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Other Names: slickedbackArtisan

Main Website:

Nature of Contribution: Commissioned to create


 Source Explanation
DandicubOriginal design and sprites by Sanglorian. Art by slickedbackArtisan.
DandylionOriginal design by ProfessorGreen. Other art by Leo and slickedbackArtisan. Sprites by josepharaoh99. Front sprite tweaked by Leo. Other sprites by ProfessorGreen.
DjinnboOriginal design by Cavalcadeur. Sprites by rsg167. Face sprites tweaked by Sanglorian. Other sprites by Cavalcadeur. Overland sprite from the Superpowers Asset Packs. Main art by slickedbackArtisan.
SnarlonOriginal design and sprites by Sanglorian. Main art by slickedbackArtisan.

ArtCommission dandycub by slickedbackartisan dd3w1v3.png, Commission dandycub by slickedbackartisan dd3yvsh.png, Commission dandylion by slickedbackartisan dd3w0ou.png, Commission dandylion by slickedbackartisan dd3z9s8.png, Commission djinnbo by slickedbackartisan dd30xvz.png, Commission djinnbo by slickedbackartisan dd3f0sa.png, Commission snarlon by slickedbackartisan dd30wd4.png, Djinnbo sketch.jpg, Snarlon sketch.jpg