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Nature of Contribution: Contributed to Tuxemon project


 Source Explanation
BoltOriginal design by TacoBot. Sprites by TacoBot. Face sprites by Sanglorian and TacoBot.
NutOriginal design and sprites by TacoBot. Face sprites tweaked by Sanglorian.

SpritesBolt 48px.png, Bolt 56 px.png, Bolt face 1.png, Bolt face 2.png, Bolt-back.png, Bolt-front.png, Bolt-menu1.png, Bolt-menu2.png, Nut 48px.png, Nut face 1.png, Nut face 2.png, Nut-back.png, Nut-front.png, Nut-menu1.png, Nut-menu2.png