimulant reaction[edit | edit source]

Like a dragon becoming ultra-powerful for a period after touching a magical stone

There's art for some monsters that doesn't match their main form (e.g. Moloch and Jemuar). This could be a form that is temporarily unlockable, e.g. through injecting them with a stimulant.

Moloch-front.png 4 by levaine-da7svx9.png

Changing based on a phase or condition[edit | edit source]

Where the changes only last for the duration - like having different properties while pregnant

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Fusions
  • Permanent or indefinite magical or scientific transformations
  • Morphing is a form of change
  • Changes that occur through maturation, like growing more tails, growing larger, more monsters joining a swarm
  • Some Variants could be implemented through Features.

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