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See also Similar Games for completed, proprietary monster catching games.

RavaR[edit | edit source]

GPL 3.0 licence

Uses a lot of Open Game Art assets. However, the monster art is proprietary.

Zoonami[edit | edit source]

By isaiah658.

A Minetest mod that adds monsters and battling. Sounds and textures are under CC0, the code is under MIT License.

Floraverse[edit | edit source]

A Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike open world.

The Floraverse element system has five primary elements. Two primary elements can be combined (including two of the same element) to make the fifteen secondary elements. One primary and one secondary element or two secondary elements can be combined to make 125 tertiary elements (although these are not spelled out).

Primary elements[edit | edit source]

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Spirit

Secondary elements[edit | edit source]

  • Plasma (Fire x Fire)
  • Acid (Fire x Water)
  • Light (Fire x Air)
  • Lava (Fire x Earth)
  • Aura (Fire x Spirit)
  • Ice (Water x Water)
  • Cloud (Water x Air)
  • Clay (Water x Earth)
  • Poison (Water x Spirit)
  • Storm (Air x Air)
  • Sand (Air x Earth)
  • Sound (Air x Spirit)
  • Crystal (Earth x Earth)
  • Magnet (Earth x Spirit)
  • Psi (Spirit X Spirit)

Tertiary elements (examples)[edit | edit source]

  • Hail (Ice x Cloud)
  • Acid Rain (Acid x Cloud)

Links[edit | edit source]

AndHeGames[edit | edit source]

More creatures.png

Doodles created by an artist on OpenGameArt.

There are 292 monsters so far.

Megupets[edit | edit source]


An art project with numbered monsters.

Color Monster[edit | edit source]

Colormonster paint.png

Color Monster is a GPL game under development by Tuxemon contributor Dulsi in which you colour the monsters that you catch.

Catch Challenger[edit | edit source]


Catch Challenger is a contributor to the Tuxemon project, as we are using some of their open source assets.

Licence: GPL3 (code); GPL3, CC BY, LGPL (datapack)

Conileaf Back.png Coleorus front.png Cervix front.png Elostorm Front 64px.png Galnec front.png

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Catch Challenger has 14 types: Normal, Electric, Bird, Fire, Water, Stone, Ground, Plant, Ice, Fight, Poison, Psy, Spectre, Steal (Steel)

OPMon[edit | edit source]


OPMon is a contributor to the Tuxemon project, as we use some of their open source assets.

The code is under GNU GPL 3.0 and the art is under CC BY-SA 4.0 (licence details). Original music is also under CC BY-SA 4.0 (see here).

36-1 64px.png 37-1 96px.png Gouachtiti front 64.png Magmortis face.png Calcinours face.png

Details[edit | edit source]

  • OPMon has 18 types: Bad, Bug, Burning, Cold, Dragon, Electron, Fight, Ghost, Ground, Liquid, Magic, Mental, Metal, Mineral, Neutral, Sky, Toxic, Vegetal
  • The game is called OPMon Lazuli
  • Similarities and differences with Pokemon
  • Some of the sprites are modified versions of proprietary sprites (for example, Team Mystare grunt includes parts from the Team Plasma grunt sprite)
  • Some OPMon art and monsters are not yet added to this wiki

Guardian Monsters[edit | edit source]

See also Guardian Monsters on wiki

Formerly known as Friends with Monsters.

23 1.png 20 1.png 18 1.png 17 1.png 100 1.png

Friends with Monsters[edit | edit source]

Friends with Monsters had five types: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Light (or Energy)

Monster Trainer RL[edit | edit source]

A monster catching roguelike with procedurally generated maps. The creator has confirmed that it is under the MIT Licence.

Project Uranium Godot[edit | edit source]

An MIT-licensed remake of the Pokemon Uranium game in the open source Godot engine.

Open source JRPGs[edit | edit source]

While not monster-catching games specifically, these are notable for being open source JRPGs.

Other uses of Tuxemon assets[edit | edit source]

CS50's Introduction to Game Development[edit | edit source]

Harvard's CS50 open course on game design, "CS50's Introduction to Game Development", features Tuxemon sprites.

Creature Chess[edit | edit source]

An auto-battler under the MIT License.

Juxemon[edit | edit source]


Juxemon is a vaporware project that was apparently on Steam at some point. It used Tuxemon assets.

MK Starter Kit[edit | edit source]

A planned open source Pokemon-style RPG maker.

Proprietary[edit | edit source]

PhoenixDex[edit | edit source]

A collection of fakemon under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licence.